Friday, 24 July 2009

Always in threes!..................

Why is is it that 'bad' things always happen in threes? This week we have experienced an unfortunate trilogy..........

Firstly, I came down to find my dishwasher beeping! In our house we load the dishwasher up during the day & after our final evenings drinks/snacks we switch it on & leave it to run overnight. So, that beeper must have been going off for hours! The dishes were clean, but the water hadn't fully drained away. After emptying it of dishes, Lee started to investigate & here is the second piece of bad luck.....there was a tiny sliver of glass in the filter & he pulled his hand out, pumping blood! It was only a small cut, but very deep & clean, so it took ages to check the bleeding, I thought I would be driving him to A&E for stitches, but we did get it under control & dressed, after a fashion!!

After two days of hand washing dishes, and fully appreciating how much time this 'taken for granted' piece of technology saves, Lee managed to clear up the problem & we are now back in business!

The third incident was announced by a wail from the lounge, from Alex & went something like "Daaaaad - the TV's gone all black!!!" On investigation, Lee declared the TV a gonner! Now, I can take or leave TV, but to my menfolk it is akin to a life support machine & the thought of being without a daily fix of Cartoon Network, not to mention having no TV screen to play the X-Box on, had Alex & Nathan in a near panic!!

So, Lee set off in search of a replacement & I am so impressed - our old TV has been with us about 8 years & in that time technology has moved on.

No more bulk - the new
sets are so slim & I couldn't believe the narrowness of the box Lee carried in with ease! It was about a third of the depth of our old TV & the picture is wonderful!! I sat back last night to watch 'The Mentalist' & 'Lie to me' & could fully appreciate the difference!

I have to say that it looks so neat 'in situ' - the old TV filled the top of the unit it sat on & now there is room to spare (& to dust!!!)

So on to happier tales! Yesterday we had a day out, we went ten pin bowling in the morning - my first time bowling since my surgery for a frozen shoulder last November! I am not a natural sports person, but I can hold my own at ten pin!

We had a great time & I kept Lee on his toes! He was playing catch up right until the very last frame when he overtook me with a strike first ball! Close!! The boys had fun & I love watching their very unique bowling styles!!

I have to comment that I think there is some kind of mix up with my two little darlings!! Alex is on the cusp of teenager-hood & apart from all of his ADHD behaviour issues is quite a happy boy, whereas Nathan, age ten is attitude on legs!! Heaven only knows what he'll be like when he hits 13!!!!!!

After bowling we 'hit the hut' for lunch! I had hoped we would go to 'Prezzo', a much more stylish Pizza place, but I was outvoted & 'Pizza Hut' it was!

Then we went to see 'Ice Age Three' in 3D - which is a lovely feelgood film - I love the humour that just goes over kids heads! The 3D effect is great, even though Lee & I had to wear the 3D glasses over our own!! I pigged out with a double scoop sundae from 'Baskin & Robbins' with hot fudge sauce - delicious but I am regretting it today!!

Before heading home we returned to 'Hollywood Bowl' so that the boys could play in the arcade for half an hour & by 'boys' I mean all three!!

I snapped Lee & Alex shooting aliens before escaping the cacophony of shooting games, F1 racing games, dance machines & good ol' fashioned gambling machines & spent a quieter half hour with a coffee in the bar!!

Today I had plans to muck out the Guinea Pigs & generally have a tidy up in the back garden. Lee was to cut the grass & give me a hand lifting & moving the garden toy chest & boot cupboard to new positions. I woke at 7am to glorious sunshine & set about preparing breakfast & nagging boys to wash (believe me, left to their own devices, they wouldn't!!). I had just unloaded the aforementioned dishwasher when I glanced out of the window to see torrential rain!!!! Where did that come from??!!

So, instead of all that outdoors work, I came upstairs to do some ironing & this is as far as I've got!!!!
How naughty am I ?!!!!


Jocelyn said...

Yes that tag was for you and also the circle of friends is award is for you!!!!! too...with all the mishaps happening. So sorry about Lee's for infection!!!!! The family has a busy day and is not the best....taking time out to just enjoy life!!!!! Love the peek of your scrap in progress!!!! Enjoy the weekend, sweet friend and pick of the Circle of Friends toooooo!!! Love ya!!1 :)

Lisa T. Howard said...

Ahhhh! THE best way to be naughty! LOL! Sounds like you followed the nasty trilogy with some good family fun! Those are the times I so miss now that my kiddos are all grown up. By the way, I wouldn' worry too much about Nathan's attitude...I'm sure he is just experiencing teen angst a bit early. He should be over it by the time his teen years come around. At least I'll keep my fingers crossed for that! Ha! Enjoy your weekend! :)