Thursday, 2 July 2009

Take time to smell the roses..................

Every weekday during school term time, we take the same route to school, in morning traffic, along the busy by-pass. Then I drive home via the back lanes.

Over the last few months I have seen the fields ploughed & planted, watched the wheat break ground, sprout & grow to waist high, rippling gently in the breeze, golden in the sun. Every morning I've slowed to take it in, marvelling at how beautiful our countryside is. This week, poppies have appeared & look so delicate & pretty in among the ears of wheat.

So this morning I pulled over & took some photo's - how often have I thought of it, but somehow not got around to it! This first photo is the lane between our village & the next, I love that there is no hedgerow, just a ditch between the road & the open fields.
The golden wheat, rippling! Although it doesn't really show in a still photo! But the colour is so perfect!
The view in the opposite direction - hard to imagine that the busy A421 Bedford bypass is behind those trees in the distance!
And finally, the poppies - beautiful, papery & delicate, in contrast to the feathery wheat ears, already becoming heavy!
So, that's my 'Stop & smell the roses' moment for today - & it felt good!

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Jocelyn said...

Sandi...such beautiful pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!!! Have a Fantastic Day!!!! :)