Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Off To A Good Start....

Well hello again!

So, how are all your New Years Resolutions holding up?

Mine is in a 'So Far So Good' kind of place at the moment! I have managed to find time for a little creativity....& it feels good!!!

Firstly, you may remember this POST about Alex & his interest in all things pony.

Well, after all these months he's still a Brony & about a year ago I made him a small pony in the style of his online pony avatar Robinmane...

As he is a Pegasus pony I had to add wings, which were the most challenging part!!
But, Robinmane is still much loved & has been everywhere with Alex....small enough to be tucked into his backpack & brought out for 'selfies' in various venues!!

So, Alex now has an online girlfriend who is also into ponies & he asked me to make another plush for her, as her avatar Golddrop.

After much procrastination, this was the perfect project to kick off my New Years Resolution...& here she is...

This time, instead of felt, I used a short pile plush fabric, which was messier but softer!

I worked from the image of Golddrop Alex provided me with for eye & hair colour....& of course the all important cutie mark on the rump!!

I also included a headshot of Robinmane in the heart locket on that pearl choker!!

I have stuffed the legs with lentils to give added weight, which makes the plush more stable when standing.

Oh & she's a unicorn so that's why she has a horn poking through that fringe!!

So, a belated Christmas present which also gave me the motivation to get creative in 2015!!

I also headed off to my first crop in 18 months on Saturday....where does the time go?!!!

There was a small flurry of snow as I
headed off to Renhold for the Merly
Impressions bi-monthly crop & it was
bitterly cold!

But there was a very warm welcome
waiting & it was so lovely to meet up
with some scrappy friends again!

I couldn't have chosen a better place to sit that where Chrissy had put me...
right in the middle of a table of familiar faces....

The lovely Denise & the delightful duo
Dawn & Sharon!!

Hugs all round & a
lengthy catch up followed...& yes,
some actual crafting did get done but
no, I didn't actually complete either of
the class layouts!!

But I will...& I'll share my take on
them when I do.

Here is what the class layouts looked like....

A lot of pink & much more girly than my own style, but to ease myself back into scrapping gently, I thought I'd go with the flow!! I'm off work this week so am planning some serious craft room time towards the weekend, so plan to have these both completed by then!! 

So that's it for now! Wherever you are in the world, I hope the weather is being kind!
Thanks for stopping by & come back soon!
Sandi x


Sandra said...

How lovely to wak into a crop and find yourself with good friends

Sian said...

Wow, that looks like a big, happy crop. I loved that picture of you and Denise - welcome back to scrapping!

The pony is fantastic. I can well imagine all the little bits of fluff, but well worth it, looking at this

Susanne said...

The crop looks like fun, and those class pages look pretty intense, and intensely pretty!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Hi Sandi,
I'd be happy to send you a postcard if you send me your postal address. Email me at Rinda 1961 at yahoo dot com.