Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I can sing a rainbow.......

We have been experiencing some awful weather in the UK this summer! After such a good start to the summer in June, it has been a disappointment to me to need jackets & umbrella's on an almost daily basis ever since!

A few evenings ago, the sky went black & looking out of the window it looked like a scene from 'Independence Day' as a huge storm cloud sat low over the village, as dark & solid as an alien spaceship!!! (Do I ever have an imagination!!) We had thunder & lightning & torrential rain - all in the space of seconds - the storm was right overhead - it was SPECTACULAR!!
I have loved thunder storms since childhood, so I stood in my kitchen doorway & enjoyed it to the full!

After about half an hour things calmed down & light returned, everything glistened & smelled fresh. Then we had the most amazing double rainbow in the sky, the colours as crisp & clear as if they'd been painted there!! My photo doesn't do it justice, but it was truly beautiful. I spent the rest of that night singing 'Red & Yellow & Pink & Green..........' much to the boys annoyance - I just couldn't get the song out of my head!!!

Today I completed a second challenge for 'Color {ME} Daisy'. This time a 'Foodie' challenge posted by Daisy Girl Mara. I hunted through my backlog of photo's & found one of the boys, taken at Centerparcs in 2007, enjoying ice cream sundaes. I had great fun sorting through my stash to find stuff to support the ice cream colour theme, and putting together that sundae embellishment.
My desk has now been cleared in readiness for the next 'Favourite Things' challenge on Thursday, Dixie Pieces 'End of Summer' contest starting Saturday & Shimelle Laines 4 week 'Go to Press' stress free scrapping class (@ 'Two Peas in a Bucket) from 3rd August. I'm on a roll!!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Thunderstorms frighten me but I love them nonetheless. What a gorgeous picture of the rainbow...they are always a treasure to see.

Love your ice cream LO! It's so yummy...pun intended! LOL! And I am over the top excited you are planning for the next Favorite Things challenge. Something tells me you will like this one. Super cyber hugs to you, dear friend!!! L.

Jocelyn said...

I too love thunderstorms.....except when the wind picks up and the big trees in the backyard starting swaying......but then look what the Lord blessed you with....a double rainbow.....I so wished I lived near!!!!! The LO is PERFECT!!!! How cute and I love the ice cream that you made!!!!! Sending you smiles!!!!! :)