Saturday, 4 July 2009

The usual suspects!.....................

Last night saw full attendance for our week late 'last Friday of the month' girls night out!! We have been missing at least one of our motley crew each month since our Christmas night out last December!

We secured our preferred table at the Harvester & much mirth & merriment ensued! As usual we were the loudest table in the restaurant & also the last to leave! Our waitress, Tori, had the patience of a saint & a great sense of humour, thank goodness!!

Pictured below are 'The Girls', left to right - Donna, Sue, Kali, Yours truly, Julie, Pauline (Sues Mum) & Val.
Our next night out will be mid August, which will be our combined birthday celebration - apart from Julie, all of our birthdays fall between July 26 & August 24, so that should be fun.


Jocelyn said...

How fun is this and what a great photo of all of you!!!!!! Have a great weekend and thank yo for all of your wonderful comments!!! So glad we have found one another!!! :)

Lisa T. Howard said...

Ah, Sandi, what fun this looks to be! Nothing better than girls night out. I have to apologize for being absent of late. I was away for the holiday weekend and it seems this week has been spent playing catch up at work and home. I have been meaning to respond to several of the comments you have left. One, you asked about TiVo. It is a DV-R of sorts. A digital recorder that records TV programs. It is the best thing since sliced bread! Much better than VCR's of old. I also got the biggest grin from your comment on our ice cream escapade. You mentioned needing to stop at one ice cream shop while journeying to another. You are sooooo my kind of girl! LOL!

You have to know I adore seeing you've stopped by. In fact, Keith (my fiance) loves to read all the comments, especially those left on stories that include him. I'm always telling him to look for Scrappi Sandi! You have a way of bringing a smile to both of us! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!