Saturday, 30 January 2010

Shoes, Snuggies & More Snow!!…

moresnow! We woke this morning to more snow!!…albeit a light dusting & nothing to cause too much disruption, but it was still a bit of a surprise!!  I was out with the girls last night for our regular ‘Last Friday Of The Month’ get-together  & we were even cold inside the restaurant, so I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise, but it was!!!

And no sooner was I up this morning than a delivery van arrived….now, what could I have ordered?…something I really needed?…Yeah right!!! Like I need more shoes!!!

But that was what was in my parcel…..I guess being someone of a larger than average size, I have always found consolation in the fact that while I may not always be able to wear, or even find, the style of clothes I’d like in my size, I can pretty much wear whatever shoes I take a fancy to!!

These days I can’t cope with killer heels, but love my flats…so today’s parcel contained a gorgeous pair of black suede flat pumps, with a deep suede ruffle across the toes..I love ‘em!







I have just a little scrappiness to share today….this is a LO for the latest TAAFOMFT challenge ‘My Favourite Outfit’…I still have this raincoat in my wardrobe…I bought it in Harrods sale, back before the boys were born & it only gets an outing on the odd occasion these days!  I just love spots & anyone who knows me will tell you I am mostly to be found wearing B&W, so it has to be my all time favourite!FaveOutfit 

Now…I’ll leave you with a scary thought….I received an email  this week, which claimed to be offering ideas for the perfect Valentines gifts…& it included this…Snugglie4two

A ‘Snuggie’…..for TWO!!!   So that’s basically a blanket with FOUR sleeves!

What are they thinking?!!!!

After our Christmas debacle, I forwarded the email to my DH & added… “NO NO NO NO NO!!!!”

I hope he gets the message!!

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Scrumptiousness, Sunset & a Station!…

Tuesday was a day of note! Alex had a ‘Food Tech’ lesson & produced another delicious culinary creation…Macaroni Cheese!!28Jan2010 007 

Lee  & I enjoyed it for our evening meal…my only comment was that tomato slices may have sat more easily on the surface than tomato wedges..but still!!!!

Seriously though, it is so good that Alex  actually used a knife to slice a tomato himself..he has always been very nervous of using sharp equipment, both at home & at school, so that’s progress!

After school, Alex had his final session of Music Therapy. I still don’t fully comprehend how it works, but it has so helped his self esteem & the feedback from school about the effect on his behaviour has all been positive, so it definitely does work! He will miss it dreadfully, but we were very lucky to qualify for it at all & Gill has very kindly offered to be available if we should ever hit a tough patch again in the future.

28Jan2010 009Then…driving home from Music Therapy, the sky changed through all shades of  peach to crimson & finally to ruby red! We were in the car for most of it but managed to catch the last of it once we arrived home…it was a stunning sunset!!

Yesterday I headed off to London for a day’s training at Head Office, every time I need to do the whole ‘train commute’ thing I wonder how I ever did it every day for so many years! I enjoyed it at the time but now I just find it such a bore! However I can cope with it just once a quarter as we are always spoiled & it’s quite an enjoyable day, meeting up with other girls from all over the country. Our ‘Goody Bag’ this time included the new ‘Prevage’ day moisturiser, which retails at £95, so you can see what I mean by spoiled!!!

I arrived in London far too early (I do so HATE to be late!!) & spent a leisurely half hour mooching about St Pancras International Station, which is now quite a fabulous place!  Not like it was when I passed through it twice a day, 5 days a week!!!
52Walks#4 St PancrasI had my camera in hand & as it was even too early for the morning rush, I felt  quite comfortable snapping for this weeks collage submission for 52 Walks 2010…an extra challenge for this week was to include a bench! 


On the way home I did succumb to buying some scrummy bread….topped with poppy seeds & a couple of soft dough pretzels for the boys!


Then I grabbed some flowers for…ME!!  It comes to something when you have to buy your own flowers!! There was so much on offer but I chose a small posy of Freesias which smell divine!!

fruit & veg
Finally I picked up some fruit for the journey home…there was so much beautiful organic stuff to choose from & I enjoyed a pear, apple & banana…much to the annoyance of my fellow passengers!! Well, sometimes these things just have to be done!!! 

So that’s my week so far….today was spent catching up with the household chores which were neglected yesterday & a quick stop off at Tesco to grab ‘fresh’ stuff for the weekend!

I’ve also been amazed at the response so from participants of ‘One World One Heart’….if you’ve not checked it out yet go HERE….& don’t forget if you want to leave a comment for a chance to win my giveaway, leave it on MONDAYS POST…not on this one! But please feel free to leave a comment here too if you wish!!! : )

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Monday, 25 January 2010

One World One Heart…..

So....drum roll please....I have just run numbers 1 - 175 through the random number generator & it came up with.......Number 99....Susan....Well done Susan, I will be in touch to get your mailing address!

I haven't got around to everyone's blog, but I will continue to try, even though the event is officially at a close...Thanks to everyone who's dropped by & lefts comments...hope to see you back again soon!


So…How do you fancy a Magic Carpet Ride?…OSWOA_Guinea_Pigs_flying_carpet

I popped over to Valerie’s blog this afternoon & found this…

6a00e5538b84f388330120a7398f5a970b-800wi Apparently, this is the fourth year of this amazing Blog event…and what a great idea! For full details click on the picture!

The idea is that everyone taking part offers a giveaway on their blog…handmade if you’re crafty…if not, don’t worry! But apart from everyone being in with a chance to win some goodies, it’s also a chance to visit blogs you may never get to otherwise!

So…I’ve decided to grab a place on this ride…My giveaway, as a scrapper, is a bit of stash!! But something even those non scrappers out there may enjoy playing with!


It includes a freestanding flip-over, ring bound mini book, 2 acetate frames, 5 coordinating papers, stickers & 1 pack of grand adhesions…all from the ‘Blue Awning’ collection by ‘K & Co.’ All you need to add are your photo’s & your creativity!

You must have an active blog to join in……when you leave your comment, please leave a link to your blog so that I can pop over & of course, if you win I can notify you!!

This event runs from today until 1pm GMT on 15th February, so leave a comment & a contact details before then & I will use the random selection thingy & announce the winner at 9pm GMT. I will announce the winner at the top of this post & send a message direct to request postal details. Good Luck!!

Meanwhile, to get involved, check out all the details at Lisa’s blog…but remember to leave your comment here too!!!

Thanks for dropping by…hold on tight to that carpet!!!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

My Favourite Scent…

Well….I did manage to grab some scrapping time today & completed this LO for the current TAAFOMFT challenge ‘My favourite scent…favesmellresize












The light was terrible for taking this photo of it, I took about 15 & this was the best of them! I’m not happy with the focus  & the colours look better IRL!!   I may try & get a better one tomorrow & will replace this one if there’s an improvement!!

I have been working on lesson two of the Get It Scrapped…’Your Life - Captured Through The Lens’ photography course, ‘Rule of Thirds’ & ‘Depth of Field’…the first is easy, but with the limits of my little Olympus point & shoot, the second is proving difficult to experiment with!!  Once I’ve decided which photo’s are worth it, I will post them!!  I have already discovered how to get more out of my little camera, as well as just what I will be able to do with a DSLR… when I get one!!

So..I hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend & is looking forward to the week ahead!   Mine kicks off with a gym session first thing tomorrow, & I have a full day in London, on a training course, to look forward to on Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by!

ADENDUM 25/01/2010…!!!LDW1












OK…I retook the photo in the little bit of brightness we had for about 5 minutes this morning…I think the colours are ‘crisper’…what do you think?

Saturday, 23 January 2010

This is the life….

Well…today has been bliss!! I had a lie in this morning before a leisurely breakfast (& completely ‘on plan’ I must add!!).  Lee was out working this morning so it was just the boys & I…then, when he got back he took them both into town leaving me to enjoy a very peaceful afternoon at my scrap desk!! I took the opportunity to complete some LO’s, started at past crops, that had been waiting for finishing touches, journaling etc …

This one was put together using ‘leftovers’ from a Crafty Stash crop kit with additions from my stash! The journaling reads “Nathan October 2009. With hair halfway down his back…this skater boy was just too pretty!! After two years of growing these gorgeous strawberry blonde tresses & often being mistaken for a girl, Nathan himself decided it was time for a haircut!”  I’ve also submitted this one for a Dixie Pieces January challenge…to use both colour & B&W photo’s in a LO.

This was my take on a Crafty Stash crop class kit by Stephanie Garbett. Not papers that I would have chosen but that’s the beauty of a class kit…it’s great for taking me out of my comfort zone &I am pleased to have used this photo of myself with a nine month old Alex…it was less than perfect but I loved the pose & although you can’t see his whole face it is easy to see that Alex is laughing!

Finally, this was my take on the other Stephanie Garbett class kit LO…a LOT of fussy cutting in this one!!! There was some debate as to whether the wishing well should be kept in…in the end I did…Karen chose to leave it out!!! This photo was of myself as Matron of Honour with my good friend Clare as a stunning bride. Her other two bridesmaids were friends, Mum & Daughter, Dawn & Charlotte. It was such a lovely day & having never even been a bridesmaid before, it was a real honour for me!!

So, now I’ve cleared my backlog of ‘unfinished’ LO’s (I do so hate having them!) I can settle down to work on my own design for the current challenge for TAAFOMFT! I wonder if I can get away with scrapping all day tomorrow too?!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

A Quick Update….

Just popping in to post the photo collage I submitted for this weeks 52 Walks 2010Addison Howard Prk

I set off for a very damp stroll around Addison Howard Park in Kempston…I drive past this park every Tuesday on our way to Alex’s music therapy session & my hairdressers is opposite, so, as I had an appointment this morning, I arrived in Kempston half an hour early & enjoyed discovering just how large a park it actually is…will look forward to another visit in the spring when the daffodils are out!

This week has also been the start of the ‘Captured through the lens’ class at Get It Scrapped, with Katrina Kennedy. Lesson #1 was about Focus, Recomposing & Continuous Focus. I am still working on assignment #1 but this was the sequence of photo’s for assignment #2…YLTTL

Only having a point & shoot camera there are some things in the class I can’t experiment with, but I’m storing it all away for future reference!! My wage slip arrived today with a nice bit of Christmas commission…so the DSLR fund is coming along nicely!

I also managed to reinstate my 2010 counter today with the help of a very nice man from Neoworx called Roberto…so thanks Roberto!! I can now keep tabs on where you all are!! I love that in Blogland we meet those who’s paths we may never otherwise have crossed!!

Thanks for dropping by…have a great weekend! xx

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A bit of an Epic!!…

I cannot believe it is almost a full week since I last posted! I had not even logged on for an entire 48 hours before this evening!! So what has kept me so busy & away from the PC these past six days?

After posting last Wednesday I started my planned ‘freshening up’ of the en-suite when the phone rang…it was Alex’s school to say that they were concerned because he was complaining of feeling unwell & had “gone a funny colour”!! So, I downed tools & went off to collect him…now, I think I have mentioned that Alex is an insulin dependant diabetic & although we have very good control, he does experience hypo’s & draining of colour is one of the early warning symptoms. At his new school, I think they are still very unsure of how to deal with this & are playing it safe…after I got him home & had given him a glucose drink & something to eat he was as right as rain! Of course he was pleased to have another afternoon off… & me?…well I did finish cleaning the bathrooms but didn’t get any scrapping time!!

Housework dominated Thursday & Friday too…but I did get to the gym on Friday morning…24 lengths of the pool & 20 minutes in the sauna…Bliss! Also on Friday I picked up an email from Shimelle about her ‘This is why I scrapbook’ challenge…764

you can read more about it here & do take a few minutes to watch her YouTube video here…I have tried to add it in here... to no avail, but it really is worth a look-see!!

I am hoping to have a go at this one..I am not at work this Sunday, so I may make this my project for the day!!

So…Saturday was crop day…I was glad that the snow had turned to rain & there was no need to cancel. It was a full house & it was lovely to catch up with everyone…
DSC_0002 (2)
The crop class kit was so pretty & as I mentioned before I had to rummage to try & find suitable ‘girly’ photo’s! In the end I settled for scanning & printing some B&W baby pics of myself!! The picture quality wasn’t wonderful but in the end the graininess sort of added to the vintage feel!!sosweet

The Journaling reads “…just who is this little sweetie? Why…it’s me!! Sandra Joan Robinson (nee Watson) at age two! Who would have thought I could look so cute?!” Needless to say I didn’t complete the second LO at the crop…it is still a work-in-progress!!


Also at the crop Valerie presented me with a bagful of gorgeous crocheted flowers… she had mentioned on her blog that she had done them for me & I am truly touched by her will be a long time, I think, before I have mastered the art sufficiently to produce anything like this myself! The yellow ones are particularly lush & I look forward to using them on a LO very soon!

Sunday I was at work & met up with Amanda to resume our cinema habit! All I can say is…if you have not yet seen ‘It’s Complicated’…go see it ASAP!! It is a
Its_Complicated_Movie_PosterIf you thought Meryl Streep was good in ‘Mamma Mia’…well, in this she is stunning…the perfect role model for women ‘of a certain age’!!! Steve Martin is adorable & Alec Baldwin may not be quite as lithe & limber as he once was, but he is so charismatic & the chemistry between all three was wonderful! It is a long time since I was in a cinema where the whole audience was howling with laughter & it felt good to be part of it!!

Because of the snow, Amanda & I hadn’t managed to get together over Christmas, so we exchanged our Christmas gifts over our supper...she had chosen a lovely brown long line cardigan for me & this beautiful wallet19Jan2010 013

I am a bit of a cat lover & this was a perfect choice for me…I had seen them at Camden when we spent a day there together & unbeknown to me she had already bought one & was praying that I wouldn’t buy one for myself & scupper her plans!!

On the day I was disappointed that the lady had been out of stock of this colour way, but now I’m glad not to have spoiled the surprise!!

Yesterday was another gym day…with a bit of laundry thrown in for good measure!!

But…yesterday evening I got to go out to play again!! My good friend Karen drove us over to Cambridge for ‘An Audience with Sally Morgan…Psychic to the Stars’. She was a friend to Princess Diana & has many a famous name on her client list…to read more about her, click heresally-morgan!

We had booked our tickets weeks ago & neither of us had ever been to anything like this & we were full of anticipation! Karen had seen her TV show & how there were some amazing messages that ‘came through’ & was hoping for something from her Mum or Dad. Sally herself is lovely & comes across as a very down to earth person who just happens to talk to dead people!!! We were left in little doubt that she does indeed have a ‘gift’…some of the information she shared was convincingly ‘spot on’ but we found it very amusing at how members of the audience felt that certain messages were for them, on VERY tenuous links! I think the only way to go with this kind of thing is on a one to one basis…but goodness only knows what Sally Morgan charges for that privilege!! All in all it was a very entertaining night out & another thing to tick off the list of things to experience!!

And to finish…yesterday, Nathan had his first Food Tech lesson at school! I won the argument about the choice of ingredients & he came home proudly clutching a batch of, slightly flat… but no less delicious for that… blueberry muffins!! 19Jan2010 007So…if you’ve got to this point…thanks for trawling through my week!! I am hoping it won’t be so long before my next post! I’m off now to drop in on a few blogs myself…I need to catch up on what’s been happening in Blogland!!

I will leave you with this…as the weatherman has just announced more snow is on the way for the UK tomorrow!!! C5937000

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Cupcakes & Bubble Gum…

Before I begin, I must tell you that we woke up this morning to more snow!!! It seemed such a fine falling but in the time it took to eat breakfast & get the boys to school, the village roads, which were clear yesterday, were already well covered & slippery! Will it never end? Yesterday, we arrived at Nathans school to be told that they were closed due to a heating system failure…so he had another day off school!

So, I had company at my Slimming World group…or ‘Fatty Club’ as Nathan decided to call it…charming!! He was nearly mugged for the Kit-Kat he munched through during our ‘Image Therapy’ session!! The good news is that I had lost 3lb this week & was also ‘Slimmer of the week’ so came away with a bagful of healthy goodies! Only another 2lb to go to repair my Christmas/New Year damage!!

Despite being miffed at having to go into school while his brother had another day off, Alex had a good day at school. He had Food Tech yesterday, which he enjoys & has a real aptitude for. Last week he had to design decorations for cupcakes & typical of him he had sketched an X-Box, a firing pistol, a zombie…none of your usual cake themes!! Then he had to plan what he would need to complete the decorations. I was then dispatched with a list of things to pick up with my food shopping (& no budget I may add)…so that yesterday he went in with a bagful of food colourings, mini marshmallows, silver balls (for the bullets!) etc etc…..& here is what he brought home…cakes3

I was pleased to see that we did have one butterfly & two flowers included & it
wasn’t all computer games, weaponry & the undead!!

I am also pleased to report that they tasted wonderful! Yes I did have one…well if I’m going to indulge, what better time than when I have a whole week before my next weigh in?!!

Next week, Nathan will be having his first Food Tech class & will be making muffins…we are debating whether they will be Blueberry (my favourite) or Double Chocolate chip?? Somehow I have a feeling that the majority vote will win!!

Whilst browsing the forum at Dixie Pieces last night, I came across a topic asking to share a favourite funny photo of your kids. So I had a scan through my files & found these of Alex taken before Christmas & forgotten about…Bubblegumresize …he had only just mastered the art of bubble blowing & I took the first photo so I could scrap the moment… as I snapped, the bubble burst, so I made him stand there with gum stuck to his nose while I captured that too!! Maybe I should make this my next LO?!!

I have my first crop of the year this coming Saturday…that is if the snow, which is still falling steadily outside my window, doesn’t make the route impassable! I do hope not!! The sneek peaks at Crafty Stash look good, but something tells me I’ll need to rummage around for some girlie photo’s again!!

Anyhow…thanks for the comments on camera’s…I’m planning a visit to our local camera dealer for some demo’s & more info this week, so by the time I have the cash together to spend, I will know exactly what I need!!

I’m off now to freshen up the bathrooms & then hope to get in some scrapping time this evening…I have a whole list of Dixie Pieces challenges to work on!

So, wherever you are, I hope you’re keeping warm….thanks for dropping by & I hope to be back with some scrappy creations to share with you very soon!!

Monday, 11 January 2010

What Camera?….

OK…a very quick post today & in the form of a question!!!!

Now, I may have mentioned that I am saving for my first DSLR camera. I have been quite taken by the Panasonic Lumix-G…mainly because of it’s compact size, & that it does everything I want. BUT…a decent camera is an investment & having my good friend Karen question my choice has made me think!

OK…I am quite a novice photographer with a limited knowledge of things like Aperture sizes & Shutter speeds, mainly gleaned from a six week evening class at age 15!! Since ‘digital’ came in, I have favoured Panasonic compact ‘point & shoot’ cameras & have been pleased with my photo’s. However I now want to be a bit more adventurous with my photo taking…I need speed…I want to learn new techniques, but DO NOT want a heavy ‘brick’ of a camera…or to have to lug around a separate camera bag filled with all sorts paraphernalia!!

So…this brings me to the question(s)…What camera do you use?  Why does it work for you?  What advice would you offer?  Are there things that I may not yet be aware of that I should take into account?

I eagerly await your comments & any links you can offer for info to be considered!! Many thanks in anticipation & thanks too for dropping by!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

The freeze continues……..

Well, after one day back at school, my boys have been home again ever since! So we are still not back into any kind of normal routine…I have not made it to the gym….I have not even made a start on the planned major spring clean & I am ashamed to say that I haven’t been too vigilant about what I’ve been eating! I will regret that when I climb on the scales next Tuesday…especially after my 5LB gain over Christmas & New Year!!

I do have some positives though…I have completed two LO’s this week…I can’t share them yet though, as they’re both for my GTD spot on TAAFOMFT during February.  I have updated the software for my Silhouette & downloaded a whole load of new digital designs, as well as starting to work my way through the tutorials to make sure I’m doing all that I can with it! I am also almost at 100% of my Chicago fund..Yay!!

So, I will now be saving for the coveted Lumix-G camera…it would be so good to have it & be aux-fait with using it before we go Stateside!  On the camera front, I have signed up for a 3 week on-line photography course aimed at point & shoot as well as digital SLR camera users…so I’m looking forward to that! 

Just the one photo to share today….well it is a collage of ten actually …for week two of 52 walks 2010wk252walks2010On Friday morning I set out for a solo walk around the village..I was only out for half an hour but the weather turned in that short time from bright & sunny to a bitterly cold & grey blizzard!!  The roads through the village have not been gritted & with the sun reflecting on them they looked like glass! The snow is still crunchy underfoot & not slushing at all…that just shows how low the temperature is staying!

I am waiting to see what happens during the next twelve hours… to decide whether or not I will be making the 60 mile round trip into work tomorrow…we are forecast another heavy snowfall & if that happens I will be staying put!!

I hope all of you are continuing to keep warm at home & safe out & about! Thanks for taking time to drop by…hope you’ll be back soon!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A very snowy twelfth night….

Well, as predicted by the meteorological guys (& gals!) we woke this morning to a blanket of snow & school closures! So my ‘Big Spring Clean’ is on hold for at least another day & the boys are out enjoying the elements!Snowtrioresize

Their friend Ryan came to call for them & I grabbed a group shot before they disappeared off to join in with a snowball war!

After less than an hour, Alex came in looking sheepish, to report that the pocket of his BRAND NEW jacket…bought only yesterday…had been completely ripped off in a tussle with another boy! I kept my cool even though I just could not believe it & will now have to call on all my sewing skills to try & repair it!! Boys!

On the subject of needlework…Lee brought me home a copy of the new ‘The Art of crochet’ magazine. Now, I was taught to knit & sew at a very young age & will tackle even the most complicated Arran patterns without fear, but I have never learned to crochet. I recently met Valerie at a crop & she posts the most amazing crochet projects on her blog & has inspired me to learn! I sat last night with hook & yarn & the step by step instructions…so far so good…just the basics but I’m finding it is so different from knitting & I just need to get the hang of maintaining tension. Watch this space!!

birdfeedreresizeAs I’m not cleaning today, I set up my ironing board…..& that’s as far as I got!!!

I spent a very pleasant time watching the birds at our bird feeding station, which will soon need a refill!!

We have all sorts of visitors, a lovely little Robin, who I have yet to capture with my camera! Blue Tits, Great Tits (snigger snigger from the boys!), a few Sparrows & a whole flock of starlings! We also have a pair of collared Doves who are so timid but so pretty. They all come at different times & seem to have…literally…a pecking order! In my opinion, the Starlings are the ‘hoodies’ of the bird community, always brash & pushy…squabbling over the food! They should be given an ASBO!! Ah well, they need to eat too!!

I have just signed up for two new projects for 2010…the first is photographic & called 52 Walks 2010. It involves taking photo’s on a walk each week through 2010 & adding them to the gallery on flickr. I thought it was a great idea & although I’m still operating with my ‘point & press’ Panasonic, there are people of all levels of skill & with all types of camera taking part! I used my pics from our New Years day walk for my first posting, in a collageNYDcollage format….I think I may

stick this format…up to 10 photo’s can be posted each week. Big thanks to Anna for flagging this challenge up…I’d missed it on UKS! Do pop over to her blog..her photo’s for week one are amazing & she created a fabulous LO with them too!

The second project is Shimelles ‘Document 2010’ in collaboration with UKS. The prompts will be on the 4th Monday of each month & the plan is to complete an album of the year, documenting each month using photo’s & ephemera collected throughout that month.

I hold out more hope for keeping up with these, as weekly & monthly projects, rather than daily! I already have quite a full envelope for the second one!!

Well…I must away to my ironing board!!

Stay safe & warm, wherever you are…

Monday, 4 January 2010

Almost back to normal!…

It’s the last day of the school holiday for my boys & I have to say it will do them good to get back into our normal routine! With the weather being so cold they aren’t getting outside to work off enough energy & are getting boisterous! Indoors, that means things will get damaged & ALL of our tempers become frayed!! As I write there is more than average banging & crashing coming from one of their bedrooms & I am choosing to ignore it…for now!!

Well, the tree is down & all the decorations packed away for another year! As much as I love having them all up, I do so love the uncluttered feeling once they are all packed away again! Tomorrow the big spring clean starts…no point attempting it with the boys home today as they’d just undo everything as quickly as I did it!!

After work yesterday I got back to my weekly cinema visit…Plenty to choose from but Amanda & I opted for ‘Did you hear about the Morgans’ with Hugh Grant & Sarah Jessica Parker.Morgansmovie A good start to the year…very comical…SJP is still looking good & Hugh Grant…well Hugh Grant was just Hugh Grant…he’s the same character whatever role he plays!! Can’t help liking him though!!

Just a quick post today…I’m off to feed the troops & get all the uniforms, PE kits & school bags etc ready for the morning!

Thanks for visiting!!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

For ‘Auld Lang Syne’ & a new decade…

Well…here we are…2010! The first day of a new decade! What will this one be labelled? After the ‘Noughties’? It won’t be the teenies for a couple of years! Hmm?…tough one!! Any ideas?!

Anyhow! Happy New Year to everyone….I hope all of your respective festivities went with a bang…Have you all made New Years Resolutions? Mine are the usual…lose weight & be healthier….don’t waste money…keep on top of the housework…and of course..make time to scrap whenever possible!!


On the ‘not wasting money’ front
you will be pleased to learn that the ‘Snuggie’ has been returned from whence it came & the refund will be stashed away in the Chicago fund!!

I have also resisted a trip to ‘The Sales’ & have instead deposited my Christmas gift money into said fund!

Yesterday evening our friends, Tim & Ellie, arrived from Kent to see in the New Year with us. They have two boys of similar ages to ours so they all have fun running riot, while we eat, drink & chat. I put together a Mexican buffet, with my speciality Chilli con carne recipe, to which I add an ounce of 85% cocoa chocolate…soooo scrummy! The boys OD’d on sugar by demolishing a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s ‘Phish Food’ ice-cream between the four of them & then nearly demolished the whole house during our annual New Years Eve treasure hunt!!DSCF5365We had Jools Holland’s ‘Hootenanny’ on TV in the background while we played with the boys Christmas Toys…it’s amazing how much fun four adults can have with an electronic, magnetic dartboard! Once the countdown started we all got up to cross-link arms & sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ & then cracked open the champagne! Look at Nathans face in this picture!! Talk about Bah! Humbug!

01Jan2010 002 This morning, we all got up & after breakfast, braved the sub zero temperatures to walk around the lake at Priory Park. The boys took their scooters but abandoned them in favour of skidding on the solid ice that was everywhere on the footpaths!

01Jan2010 004

Which meant that ‘Uncle’ Timmy got a
chance to regress & relive his childhood
by scooting on the only ever-so-slightly
too small scooter!

There were quite a few families doing
the rounds in the park & lots of dogs!
A couple of English Bull Terriers took it
upon themselves to give chase…hence
the look of panic on Tim’s face!!


It was so nice for all of us to be out of doors & although it was very cold, at least the sun was shining… ….unfortunately my camera battery died before I managed to organise a group photo…but I did get this one of the boys resting on a bench after jumping across onto a temporary island…we were expecting at least one of them to fall in!!

01Jan2010 006 So, all in all a very good New Years
morning, rounded off nicely with an
an hour in the pub, in front of a log
fire, before Tim & Co headed off to
face the joys of the M25!

We spent the rest of the day just
chilling…& I enjoyed a long soak in
a hot bath…Bliss!

Now, although I haven’t done any actual scrapping for a couple of weeks at least, I have picked up the latest challenge from ‘These are a few of my favourite things’…this one being to choose my favourite LO of 2009…this needn’t be one created for TAAFOMFT…just whichever I consider my favourite! So…after careful consideration…I have chosen…

This was a LO I put together for one of the Dixie Pieces ‘SENSE-ational End of Summer’ challenges in September. Points were awarded for undisclosed techniques & ‘ingredients’, so we were all getting in as many as we could! In this one I used masking, stamping, hand stitching, machine stitching, punching, pleating, painting, inking & doodling…I also included chipboard, CS, PP, buttons, brads, gems, die cuts, ribbon, silks, rub-ons & a few non-scrapping items!!

So what was your favourite creation of 2009? Why not pop over to TAAFOMFT & share it, to be in with a chance to win a wonderful prize, courtesy of the amazingly talented Lisa Howard! Entries due in by 11.59pm on 14 January!!

Well…I’m off to my bed…I have a busy day planned for tomorrow…
so till next time…thanks for dropping by & take care!