Wednesday, 1 July 2009

And it's hot, hot, hot..................

We are having a heatwave & it's fabulous! 90 degrees in the shade today!! I hope our summer will continue this way - if this kind of weather was reliable in the UK we wouldn't need to travel to foreign shores in pursuit of a suntan?!!

There are storms forecast for the weekend & cooler temperatures, but who knows what will follow?!! Meanwhile I love a good thunder storm & standing out in warm rain! The air always smells so fresh after a summer storm.

When I picked the boys up from school yesterday, they were like
limp lettuces, all hot & bothered, so I administered ice lollies & set out the garden sprinkler & they perked up in no time! Alex even delved into the black hole that is the cupboard beneath our stairs & came out with two 'kiddy' umbrella's they had when they were tiny (One was the 'Tweenies' & the other 'Dream Street', so that tells you how long ago that was) & great fun was had all round!

I love to see the boys playing together, they spend so much time bickering about nothing. The time goes by so quickly & Alex & Nathan are growing up so fast & I just hope that they won't become too preoccupied with 'coolness' & will still just have fun like this!

Anyway, love the hot weather I may, but my ankle doesn't, It has been swollen & puffy & the infected area on my shin is again livid & angry looking. So - wait for it - I am on my FIFTH course of antibiotics ( I think my GP is just working his way through that page of the drug directory!) & am having to keep it elevated as much as possible!

So, I sat out in the shade this morning, in between pegging out washing, & read my August (!) issue of Creating Keepsakes, which arrived in the post yesterday! I tried not to think of the health hazards in the boys bathroom, or the fact that the carpet is no longer visible in either of their bedrooms, & concentrated on keeping the ol' leg up!

Now, resting is all OK for a while, but I hate non productive days, so this afternoon, I sat & made templates for the drawers of the Ikea boxes I use to store crafty bits, in my craft space. Then I cut out covers in the blue polka dot paper I bought months ago for this very job! I stuck these all on & put together & added a tab to each drawer, again, all cut months ago on my silhouette & put to one side in my 'jobs to do' pile! I have 5 of these boxes in various drawer combinations & I think they look quite smart now! What do you think?!

What you can't see is that the window valance & cushions in the room that doubles as our guest room & my craft space, are in a matching blue polka dot fabric, so it all ties in! When I get around to it I'll take some shots of my craft space to share with you - I'm waiting on a delivery of a 12x12 paper rack (yay!) so will wait till I've installed that!!

Anyway, the forecast is for at least 2 degrees hotter tomorrow! So I'll have to find other 'resting' jobs to do! - I've never tried to iron in a reclined position, I'll let you know if it's possible!

Just to add that as I write there is the most beautiful 3/4 moon gazing down on me - he is shining so brightly that I can easily make out his face & I swear he just winked!


Jocelyn said...

Oh how much fun is a sprinkler!!!! Looks like the boys were having a grand time!!!! So sorry about the are having a tough time with the one!!!!! Make sure to eat yogurt with live cultures so you protect your colon....the antibiotics will kill off the bad and take the good along with it!!!!! I adore your Blue Polka dots....can't wait to see more!!! Enjoy that moon!!!

toriejayne said...


Loving your polka dot boxes, and those caramel apples look so delicious! Looking forward to seeing more.

Anna said...

Oo .. you've been busy with the blogging! :)

How's that ankle now? Better I hope!

I'm very envious of your beautiful green grass. Ours is a parched brown dead colour ... Can't be doing with this heat myself but it's lovely to see someone else enjoying themselves in it.

Your Ikea drawers look fabulous! Looking forward to seeing more photos of your craft space.

PS. I'd give the ironing a miss if I were you ...

Oh, and I gave up on DS's carpet years ago. The only times I ever go into his room nowadays is to open a window ... and then only when needs must!