Saturday, 9 January 2010

The freeze continues……..

Well, after one day back at school, my boys have been home again ever since! So we are still not back into any kind of normal routine…I have not made it to the gym….I have not even made a start on the planned major spring clean & I am ashamed to say that I haven’t been too vigilant about what I’ve been eating! I will regret that when I climb on the scales next Tuesday…especially after my 5LB gain over Christmas & New Year!!

I do have some positives though…I have completed two LO’s this week…I can’t share them yet though, as they’re both for my GTD spot on TAAFOMFT during February.  I have updated the software for my Silhouette & downloaded a whole load of new digital designs, as well as starting to work my way through the tutorials to make sure I’m doing all that I can with it! I am also almost at 100% of my Chicago fund..Yay!!

So, I will now be saving for the coveted Lumix-G camera…it would be so good to have it & be aux-fait with using it before we go Stateside!  On the camera front, I have signed up for a 3 week on-line photography course aimed at point & shoot as well as digital SLR camera users…so I’m looking forward to that! 

Just the one photo to share today….well it is a collage of ten actually …for week two of 52 walks 2010wk252walks2010On Friday morning I set out for a solo walk around the village..I was only out for half an hour but the weather turned in that short time from bright & sunny to a bitterly cold & grey blizzard!!  The roads through the village have not been gritted & with the sun reflecting on them they looked like glass! The snow is still crunchy underfoot & not slushing at all…that just shows how low the temperature is staying!

I am waiting to see what happens during the next twelve hours… to decide whether or not I will be making the 60 mile round trip into work tomorrow…we are forecast another heavy snowfall & if that happens I will be staying put!!

I hope all of you are continuing to keep warm at home & safe out & about! Thanks for taking time to drop by…hope you’ll be back soon!


Anonymous said...

my kids have been at home ever since too. your weight gain wasn't quite so spectacular as mine I have to say 8lb here!!!!!! have had a fairly good week though. hope you get to work safetly take care


Anna said...

Beautiful photos! No walk for me this week. DD and I are pretty much housebound as I can't push the wheelchair through the snow! No school either and she's s'posed to be sitting an AS level exam on Wednesday (?)
I look forward to seeing your GDT LOs. Take care in the snow ... :)

karen said...

Out of interest.Why are you set on the Lumix-G camera?Canon and Nikon are the best.
However did you get to your 100% Chicago fund?Have you sold your Husband?