Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A bit of an Epic!!…

I cannot believe it is almost a full week since I last posted! I had not even logged on for an entire 48 hours before this evening!! So what has kept me so busy & away from the PC these past six days?

After posting last Wednesday I started my planned ‘freshening up’ of the en-suite when the phone rang…it was Alex’s school to say that they were concerned because he was complaining of feeling unwell & had “gone a funny colour”!! So, I downed tools & went off to collect him…now, I think I have mentioned that Alex is an insulin dependant diabetic & although we have very good control, he does experience hypo’s & draining of colour is one of the early warning symptoms. At his new school, I think they are still very unsure of how to deal with this & are playing it safe…after I got him home & had given him a glucose drink & something to eat he was as right as rain! Of course he was pleased to have another afternoon off… & me?…well I did finish cleaning the bathrooms but didn’t get any scrapping time!!

Housework dominated Thursday & Friday too…but I did get to the gym on Friday morning…24 lengths of the pool & 20 minutes in the sauna…Bliss! Also on Friday I picked up an email from Shimelle about her ‘This is why I scrapbook’ challenge…764

you can read more about it here & do take a few minutes to watch her YouTube video here…I have tried to add it in here... to no avail, but it really is worth a look-see!!

I am hoping to have a go at this one..I am not at work this Sunday, so I may make this my project for the day!!

So…Saturday was crop day…I was glad that the snow had turned to rain & there was no need to cancel. It was a full house & it was lovely to catch up with everyone…
DSC_0002 (2)
The crop class kit was so pretty & as I mentioned before I had to rummage to try & find suitable ‘girly’ photo’s! In the end I settled for scanning & printing some B&W baby pics of myself!! The picture quality wasn’t wonderful but in the end the graininess sort of added to the vintage feel!!sosweet

The Journaling reads “…just who is this little sweetie? Why…it’s me!! Sandra Joan Robinson (nee Watson) at age two! Who would have thought I could look so cute?!” Needless to say I didn’t complete the second LO at the crop…it is still a work-in-progress!!


Also at the crop Valerie presented me with a bagful of gorgeous crocheted flowers… she had mentioned on her blog that she had done them for me & I am truly touched by her thoughtfulness..it will be a long time, I think, before I have mastered the art sufficiently to produce anything like this myself! The yellow ones are particularly lush & I look forward to using them on a LO very soon!

Sunday I was at work & met up with Amanda to resume our cinema habit! All I can say is…if you have not yet seen ‘It’s Complicated’…go see it ASAP!! It is a
Its_Complicated_Movie_PosterIf you thought Meryl Streep was good in ‘Mamma Mia’…well, in this she is stunning…the perfect role model for women ‘of a certain age’!!! Steve Martin is adorable & Alec Baldwin may not be quite as lithe & limber as he once was, but he is so charismatic & the chemistry between all three was wonderful! It is a long time since I was in a cinema where the whole audience was howling with laughter & it felt good to be part of it!!

Because of the snow, Amanda & I hadn’t managed to get together over Christmas, so we exchanged our Christmas gifts over our supper...she had chosen a lovely brown long line cardigan for me & this beautiful wallet19Jan2010 013

I am a bit of a cat lover & this was a perfect choice for me…I had seen them at Camden when we spent a day there together & unbeknown to me she had already bought one & was praying that I wouldn’t buy one for myself & scupper her plans!!

On the day I was disappointed that the lady had been out of stock of this colour way, but now I’m glad not to have spoiled the surprise!!

Yesterday was another gym day…with a bit of laundry thrown in for good measure!!

But…yesterday evening I got to go out to play again!! My good friend Karen drove us over to Cambridge for ‘An Audience with Sally Morgan…Psychic to the Stars’. She was a friend to Princess Diana & has many a famous name on her client list…to read more about her, click heresally-morgan!

We had booked our tickets weeks ago & neither of us had ever been to anything like this & we were full of anticipation! Karen had seen her TV show & how there were some amazing messages that ‘came through’ & was hoping for something from her Mum or Dad. Sally herself is lovely & comes across as a very down to earth person who just happens to talk to dead people!!! We were left in little doubt that she does indeed have a ‘gift’…some of the information she shared was convincingly ‘spot on’ but we found it very amusing at how members of the audience felt that certain messages were for them, on VERY tenuous links! I think the only way to go with this kind of thing is on a one to one basis…but goodness only knows what Sally Morgan charges for that privilege!! All in all it was a very entertaining night out & another thing to tick off the list of things to experience!!

And to finish…yesterday, Nathan had his first Food Tech lesson at school! I won the argument about the choice of ingredients & he came home proudly clutching a batch of, slightly flat… but no less delicious for that… blueberry muffins!! 19Jan2010 007So…if you’ve got to this point…thanks for trawling through my week!! I am hoping it won’t be so long before my next post! I’m off now to drop in on a few blogs myself…I need to catch up on what’s been happening in Blogland!!

I will leave you with this…as the weatherman has just announced more snow is on the way for the UK tomorrow!!! C5937000


karen said...

Tasmin cried when I told her about what happened with her photo.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you have had a really busy week would love to go and see it's complicated but sadly no psare cash untill payday so I feel it may be waiting for it to come out on video have a fab week and thanks for the recipe:)

Anna said...

Cute purse! Gorgeous layout! Lovely crochet blooms and .... oh, so much information in one post to comment on! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't get too much snow this time around :)

Jocelyn said...

What a great post!!!! I am so glad to hear that Alex is OK!!!

Love the pics of all you ladies scrapping...is it not the best!!!

I so want to see that movie and the pic of Nathan with his muffins is just adorable!!!

Have a blessed day today filled with smiles!!! I adore you sweet friend!!! :-)

Sian said...

Saw your post over at Katrina's phography class and thought I would drop by and say hello to another UK participant. It's too dark to take pictures here today so I'm reading blogs instead.