Monday, 20 July 2009

Are you sitting comfortably?......

Well, I am - and will explain............

My visit to Ikea with MIL went well!! We managed to find a computer desk & set of drawers for her planned 'computer corner' - Hubby is taking her to buy her first computer today, before taking her home to assemble & install everything! We should be communicating via e-mail by the weekend!!

We browsed the warehouse & picked up mundane things like serviettes, clothes pegs & spatula's. I found a round mirror for the bathroom, some more magazine storage boxes & MIL chose a luxurious sheepskin rug for her bedroom.

As the visit was really for MIL's benefit, I wasn't 'looking' for anything in particular, which is often the best way to shop, I find!

For the past three years I have used this little blue chair (also an Ikea buy!) to sit at my craft desk. I chose it at the time because it's colour was perfect for the decor of the room, but have to admit, as a lady of generous proportions, it probably isn't the most comfortable of seats for prolonged periods of scrapping, blogging or surfing the net!!

Lee has offered on several occasions to buy me a 'proper' office chair & I've resisted, not wanting a heavy black leather chair, however comfortable, dominating the otherwise pretty room! So, I've continued to live with a 'numb bum' in favour of aesthetics!!

So, while MIL was trying out various desks in Ikea, I settled myself in one of the room sets to peruse the catalogue. The chair I sat in was so comfy & I played around, swivelling & wheeling about. I actually said to MIL that I was tempted, but really didn't want a black chair.

We moved on & turned a corner to be faced with a whole array of office chairs & guess what?

There in front of me was the very chair I had been tempted by in WHITE leather! Talk about perfect, and only £57!! Bargain!!!

Needless to say it was a done deal & I have agreed with Lee to have it as an early birthday present!! So, I AM sitting very comfortably indeed!!

My boys have been forbidden from going near it, for fear of sticky fingers or ball point pens leaving their mark!!

So, at the moment I am just enjoying the novelty of a bouncy, well padded seat - & that would be the chair!!!!

I forgot to mention in my last post that I was lucky enough to be invited by my good friend, Donna, to accompany her to a private screening of the new Harry Potter movie, the day before it's UK release. I was so excited & we set off for it's start time of 9.45pm. Now as my bedtime is usually around 10pm, you won't be surprised to hear that I was yawning long before the end of the film & will really need to see it again as I'm really not sure what happened in the last ten minutes! Just hope I didn't snore!! A great film though, very dark & brooding, I've been inspired to start reading the books, which have been sitting on my bookshelf for years!

One last photo to finish my tale of the local harvest!! Driving home on Friday we saw that all of the straw left from the harvesting had been baled into those fabulous giant 'cotton reels' & the farmer was loading them onto trailers. We stopped & watched him for a while.

The boys have now finished school for the summer, so I have six weeks of not having to do battle with them to be out of the door by 8am on weekday mornings - bliss!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Hello Beautiful! How are you? Sounds like you scored at IKEA...LOVE the chair. Of course, me and white leather would not be a good match as I can be a bit messy at times. LOL! I'm sure it looks lovely in your room.

I had to giggle over your movie story. I am an avid movie-goer but the late show times are no longer an option. I, too, have slept through many a movie ending due to the late hour. LOL! Glad you had such a lovely time.

Seems I'm home more mini-vacations planned so I'm hoping to be more timely with my comments. I've missed so much. Looking forward to staying in touch more! Love, L.

Jocelyn said...

Oh IKEA.....are they not the best and your new chair looks super duper comfy!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!! Love the pic.....I see a scrapbook page in the making!!!!! Thank you for your kind and supportive comment today!!!!! I feel like we have been friends for many years~~~~ We will get through this with strength, and a whole lot of elbow grease. The front yard is now dug up and all of my beautiful landscaping a my favorite tree are gone....but we have water and I can now go potty and take a shower!!! How much better can that be!!! Have a great day!!! :)