Thursday, 30 July 2009

Mission Accomplished..........

I managed to create order out of chaos! I cleared the mountain that was the boys ironing!

I stood, with series 6 of Friends on DVD & ironed away! It is such a gratifying feeling to see empty ironing baskets & full wardrobes!

I don't know what it is I dislike about ironing so much, the actual mechanics of it aren't difficult. I think it's just knowing that these same garments will be back in the wash again so soon - & it's never ending!!

I am supposed to be doing the laundry again tomorrow, but I may leave it until after the weekend & just enjoy the 'being on top' feeling for a few days more!!

I do need to sit & sew name tapes into the new school uniform items - but that can wait a week or so!

In between rain showers yesterday, the boys set off to the skate park on their scooters, where a group of the village children have set up a 'Secret HQ'!! They have been ambushing each other & generally getting up to mischief!

My two came home with pockets bulging - full of Crab Apples!

Apparently this was the chosen ammunition for one assault until someone mentioned that their
Mum makes Crab Apple jelly, so instead of aiming them at each other they all stuffed their pockets!

So now I need to dig out a recipe! My Mum used to make it when I was a child, I remember it being sharp, but I still enjoyed it!

So, with the ironing done & bathrooms fresh I had a guilt free scrappy afternoon today! Challenge 2 was up on Favourite Things , this time 'What's your favourite flower? Well, there's no hesitation there, Daisies have always been my favourite! I had Ox-Eye daisies in my wedding bouquet & if either of my boys had been a girl 'she' would have been called Daisy!!! So, here's what I came up with:
The journal ling reads "My favourite flower? That would have to be a Daisy! Any type of Daisy, Marguerite, Ox-Eye or your common or garden lawn daisy! As a child my Mum would tell me that the reason lawn daisies are only pink underneath is that the flower fairies come out at night to paint their colours, but as the daisies close up after sundown, the fairies can only reach the underside of the petals, how lovely a story is that? In my bridal bouquet I chose two Ox-Eye Daisies, which my Mum interwove with Lily-of-the-valley,Stephanotis, Gypsophilia & other tiny white, pink & blue buds".

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

What a fun idea!.....

Today is going to be a non-scrapping day for me! I am going to clear the backlog of ironing I have allowed to accumulate & detoxify the bathrooms!!!

I was inspired after visiting
Lisa's blog first thing this morning - all about being out of control - & she masterfully regained control of her Blog backlog in one fell swoop, so I thought "I'll have some of that please!!"

I also have to mention that Lisa gave me concise instructions on how to 'link' in my blog text - as you can see I did it!!!!! THANK YOU so much Lisa - is there anything you can't do?!!! Pop on over & check out her blog - it is fabulous!

I also followed a link on Lisa's blog to Christine's blog (OK now I'm just showing off!!) but seriously, more inspiration awaits there! I have borrowed an idea from Christine which just sounded like great fun. Called What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday or WOYWW - it is exactly what it says, a record of your desk each Wednesday!

As it happens, today mine is completely empty! All spic & Span awaiting the onslaught of activity which will begin tomorrow!! It should be a hive of activity over the next 5 weeks, so I'll keep you updated each Wednesday!!

Right I'm off to plug in the ol' smoothing iron & discover boys clothes I'd forgotten they had!!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I can sing a rainbow.......

We have been experiencing some awful weather in the UK this summer! After such a good start to the summer in June, it has been a disappointment to me to need jackets & umbrella's on an almost daily basis ever since!

A few evenings ago, the sky went black & looking out of the window it looked like a scene from 'Independence Day' as a huge storm cloud sat low over the village, as dark & solid as an alien spaceship!!! (Do I ever have an imagination!!) We had thunder & lightning & torrential rain - all in the space of seconds - the storm was right overhead - it was SPECTACULAR!!
I have loved thunder storms since childhood, so I stood in my kitchen doorway & enjoyed it to the full!

After about half an hour things calmed down & light returned, everything glistened & smelled fresh. Then we had the most amazing double rainbow in the sky, the colours as crisp & clear as if they'd been painted there!! My photo doesn't do it justice, but it was truly beautiful. I spent the rest of that night singing 'Red & Yellow & Pink & Green..........' much to the boys annoyance - I just couldn't get the song out of my head!!!

Today I completed a second challenge for 'Color {ME} Daisy'. This time a 'Foodie' challenge posted by Daisy Girl Mara. I hunted through my backlog of photo's & found one of the boys, taken at Centerparcs in 2007, enjoying ice cream sundaes. I had great fun sorting through my stash to find stuff to support the ice cream colour theme, and putting together that sundae embellishment.
My desk has now been cleared in readiness for the next 'Favourite Things' challenge on Thursday, Dixie Pieces 'End of Summer' contest starting Saturday & Shimelle Laines 4 week 'Go to Press' stress free scrapping class (@ 'Two Peas in a Bucket) from 3rd August. I'm on a roll!!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Favourite Colour....

Recently I followed a link on Lisa T Howards blog to a new Challenge Blog called 'These are a few of my favourite things' & I am so glad I did! There will be challenges posted twice a month on the 15th & 30th, with cut off for submissions being the 29th & 14th.

The first challenge was simply 'My favourite colour' & it was great fun to have a reason to do a LO about ME!!! Here is what I have submitted as my entry - my only regret is that, although I tried photographing it in every room to get the best light, it still looks very grey!! The cardstock is actually a lovely powder blue & I altered the photo in photofiltre to be blue, but it still looks B&W!! Ah well, I had fun doing it!!

I recommend that you drop by the 'Favourite Things' Blog - the link is in my sidebar ( sorry I'm still learning the techie stuff, so don't know yet how to put the link here!!)

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Fist tag & Award!!......

In the few months I've been blogging, I've often seen tags & awards on other peoples blogs & read them with interest - covertly envious!! This week I was tagged by Jocelyn & feel that I HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!
I am so easily pleased!!!

So this is the tag:

1. Pick up the book you have most handy
2. Turn to page 161
3. Find the 5th complete sentence
4. Cite the sentence on your blog
5. Pass it on to 5 other bloggers!

So, here is my sentence:

By the time he wrote this, Helena had sailed with her sons for Australia, partly to escape the dramas in Paris and partly to give herself time to think.

And I tag:


Jocelyn was also kind enough to pass on a 'Circle of Friends' Award! I am always amazed at how, through blogging (& scrapbooking!) I come across like minded people with whom I have so much in common, and although we may never actually meet in person, we are part of an ever growing circle of friends.

So, I would like to pass on this award to all my friends in 'blog land' & say thank you for being there & long may it continue!!!! Pop over & visit Jocelyn at her blog 'Simply Me' (link in my sidebar) & say Hi! I know you'll be made very welcome! Then pass the award on to your blog buddies & ask them to pop in & visit me!! And so the circle grows.....!!

I also need to flag up a fabulous contest I will be taking part in from August 1st. Entitled 'Big Bummer, it's the end of Summer SENSE-ational Summer Contest' it can be found at Dixie Pieces - just follow the link in my sidebar! With a weekly LO challenge, based around the five senses it promises to be fun! There are some fab prizes up for grabs too!!

Finally for today, I have just completed a LO for a Recipe Challenge on Color Me Daisy, set by Kristii, who's work I find an absolute inspiration! Here is my take on her challenge - the recipe

called for: 2 different PP's, at least 2 different alpha's, buttons, a non scrappy item & handwritten journaling! I love this photo of Alex, aged 22 months, with his 'Auntie' Clare - still can't get my head around him becoming a teenager in two weeks time!!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Always in threes!..................

Why is is it that 'bad' things always happen in threes? This week we have experienced an unfortunate trilogy..........

Firstly, I came down to find my dishwasher beeping! In our house we load the dishwasher up during the day & after our final evenings drinks/snacks we switch it on & leave it to run overnight. So, that beeper must have been going off for hours! The dishes were clean, but the water hadn't fully drained away. After emptying it of dishes, Lee started to investigate & here is the second piece of bad luck.....there was a tiny sliver of glass in the filter & he pulled his hand out, pumping blood! It was only a small cut, but very deep & clean, so it took ages to check the bleeding, I thought I would be driving him to A&E for stitches, but we did get it under control & dressed, after a fashion!!

After two days of hand washing dishes, and fully appreciating how much time this 'taken for granted' piece of technology saves, Lee managed to clear up the problem & we are now back in business!

The third incident was announced by a wail from the lounge, from Alex & went something like "Daaaaad - the TV's gone all black!!!" On investigation, Lee declared the TV a gonner! Now, I can take or leave TV, but to my menfolk it is akin to a life support machine & the thought of being without a daily fix of Cartoon Network, not to mention having no TV screen to play the X-Box on, had Alex & Nathan in a near panic!!

So, Lee set off in search of a replacement & I am so impressed - our old TV has been with us about 8 years & in that time technology has moved on.

No more bulk - the new
sets are so slim & I couldn't believe the narrowness of the box Lee carried in with ease! It was about a third of the depth of our old TV & the picture is wonderful!! I sat back last night to watch 'The Mentalist' & 'Lie to me' & could fully appreciate the difference!

I have to say that it looks so neat 'in situ' - the old TV filled the top of the unit it sat on & now there is room to spare (& to dust!!!)

So on to happier tales! Yesterday we had a day out, we went ten pin bowling in the morning - my first time bowling since my surgery for a frozen shoulder last November! I am not a natural sports person, but I can hold my own at ten pin!

We had a great time & I kept Lee on his toes! He was playing catch up right until the very last frame when he overtook me with a strike first ball! Close!! The boys had fun & I love watching their very unique bowling styles!!

I have to comment that I think there is some kind of mix up with my two little darlings!! Alex is on the cusp of teenager-hood & apart from all of his ADHD behaviour issues is quite a happy boy, whereas Nathan, age ten is attitude on legs!! Heaven only knows what he'll be like when he hits 13!!!!!!

After bowling we 'hit the hut' for lunch! I had hoped we would go to 'Prezzo', a much more stylish Pizza place, but I was outvoted & 'Pizza Hut' it was!

Then we went to see 'Ice Age Three' in 3D - which is a lovely feelgood film - I love the humour that just goes over kids heads! The 3D effect is great, even though Lee & I had to wear the 3D glasses over our own!! I pigged out with a double scoop sundae from 'Baskin & Robbins' with hot fudge sauce - delicious but I am regretting it today!!

Before heading home we returned to 'Hollywood Bowl' so that the boys could play in the arcade for half an hour & by 'boys' I mean all three!!

I snapped Lee & Alex shooting aliens before escaping the cacophony of shooting games, F1 racing games, dance machines & good ol' fashioned gambling machines & spent a quieter half hour with a coffee in the bar!!

Today I had plans to muck out the Guinea Pigs & generally have a tidy up in the back garden. Lee was to cut the grass & give me a hand lifting & moving the garden toy chest & boot cupboard to new positions. I woke at 7am to glorious sunshine & set about preparing breakfast & nagging boys to wash (believe me, left to their own devices, they wouldn't!!). I had just unloaded the aforementioned dishwasher when I glanced out of the window to see torrential rain!!!! Where did that come from??!!

So, instead of all that outdoors work, I came upstairs to do some ironing & this is as far as I've got!!!!
How naughty am I ?!!!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Have you ever?..........

........spent ages working on a LO only to be dissatisfied with it? This happened to me on Saturday at the Tempsford crop.

The crop kit always gives enough stash & instructions to complete two 12x12 LO's & ideas for new techniques. I usually adapt the LO to suit my style & this month was no different!

I loved distressing the corrugated cardboard circle & lacing the stitching. I chose to cut back on the number of photo's & omitted some of the suggested components as I felt it a little cluttered, and this is how my LO looked

However, I wasn't happy with the title , feeling the alpha's too small & the background PP, although striking, was just too 'busy'!!

So I came home & dismantled it completely, piece by piece!! Unfortunately the PP was in no fit state for re-use, other than as a template, but everything else was salvaged!

I used the PP as a mask & painted around the edges of Bazzill CS in 'Kraft', using an Adirondack dabber in 'Pearl' & reassembled it all in pretty much the same order, just at a slight angle, repositioning the title & adding a few journaling strips.

This is how it looked after:

I feel much happier with it & although I'm not
good at leaving 'white' space, I think the colours in the embellishments stand out more on a plain background and the focus is more on the photographs rather than the PP - But of course, it is all just a matter of opinion!!!

Suffice to say I feel happier putting my re-do into my album!!!! I always find it so hard to start on a new LO when the last is not 'complete' this is why I am such a slow scrapper!

I did manage to complete the second LO from the crop - flipping it mirror image to suit the photo, adding some doodling, gems & journaling strips, omitting some stitching & cutting of apertures, but thoroughly enjoyed using little rolls of PP as embellishments!

Today I received my July Kit from 'Crazy Daisy', the first of theirs that I've ordered, it all looks so scrummy, so am hoping to get started on some challenge LO's this very evening!!! I also submitted some work yesterday to be considered as a guest designer for August, on one of my favourite Scrap sites, so fingers crossed!!!!!! They announce on Wednesday!!!!!!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Are you sitting comfortably?......

Well, I am - and will explain............

My visit to Ikea with MIL went well!! We managed to find a computer desk & set of drawers for her planned 'computer corner' - Hubby is taking her to buy her first computer today, before taking her home to assemble & install everything! We should be communicating via e-mail by the weekend!!

We browsed the warehouse & picked up mundane things like serviettes, clothes pegs & spatula's. I found a round mirror for the bathroom, some more magazine storage boxes & MIL chose a luxurious sheepskin rug for her bedroom.

As the visit was really for MIL's benefit, I wasn't 'looking' for anything in particular, which is often the best way to shop, I find!

For the past three years I have used this little blue chair (also an Ikea buy!) to sit at my craft desk. I chose it at the time because it's colour was perfect for the decor of the room, but have to admit, as a lady of generous proportions, it probably isn't the most comfortable of seats for prolonged periods of scrapping, blogging or surfing the net!!

Lee has offered on several occasions to buy me a 'proper' office chair & I've resisted, not wanting a heavy black leather chair, however comfortable, dominating the otherwise pretty room! So, I've continued to live with a 'numb bum' in favour of aesthetics!!

So, while MIL was trying out various desks in Ikea, I settled myself in one of the room sets to peruse the catalogue. The chair I sat in was so comfy & I played around, swivelling & wheeling about. I actually said to MIL that I was tempted, but really didn't want a black chair.

We moved on & turned a corner to be faced with a whole array of office chairs & guess what?

There in front of me was the very chair I had been tempted by in WHITE leather! Talk about perfect, and only £57!! Bargain!!!

Needless to say it was a done deal & I have agreed with Lee to have it as an early birthday present!! So, I AM sitting very comfortably indeed!!

My boys have been forbidden from going near it, for fear of sticky fingers or ball point pens leaving their mark!!

So, at the moment I am just enjoying the novelty of a bouncy, well padded seat - & that would be the chair!!!!

I forgot to mention in my last post that I was lucky enough to be invited by my good friend, Donna, to accompany her to a private screening of the new Harry Potter movie, the day before it's UK release. I was so excited & we set off for it's start time of 9.45pm. Now as my bedtime is usually around 10pm, you won't be surprised to hear that I was yawning long before the end of the film & will really need to see it again as I'm really not sure what happened in the last ten minutes! Just hope I didn't snore!! A great film though, very dark & brooding, I've been inspired to start reading the books, which have been sitting on my bookshelf for years!

One last photo to finish my tale of the local harvest!! Driving home on Friday we saw that all of the straw left from the harvesting had been baled into those fabulous giant 'cotton reels' & the farmer was loading them onto trailers. We stopped & watched him for a while.

The boys have now finished school for the summer, so I have six weeks of not having to do battle with them to be out of the door by 8am on weekday mornings - bliss!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Ladies who lunch....................

After spending a few days visiting family in Cambridge, Mum-in-law returned to us today, 'chauffeured' by Aunt Brenda. We decided to take the opportunity of a civilised lunch out - child free, before schools out for summer!! The three of us spent a lovely two hours, enjoying a meal & over coffee, catching up on each others news.
The sun was shining & we accosted some poor unsuspecting gentleman, who just happened to be passing, to take this photo of us together!! I think he did rather a good job!

These two ladies, sisters-in-law, have a special bond as they were both widowed within a year. We lost my Father-in-law in February 2007 & sadly, Uncle Paul (MIL's brother) in February 2008. They live quite a way apart, but have been a great support to each other & I just know that being together for these few days has done them both the world of good.

Driving home on the school run this afternoon, we noticed that the combine-harvester was busy at work in the fields, so I pulled over to get some shots!!

They've obviously been working between today's showers to get the harvest in & I love the methodical, neat rows they leave behind - it appeals to my slightly OCD tendencies!!

I wonder how long it will be until this wheat turns up on our

breakfast table?!!

The two buildings in the background of this second photo were

constructed in the early 1900's as airship sheds. Our whole village grew up around them as homes for the workers who designed & built the airships. They really are a colossal size & I would love to get inside one of them for a look around!!

The green one is used by the film industry, the last two 'Batman' movies have been shot there, with Gotham City being recreated inside!!

The second is still used for housing airships, but is desperately in need of renovation. There are plans for more housing to be built in our village & the developers are to renovate the shed as part of the deal!!

I love having this local history & in our village pub there are old sepia photo's on the wall of the sheds & the workers back in the 1920's - I find them fascinating!!

Anyway, before I send you to sleep with my trivia!!!! MIL & I are planning a trip to Ikea tomorrow, so watch this space for a list of purchases!! With every best intention I have yet to visit Ikea without buying something!! & of course we will be having meatballs for lunch!!!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Just a quickie.............

Just a quick post today! I completed my layout using the remainder of the kit from the June Tempsford crop - at last!! I did a mirror image of the suggested LO & added some rub-ons & doodling! It's nice to get another 'older' photo into the album too! I love Cosmo Cricket, so really enjoyed using this kit! I still have quite a few bits left over so will be putting them to good use too!
Can't believe that July's crop is this coming Saturday & all I've done, scrapwise, since last month is TWO layouts! Really have to get my act together!!!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

'Today' - a stolen idea!...................

I am 'borrowing' an idea from a couple of blogs I regularly visit! It made great reading there, so I hope it does here too!!


Outside my window........The weather is duelling - one moment we have blue skies & the next slate grey! Of course the garden needs the rain, but I have been enjoying the higher temperatures over the past few weeks!

I am thinking................about what we can do during the school summer holidays & have been checking out destinations for day trips on-line. Paris looks a possibility, via the Eurostar, & The Tower of London to see Henry viii's armour, another! I am an avid fan of 'Air miles' & other offers that mean we can do things for less money!!

I am thankful much!! Especially my Hubby, Lee, who has taken such good care of me for the past 26 years!! For family, my Mum-in-law is staying with us at the moment & I love it!! For friends - I am blessed with numerous & varied friends. For a comfortable home & a job that I enjoy!

From the kitchen............I have just lunched on salad & Couscous munchies!! Made with couscous, Quark, onion, egg, cheese & herbs. A favourite & guilt free dish in my constant battle to shed the lbs!!

I am combat trousers & a 'periwinkle' blue T-shirt, with tan Birkenstocks & pearl earrings!!!

I am creating.................a layout using the leftover kit from last months Tempsford crop, featuring a photo of the boys & I on holiday in Cornwall, in 2003!

I am do the ironing when I'm finished blogging!!

I am reading...................'The Memory Keepers Daughter' by Kim Edwards. An interesting read, but will not be sorry to finish it! It started with so much promise, but has become a little 'slow' - but who knows it may have a roller coaster ending!!

I am hoping...................that my leg is finally on the mend! The last course of antibiotics seem to have made a difference, so may that continue!

I am hearing..................Marilyn Monroe (of who I am a lifelong fan) singing, I have 'The Prince & the Showgirl' on TV as I write! Femininity personified!

Around the house.............all is clean & tidy!!! It's amazing how having a house guest motivates me into getting it all under control!

One of my favourite things.........Chocolate! Hence the permanent diet!!

A few plans for the the final week of term, to ensure that Alex survives all of the 'off curriculum' activity! To enjoy a farewell supper with my friend Amanda, who flies off next weekend, with her son, to spend the summer in the US. To enjoy Mum-in-laws company & to make the most of her offer to child mind, so that Lee & I get to enjoy a VERY rare night out together!!

So, what does your Today look like?

Saturday, 4 July 2009

The usual suspects!.....................

Last night saw full attendance for our week late 'last Friday of the month' girls night out!! We have been missing at least one of our motley crew each month since our Christmas night out last December!

We secured our preferred table at the Harvester & much mirth & merriment ensued! As usual we were the loudest table in the restaurant & also the last to leave! Our waitress, Tori, had the patience of a saint & a great sense of humour, thank goodness!!

Pictured below are 'The Girls', left to right - Donna, Sue, Kali, Yours truly, Julie, Pauline (Sues Mum) & Val.
Our next night out will be mid August, which will be our combined birthday celebration - apart from Julie, all of our birthdays fall between July 26 & August 24, so that should be fun.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Take time to smell the roses..................

Every weekday during school term time, we take the same route to school, in morning traffic, along the busy by-pass. Then I drive home via the back lanes.

Over the last few months I have seen the fields ploughed & planted, watched the wheat break ground, sprout & grow to waist high, rippling gently in the breeze, golden in the sun. Every morning I've slowed to take it in, marvelling at how beautiful our countryside is. This week, poppies have appeared & look so delicate & pretty in among the ears of wheat.

So this morning I pulled over & took some photo's - how often have I thought of it, but somehow not got around to it! This first photo is the lane between our village & the next, I love that there is no hedgerow, just a ditch between the road & the open fields.
The golden wheat, rippling! Although it doesn't really show in a still photo! But the colour is so perfect!
The view in the opposite direction - hard to imagine that the busy A421 Bedford bypass is behind those trees in the distance!
And finally, the poppies - beautiful, papery & delicate, in contrast to the feathery wheat ears, already becoming heavy!
So, that's my 'Stop & smell the roses' moment for today - & it felt good!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

And it's hot, hot, hot..................

We are having a heatwave & it's fabulous! 90 degrees in the shade today!! I hope our summer will continue this way - if this kind of weather was reliable in the UK we wouldn't need to travel to foreign shores in pursuit of a suntan?!!

There are storms forecast for the weekend & cooler temperatures, but who knows what will follow?!! Meanwhile I love a good thunder storm & standing out in warm rain! The air always smells so fresh after a summer storm.

When I picked the boys up from school yesterday, they were like
limp lettuces, all hot & bothered, so I administered ice lollies & set out the garden sprinkler & they perked up in no time! Alex even delved into the black hole that is the cupboard beneath our stairs & came out with two 'kiddy' umbrella's they had when they were tiny (One was the 'Tweenies' & the other 'Dream Street', so that tells you how long ago that was) & great fun was had all round!

I love to see the boys playing together, they spend so much time bickering about nothing. The time goes by so quickly & Alex & Nathan are growing up so fast & I just hope that they won't become too preoccupied with 'coolness' & will still just have fun like this!

Anyway, love the hot weather I may, but my ankle doesn't, It has been swollen & puffy & the infected area on my shin is again livid & angry looking. So - wait for it - I am on my FIFTH course of antibiotics ( I think my GP is just working his way through that page of the drug directory!) & am having to keep it elevated as much as possible!

So, I sat out in the shade this morning, in between pegging out washing, & read my August (!) issue of Creating Keepsakes, which arrived in the post yesterday! I tried not to think of the health hazards in the boys bathroom, or the fact that the carpet is no longer visible in either of their bedrooms, & concentrated on keeping the ol' leg up!

Now, resting is all OK for a while, but I hate non productive days, so this afternoon, I sat & made templates for the drawers of the Ikea boxes I use to store crafty bits, in my craft space. Then I cut out covers in the blue polka dot paper I bought months ago for this very job! I stuck these all on & put together & added a tab to each drawer, again, all cut months ago on my silhouette & put to one side in my 'jobs to do' pile! I have 5 of these boxes in various drawer combinations & I think they look quite smart now! What do you think?!

What you can't see is that the window valance & cushions in the room that doubles as our guest room & my craft space, are in a matching blue polka dot fabric, so it all ties in! When I get around to it I'll take some shots of my craft space to share with you - I'm waiting on a delivery of a 12x12 paper rack (yay!) so will wait till I've installed that!!

Anyway, the forecast is for at least 2 degrees hotter tomorrow! So I'll have to find other 'resting' jobs to do! - I've never tried to iron in a reclined position, I'll let you know if it's possible!

Just to add that as I write there is the most beautiful 3/4 moon gazing down on me - he is shining so brightly that I can easily make out his face & I swear he just winked!