Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Off To A Good Start....

Well hello again!

So, how are all your New Years Resolutions holding up?

Mine is in a 'So Far So Good' kind of place at the moment! I have managed to find time for a little creativity....& it feels good!!!

Firstly, you may remember this POST about Alex & his interest in all things pony.

Well, after all these months he's still a Brony & about a year ago I made him a small pony in the style of his online pony avatar Robinmane...

As he is a Pegasus pony I had to add wings, which were the most challenging part!!
But, Robinmane is still much loved & has been everywhere with Alex....small enough to be tucked into his backpack & brought out for 'selfies' in various venues!!

So, Alex now has an online girlfriend who is also into ponies & he asked me to make another plush for her, as her avatar Golddrop.

After much procrastination, this was the perfect project to kick off my New Years Resolution...& here she is...

This time, instead of felt, I used a short pile plush fabric, which was messier but softer!

I worked from the image of Golddrop Alex provided me with for eye & hair colour....& of course the all important cutie mark on the rump!!

I also included a headshot of Robinmane in the heart locket on that pearl choker!!

I have stuffed the legs with lentils to give added weight, which makes the plush more stable when standing.

Oh & she's a unicorn so that's why she has a horn poking through that fringe!!

So, a belated Christmas present which also gave me the motivation to get creative in 2015!!

I also headed off to my first crop in 18 months on Saturday....where does the time go?!!!

There was a small flurry of snow as I
headed off to Renhold for the Merly
Impressions bi-monthly crop & it was
bitterly cold!

But there was a very warm welcome
waiting & it was so lovely to meet up
with some scrappy friends again!

I couldn't have chosen a better place to sit that where Chrissy had put me...
right in the middle of a table of familiar faces....

The lovely Denise & the delightful duo
Dawn & Sharon!!

Hugs all round & a
lengthy catch up followed...& yes,
some actual crafting did get done but
no, I didn't actually complete either of
the class layouts!!

But I will...& I'll share my take on
them when I do.

Here is what the class layouts looked like....

A lot of pink & much more girly than my own style, but to ease myself back into scrapping gently, I thought I'd go with the flow!! I'm off work this week so am planning some serious craft room time towards the weekend, so plan to have these both completed by then!! 

So that's it for now! Wherever you are in the world, I hope the weather is being kind!
Thanks for stopping by & come back soon!
Sandi x

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Let's Go Round Again...!!!


Remember Me?

It's been SEVENTEEN whole months since I returned to the world of full time employment & I'm ashamed to say, in that time, my creative output has been virtually zero....& I don't need to add that my poor old blog has been very sadly neglected too!!

While I don't expect everyone who used to stop by to still be keeping an eye on this corner of Blogland, but I do hope that some will spot this post & leave me a few words. Meanwhile I plan to do a little Blog cruising myself!!

You see....in recent months I've had the good fortune to not only cut my working hours by one whole day, but I now also work in the town where I live...so I got to thinking that maybe there would be some spare time to allocate to a bit of scrapping!!...& even to dust off the cobwebs on the old Blog!!

So with the busiest time of the retail year behind me, my New Years Resolution for 2015 is to make time for creativity! With that in mind, I've booked a slot on my first crop later this month, considering accepting an invitation to join an online DT & am posting this right now!!

So, a little late...but Happy New Year to everyone....a million thanks if you have stopped by & I will be back very soon!

Sandi xx

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Fairy? On Cloud Nine?

1 FS2S FairyJuly is here & it brings a fresh scrappy challenge over at ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’ & this month the inspiration comes from the movie poster for the film ‘Fairy’. Not one I’ve seen I have to admit but I was certainly inspired by the poster!

The added criteria for this challenge was…

1. Clouds

2. A white title

3. Lots of blue

So with that in mind I set about my D.T.
submission & came up with this…

2 On Cloud Nine!  
The photo was one I took on my recent holiday…relaxing by the pool, almost no-one else around, 40 degrees & a cold beer one hand & a good book (well my tablet!) in the other! Cloud 9 indeed!!

Shazza has announced this month that ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’ will be closing down in September, so why not join us for this penultimate challenge? I’d love to see what you come up with!

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again…!!!!

Hello, poor neglected Blog! And hello to you too, my poor neglected Blogland friends!! I think this is a new record!…SEVEN weeks without posting!! Oh my!

I remember, last year, the lovely Hilary commenting that taking part in ‘Project Life’ reduced the amount of actual scrapping she achieved & I thought ‘how can that be?’….but now I get it!!!

I’m finding that photographing & documenting our day to day life IS actually taking over!! I’m completely up to date with my ‘Project Life’..one album almost complete (Jan-Jun) & the second all prepped to go '(Jul-Dec)..which, if you know me (the worst procrastinator ever!!) is quite a feat!

But, if I’m honest, I’ve done next to zero REAL scrapbooking this year, just my DT commitments really!! And I don’t have to tell you how I’ve not been blogging regularly!! I’ve managed a few sporadic forays into Blogland to touch base with one or two of my regular haunts, but that’s it!!

swap2So, why? do I hear you ask, am I posting today?! Well, yesterday I received some ‘Happy Mail’ from the lovely Fiona, who was my donor in the ‘The Great Big Swap of Very Small Things’ organised by the lovely Sian over at ‘From High In The Sky’.


Fiona had kept in touch as she found herself delayed in sending off my package, not that there was any problem with that, if anything it built the anticipation & I was really quite excited when the package arrived yesterday!!

P6140091I oohed & aaahed at the lovely card, the gorgeous little pouch containing buttons & brads, the individual handmade envelopes & assortment of pinwheels & butterflies….all in one of my favourite colour palettes!!

BUT…what really blew me away was something tucked into the card that wasn’t even for me!! Apparently, Fiona’s daughter had been looking over her Mums shoulder as she was browsing my blog & spotted the post about Alex’s love of all things ‘My Little pony’. She then drew & cut out a picture of his favourite pony Trixie & that was what was tucked into the card!


Well…he was so pleased with this unexpected & thoughtful gift! His exact words were “That’s so cool, so impressive, it’s amazing…I love it!!” & he immediately went off in search of blue-tack with which to attach Trixie to the frame of the
mirror in his room!

I know I’ve emailed you Fiona, but can I say again a HUGE thank you to both you & your thoughtful daughter for brightening up our day yesterday! Oh & THANK YOU to you too Sian, for setting up another fun & enjoyable event to take part in….will it be an annual event do you think?!!!

So there you have it, something nice that prompted me to get blogging again!! I guess I’ll be back soon with a potted round-up of the past seven weeks!!! I really MUST get round to catching up with all of you & what you’ve been up to too! I’ll leave comments so you’ll know I’ve dropped by!!

Meanwhile…I think I’ve some 'Summertime Scavenger Hunting to catch up on too…I’m off to Rinda’s to check out the list!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by & not giving up on me altogether!! Come back soon! Open-mouthed smile

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

1 Perks of being a wallflowerIt’s that time again! Time for a new monthly challenge over at ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’ & this time it’s a movie I’ve yet to see! Starring Emma Watson, who played Hermione in the Harry Potter series, it’s ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’.

The added criteria for extra points this month

1. Green cardstock somewhere on the page

2. A black title

3.Bricks! Stencilled, Masked, Painted, Handmade…however!!

So with that in mind this is what I put together for my DT sub'…

2 Meeting Cromwell 

I used a photo from the day last October, when Nathan & I visited the Tower of London. I used green CS to mat the photo & journaling strips, stencilled bricks in two colours of ink & there’s the black title too!!

So why not join in with us this month, we’d love to see what you come up with!

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile

Sunday, 21 April 2013

I Need Help With The MANE Event!!

Do you remember earlier this year I mentioned a soft toy project I had embarked on? Well, here’s the story behind it!

As you’ll know, my boys (& Lee!) are BIG into computer games! I tend to let a lot of the chatter & excitement about this game & that game just wash over me! Most of them seem to involve war, or fighting zombies…lots of shooting & strategic planning involved…give me cutting & sticking any day!!

But I digress…my ears pricked up one day when Alex was getting very excited about a new hybrid trend online…someone (or lots of someone’s) was (were) blending all of his favourite 18+ games & more, with ‘My Little Pony’…yes…you read that right!

fc,550x550,black_u2Apparently this has been happening since 2010 & the group even have a name…they’re called ‘Bronies’. He was laughing at how all these unlikely, very macho characters were being depicted in pony form, with pony names to match…Dr Who became Dr Hooves for example!

There’s even a website for MLP Bronies…DeviantArt, where a Broney can share his creative work & admire fellow Bronies work too!  Alex was soon creating digital images including his own pony alter-ego ‘Robinmane’! He also downloads & watches adapted ‘MLP’ cartoons, all with an underlying moral story but geared to a teens/twenties audience!


   So, I have been paying
   attention since, I’ll admit
   I’m fascinated by what these
   Bronies come up with! A visit
   to the DeviantArt site is quite
   impressive! There’s even a
   site selling Tee-shirts, sweats
   & hoodies up to a mens XL,
   all bearing MLP images & pony

fig,black,mens,ffffffThese are no ‘Little girls ponies’!!

So where, you may ask, is this leading!! Well, my own Brony Alex asked me if I could make him a plush toy of his favourite pony Trixie!
He & his brother have quite a collection of plush toys collected through the years, mostly from their Pokemon era! So I wasn’t surprised at the request!

Happy Mail

   I managed to find on ebay a
   ‘blind bag’ miniature of said
   said pony, hoping that that
   would satisfy the need to
   own a solid replica! But No!
   the need still prevailed for a
   larger soft toy & I thought
   ‘where to start?’

   Years ago I made soft toys,
   teddies & other animals, rag
   dolls etc but I can’t say that I
   ever made anything like a

TrixieHere is the pony in question, her name is Trixie & Alex was very specific about the colours & type of fabric I needed to use! I found a pattern on DeviantArt for a generic pony body & set about my fist foray into toy making in more than a decade!!

project 1 

   The cutting out & sewing up by
   hand was very therapeutic & it
   was nice to see it all coming
   together & taking shape! Then,
   once the body was done I stuffed it, using lentils in the ‘hooves’ for added weight, & we had a satisfying but rather blank looking pony!!

project 2

Now the fun began! I scoured through DeviantArt for patterns for the very specific requirements for mane & tail, but none are to be had! So I decided to get on with the eyes & cross the whole ‘Hair’ bridge later! I opted for a combination of felt & embroidery for the eyes & this is how it looked stage 1…

project 3



   …& then I HAD to tackle the
   mane & tail! I could not avoid it
   any longer! I sourced some white
   velveteen fabric & blue satin that
   would be perfect but with no
   pattern to cut, it was trial & error
   from the start!


IMG_9696I managed the tail, with approval from Alex that yes. this is just how she should look…I even managed the eyelashes & smile to his satisfaction…

…but the mane is giving me nightmares!! I’ve had two attempts & she either ends up looking like she has bunny ears or some kind of hat & scarf combo!!

So this is where I need your help…you wonderful crafty people!! Can you offer any practical advice, links to sites etc that can help me get Miss Trixie done & dusted? If you can you’d make one frustrated toymaker & one self confessed Brony very happy!

   Thank You in anticipation!!

   …& thank you for stopping by
   too, be sure to come back
   very soon! Open-mouthed smile

Better Late Than Never…I Hope!!

Hello! Remember me? I’m returning to Blog Land after yet another extended absence!! I’ve just spent a lovely couple of hours stopping by all my favourite blogs & before that, a not so happy but ‘had to be done’ hour of bringing all my online chores up to date! You know the stuff…emails, surveys, bills to pay!! Still it’s all done now & I fully intend to keep on top of it now that the Easter break is over!

So..I must get this one thing done….it’s the April challenge over at ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’ & there’s still a week left to play along!!

freaky friday posterThis months poster for inspiration is ‘Freaky Friday’…Remember this classic starring Jamie Lee Curtis & Lindsey Lohan?

The added criteria for extra points are…

1. Green & purple cardstock
2. The word ‘Freaky’ in the title
3. A cut out figure on the page

I will admit that I had to dig deep to find a photo to work with for this one!  I finally found one…..

…of Lee, taken during the dress rehearsal of the school Christmas Pantomime in 2009! He played one of the Ugly Sisters & believe me, that WAS just plain freaky!

So if you’d like to play along we’d love to see you over at ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’. The deadline is midnight on Tuesday 30th April…hope to see you there!!

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile