Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Cupcakes & Bubble Gum…

Before I begin, I must tell you that we woke up this morning to more snow!!! It seemed such a fine falling but in the time it took to eat breakfast & get the boys to school, the village roads, which were clear yesterday, were already well covered & slippery! Will it never end? Yesterday, we arrived at Nathans school to be told that they were closed due to a heating system failure…so he had another day off school!

So, I had company at my Slimming World group…or ‘Fatty Club’ as Nathan decided to call it…charming!! He was nearly mugged for the Kit-Kat he munched through during our ‘Image Therapy’ session!! The good news is that I had lost 3lb this week & was also ‘Slimmer of the week’ so came away with a bagful of healthy goodies! Only another 2lb to go to repair my Christmas/New Year damage!!

Despite being miffed at having to go into school while his brother had another day off, Alex had a good day at school. He had Food Tech yesterday, which he enjoys & has a real aptitude for. Last week he had to design decorations for cupcakes & typical of him he had sketched an X-Box, a firing pistol, a zombie…none of your usual cake themes!! Then he had to plan what he would need to complete the decorations. I was then dispatched with a list of things to pick up with my food shopping (& no budget I may add)…so that yesterday he went in with a bagful of food colourings, mini marshmallows, silver balls (for the bullets!) etc etc…..& here is what he brought home…cakes3

I was pleased to see that we did have one butterfly & two flowers included & it
wasn’t all computer games, weaponry & the undead!!

I am also pleased to report that they tasted wonderful! Yes I did have one…well if I’m going to indulge, what better time than when I have a whole week before my next weigh in?!!

Next week, Nathan will be having his first Food Tech class & will be making muffins…we are debating whether they will be Blueberry (my favourite) or Double Chocolate chip?? Somehow I have a feeling that the majority vote will win!!

Whilst browsing the forum at Dixie Pieces last night, I came across a topic asking to share a favourite funny photo of your kids. So I had a scan through my files & found these of Alex taken before Christmas & forgotten about…Bubblegumresize …he had only just mastered the art of bubble blowing & I took the first photo so I could scrap the moment… as I snapped, the bubble burst, so I made him stand there with gum stuck to his nose while I captured that too!! Maybe I should make this my next LO?!!

I have my first crop of the year this coming Saturday…that is if the snow, which is still falling steadily outside my window, doesn’t make the route impassable! I do hope not!! The sneek peaks at Crafty Stash look good, but something tells me I’ll need to rummage around for some girlie photo’s again!!

Anyhow…thanks for the comments on camera’s…I’m planning a visit to our local camera dealer for some demo’s & more info this week, so by the time I have the cash together to spend, I will know exactly what I need!!

I’m off now to freshen up the bathrooms & then hope to get in some scrapping time this evening…I have a whole list of Dixie Pieces challenges to work on!

So, wherever you are, I hope you’re keeping warm….thanks for dropping by & I hope to be back with some scrappy creations to share with you very soon!!


Jocelyn said...

Oh Sandi...I have been having a devil of a time getting to your Blog also...I can get here...just can't get my comments to POST!!!

Congrats on the weight loss!!!! Oh the pics of your son with the Bubble GUM are Perfect!!!

Can you please send some of those cupcakes my I sit her munching on a Blueberry scone!!!!

I think we are having a heat wave today....the temps are in the high 30's!!!! OH MY...I should put my shorts and sandals on and run around outside!!!! :-)

Wishing you a great day sweet friend!!!!

Anna said...

'undead cupcakes'! LOL!
Great photos (and baking). Congratulations on the weight loss ... :)

karen said...

Alex seems to have a real talent for cooking.He'll be cooking for you all soon.

Anonymous said...

couldn't believe the snow this morning. well done on the weight loss i lost 1 so another 7 for me to get back to pre christmas exess unfortunately the snow made my boss so fed up she got the nougat out this morning and I just love nougat! still back on track now. the cakes look fab see you saturday:)

Mary said...

Well done on your weight loss Sandi! HOpe you get to your crop at the weekend - mine was called off last Saturday due to the weather ~ grrr. HOpe this weather starts getting better soon.