Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A very snowy twelfth night….

Well, as predicted by the meteorological guys (& gals!) we woke this morning to a blanket of snow & school closures! So my ‘Big Spring Clean’ is on hold for at least another day & the boys are out enjoying the elements!Snowtrioresize

Their friend Ryan came to call for them & I grabbed a group shot before they disappeared off to join in with a snowball war!

After less than an hour, Alex came in looking sheepish, to report that the pocket of his BRAND NEW jacket…bought only yesterday…had been completely ripped off in a tussle with another boy! I kept my cool even though I just could not believe it & will now have to call on all my sewing skills to try & repair it!! Boys!

On the subject of needlework…Lee brought me home a copy of the new ‘The Art of crochet’ magazine. Now, I was taught to knit & sew at a very young age & will tackle even the most complicated Arran patterns without fear, but I have never learned to crochet. I recently met Valerie at a crop & she posts the most amazing crochet projects on her blog & has inspired me to learn! I sat last night with hook & yarn & the step by step instructions…so far so good…just the basics but I’m finding it is so different from knitting & I just need to get the hang of maintaining tension. Watch this space!!

birdfeedreresizeAs I’m not cleaning today, I set up my ironing board…..& that’s as far as I got!!!

I spent a very pleasant time watching the birds at our bird feeding station, which will soon need a refill!!

We have all sorts of visitors, a lovely little Robin, who I have yet to capture with my camera! Blue Tits, Great Tits (snigger snigger from the boys!), a few Sparrows & a whole flock of starlings! We also have a pair of collared Doves who are so timid but so pretty. They all come at different times & seem to have…literally…a pecking order! In my opinion, the Starlings are the ‘hoodies’ of the bird community, always brash & pushy…squabbling over the food! They should be given an ASBO!! Ah well, they need to eat too!!

I have just signed up for two new projects for 2010…the first is photographic & called 52 Walks 2010. It involves taking photo’s on a walk each week through 2010 & adding them to the gallery on flickr. I thought it was a great idea & although I’m still operating with my ‘point & press’ Panasonic, there are people of all levels of skill & with all types of camera taking part! I used my pics from our New Years day walk for my first posting, in a collageNYDcollage format….I think I may

stick this format…up to 10 photo’s can be posted each week. Big thanks to Anna for flagging this challenge up…I’d missed it on UKS! Do pop over to her blog..her photo’s for week one are amazing & she created a fabulous LO with them too!

The second project is Shimelles ‘Document 2010’ in collaboration with UKS. The prompts will be on the 4th Monday of each month & the plan is to complete an album of the year, documenting each month using photo’s & ephemera collected throughout that month.

I hold out more hope for keeping up with these, as weekly & monthly projects, rather than daily! I already have quite a full envelope for the second one!!

Well…I must away to my ironing board!!

Stay safe & warm, wherever you are…


Anna said...

Ooo ... thanks for the kind words! (Blushes slightly)
Great tits! Haven't seen any lately but I did spot a robin through the window this afternoon. Laura's school's already been confirmed as being shut tomorrow, so not much cleaning being done here either.
Love your photos. I must look into Shimelle's challenge :)

karen said...

I have some amazing patterns for crocheting and a beginners bible if you ever need it.

Lisa Howard said...

HELLO!!!!! Oh how I've missed you! It was wonderful seeing your comment show up on my long-silent blog!

Can't wait to see your crochet projects. We do have one thing in common, my dear. I am also a self-taught seamstress and knitter and never really got the bug to try crochet. I dabbled just a bit but nothing to brag about. I'm sure you are going to be cranking out beautiful items!

Love your photos! You are so talented with a camera! Sounds like you are tackling some wonderful photographic challenges this year. I'm hoping to spend some time pouring over the info I got from Karen Russell's class I took last year. I didn't get to participate as much as I wanted so now is the time!

Hope you are staying warm and enjoying the snow. :-) Love you!!!!

dottydotty said...

thankyou so much for your lovley comments sandi they made my day. My kids went to school but came home early with no return tomorrow think that has more to do with the buses than the snow, just need to decide whether I am going to go to work tomorrow or not it was pretty hairy going off to milton keynes today. love the way you have put your first walk together:)

Jocelyn said...

Oh my boys and ripped pockets!!!!! :-)

I am self taught in crochet...but I so want to learn how to knit!!!!

Love all the Fabulous pics..... good luck on all of your new endeavors for the new year!!!

Have a FABULOUS DAY sweet friend!!! :-)

dottydotty said...

morning sandi the road in the pick is the 422 to newport that was on wednesday didn't go yesterday will let you know what it's like today:)