Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Ladies who lunch....................

After spending a few days visiting family in Cambridge, Mum-in-law returned to us today, 'chauffeured' by Aunt Brenda. We decided to take the opportunity of a civilised lunch out - child free, before schools out for summer!! The three of us spent a lovely two hours, enjoying a meal & over coffee, catching up on each others news.
The sun was shining & we accosted some poor unsuspecting gentleman, who just happened to be passing, to take this photo of us together!! I think he did rather a good job!

These two ladies, sisters-in-law, have a special bond as they were both widowed within a year. We lost my Father-in-law in February 2007 & sadly, Uncle Paul (MIL's brother) in February 2008. They live quite a way apart, but have been a great support to each other & I just know that being together for these few days has done them both the world of good.

Driving home on the school run this afternoon, we noticed that the combine-harvester was busy at work in the fields, so I pulled over to get some shots!!

They've obviously been working between today's showers to get the harvest in & I love the methodical, neat rows they leave behind - it appeals to my slightly OCD tendencies!!

I wonder how long it will be until this wheat turns up on our

breakfast table?!!

The two buildings in the background of this second photo were

constructed in the early 1900's as airship sheds. Our whole village grew up around them as homes for the workers who designed & built the airships. They really are a colossal size & I would love to get inside one of them for a look around!!

The green one is used by the film industry, the last two 'Batman' movies have been shot there, with Gotham City being recreated inside!!

The second is still used for housing airships, but is desperately in need of renovation. There are plans for more housing to be built in our village & the developers are to renovate the shed as part of the deal!!

I love having this local history & in our village pub there are old sepia photo's on the wall of the sheds & the workers back in the 1920's - I find them fascinating!!

Anyway, before I send you to sleep with my trivia!!!! MIL & I are planning a trip to Ikea tomorrow, so watch this space for a list of purchases!! With every best intention I have yet to visit Ikea without buying something!! & of course we will be having meatballs for lunch!!!

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Did you know that, take that also used the air shed a few weeks ago.