Thursday, 21 January 2010

A Quick Update….

Just popping in to post the photo collage I submitted for this weeks 52 Walks 2010Addison Howard Prk

I set off for a very damp stroll around Addison Howard Park in Kempston…I drive past this park every Tuesday on our way to Alex’s music therapy session & my hairdressers is opposite, so, as I had an appointment this morning, I arrived in Kempston half an hour early & enjoyed discovering just how large a park it actually is…will look forward to another visit in the spring when the daffodils are out!

This week has also been the start of the ‘Captured through the lens’ class at Get It Scrapped, with Katrina Kennedy. Lesson #1 was about Focus, Recomposing & Continuous Focus. I am still working on assignment #1 but this was the sequence of photo’s for assignment #2…YLTTL

Only having a point & shoot camera there are some things in the class I can’t experiment with, but I’m storing it all away for future reference!! My wage slip arrived today with a nice bit of Christmas commission…so the DSLR fund is coming along nicely!

I also managed to reinstate my 2010 counter today with the help of a very nice man from Neoworx called Roberto…so thanks Roberto!! I can now keep tabs on where you all are!! I love that in Blogland we meet those who’s paths we may never otherwise have crossed!!

Thanks for dropping by…have a great weekend! xx


Anonymous said...

never realised that park looked so good

Anna said...

I notice Sian (from High in the Sky)'s doing that photo course too. Love your sequence of pictures! :)

Am feeling a bit guilty about my failure on the 52 walks front. Events have been conspiring against me. My latest excuse is a stinking cold!

karen said...

Well done with the assignement and capturing it all in the collage I know how hard that is.I have spent many hours cursing computers trying to make a composition

Sian said...

Nice action shots Sandi! I love the chance to meet new people in blogland too.