Monday, 11 January 2010

What Camera?….

OK…a very quick post today & in the form of a question!!!!

Now, I may have mentioned that I am saving for my first DSLR camera. I have been quite taken by the Panasonic Lumix-G…mainly because of it’s compact size, & that it does everything I want. BUT…a decent camera is an investment & having my good friend Karen question my choice has made me think!

OK…I am quite a novice photographer with a limited knowledge of things like Aperture sizes & Shutter speeds, mainly gleaned from a six week evening class at age 15!! Since ‘digital’ came in, I have favoured Panasonic compact ‘point & shoot’ cameras & have been pleased with my photo’s. However I now want to be a bit more adventurous with my photo taking…I need speed…I want to learn new techniques, but DO NOT want a heavy ‘brick’ of a camera…or to have to lug around a separate camera bag filled with all sorts paraphernalia!!

So…this brings me to the question(s)…What camera do you use?  Why does it work for you?  What advice would you offer?  Are there things that I may not yet be aware of that I should take into account?

I eagerly await your comments & any links you can offer for info to be considered!! Many thanks in anticipation & thanks too for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi I use a fuji bridge camera and it's pretty cool I know I would never use a huge DSLR I like to have my camera with me at all times I would however treat mysef to a lumix g I think they are fab come with everything you need but are small enough to take wherever you go. We don't do so much now but we used to do a lot of 7+ mile wlaks and my brother in law baught a DSLR to take ohotos on them but sold it in the end because it was just too heavy to have round his neck at all the way around. I'm sure there are loads of reasons why you should get a DSLR and if I had money for three then I would if you know what I mean. Hope that makes sense:)

Jocelyn said...

I have a Nikon D90 and adore it..but must admit..I need to learn how to use it!!!!

It is heavy around the neck...but the pics....are so Fabulous!!!

Have a great day sweet friend!!!

Anna said...

Mine's a Sony Alpha 350 (now discontinued!) and I love it. I had originally intended to go for a Nikon but after trying a few cameras out in a shop, the Sony just felt right in my hands. It is quite heavy though. I've just bought myself a little (pink!) Finepix to go in my handbag as I can't be doing with lugging the Sony around at all times...