Thursday, 28 January 2010

Scrumptiousness, Sunset & a Station!…

Tuesday was a day of note! Alex had a ‘Food Tech’ lesson & produced another delicious culinary creation…Macaroni Cheese!!28Jan2010 007 

Lee  & I enjoyed it for our evening meal…my only comment was that tomato slices may have sat more easily on the surface than tomato wedges..but still!!!!

Seriously though, it is so good that Alex  actually used a knife to slice a tomato himself..he has always been very nervous of using sharp equipment, both at home & at school, so that’s progress!

After school, Alex had his final session of Music Therapy. I still don’t fully comprehend how it works, but it has so helped his self esteem & the feedback from school about the effect on his behaviour has all been positive, so it definitely does work! He will miss it dreadfully, but we were very lucky to qualify for it at all & Gill has very kindly offered to be available if we should ever hit a tough patch again in the future.

28Jan2010 009Then…driving home from Music Therapy, the sky changed through all shades of  peach to crimson & finally to ruby red! We were in the car for most of it but managed to catch the last of it once we arrived home…it was a stunning sunset!!

Yesterday I headed off to London for a day’s training at Head Office, every time I need to do the whole ‘train commute’ thing I wonder how I ever did it every day for so many years! I enjoyed it at the time but now I just find it such a bore! However I can cope with it just once a quarter as we are always spoiled & it’s quite an enjoyable day, meeting up with other girls from all over the country. Our ‘Goody Bag’ this time included the new ‘Prevage’ day moisturiser, which retails at £95, so you can see what I mean by spoiled!!!

I arrived in London far too early (I do so HATE to be late!!) & spent a leisurely half hour mooching about St Pancras International Station, which is now quite a fabulous place!  Not like it was when I passed through it twice a day, 5 days a week!!!
52Walks#4 St PancrasI had my camera in hand & as it was even too early for the morning rush, I felt  quite comfortable snapping for this weeks collage submission for 52 Walks 2010…an extra challenge for this week was to include a bench! 


On the way home I did succumb to buying some scrummy bread….topped with poppy seeds & a couple of soft dough pretzels for the boys!


Then I grabbed some flowers for…ME!!  It comes to something when you have to buy your own flowers!! There was so much on offer but I chose a small posy of Freesias which smell divine!!

fruit & veg
Finally I picked up some fruit for the journey home…there was so much beautiful organic stuff to choose from & I enjoyed a pear, apple & banana…much to the annoyance of my fellow passengers!! Well, sometimes these things just have to be done!!! 

So that’s my week so far….today was spent catching up with the household chores which were neglected yesterday & a quick stop off at Tesco to grab ‘fresh’ stuff for the weekend!

I’ve also been amazed at the response so from participants of ‘One World One Heart’….if you’ve not checked it out yet go HERE….& don’t forget if you want to leave a comment for a chance to win my giveaway, leave it on MONDAYS POST…not on this one! But please feel free to leave a comment here too if you wish!!! : )

Meanwhile…Thanks for dropping by & I hope you’re having a great week!


Jocelyn said...

Sounds like a Perfect week and I just adored the pics that you shared with us!!!

Alex is well accomplished with the Mac and looks delicious!!!

Oh the breads do look so yummy and nothing like fresh flowers and fruit!!!

You captured a PERFECT SUNSET!!!

Wishing you a Fabulous weekend sweet friend!!!

Tammy said...

What a fabulous glimpse into your week! That mac and cheese looked very yummy as well :)

Anna said...

Mmmm ... Macaroni Cheese, my favourite! And I'm rather partial to the odd chunk of tomato too! (By 'odd', I do of course mean occasional and not weird or anything...)
Great photos! Love the collage :)

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a fantatic day I allways have to buy my own flowers too finally managed to get my way back here this OWOH event has certainly kept me busy so off to leave a comment on Mondays post have a good day

Sian said...

Those are fab photos Sandi:) I hope you are enjoying the class; I am although every time I learn something new I forget something I'd already learnt!