Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sometimes I even amaze myself!

I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent, quite capable & not easily thrown, but sometimes I do the stupidest things!! Take today for instance…Nathan has a friend home from school for tea. He asked if I would make a ‘white cake with white cream & white chocolate buttons’…to you & me that’s a normal Victoria Sponge sandwich filled & topped with vanilla butter-cream & jam!!

So I set about it this afternoon…I use a recipe that means you mix all the wet ingredients & then add them to the dry ingredients, rather than the creaming method! As I added the wet to the dry I thought it seemed a little ‘stiff’ but carried on & even got as far as dividing it between the tins, thinking it was taking more work to spread it evenly! It was only when I lifted the tins to take them to the oven that I saw the three eggs, sitting totally undisturbed on the worktop!!!! HOW did I forget to put the eggs in?!!!

All was not lost…I scraped the mixture back into the bowl, washed & relined the tins, added the eggs & mixed them well in before refilling the tins & popping them in the oven. You’d think that would be enough wouldn’t you?  Well I set the timer & went off to vacuum the stairs…after a little while I noticed the smell of cake baking & thought they must be nearly done. I carried on vacuuming & then thought that the timer should have started bleeping by now!!  Yes…you’ve guessed it…although I had set the time, I hadn’t pressed the start button, so the cake was a little overdone!!

Nothing that a good covering of butter-cream won’t hide & the boys won’t even notice…BUT …can this just be put down to a blonde moment?…or am I seriously starting to lose it?!!!

Unknown Movie Poster Anyway…onto more positive things!! This weeks cinema visit went without a hitch! We saw ‘Unknown’ starring Liam Neeson.

This was very good with plenty of twists & turns in the plot…sort of a cross between that film where Harrison Ford ‘loses’ his wife (can’t remember what that was called!!) & the Bourne Identity!

As you know I like a film that has a beginning, middle & end & this ticked all the boxes!!


Easter Cactus My Easter cactus is being a little premature & has budded & started to bloom over the past week! 

Probably because it lives on my kitchen windowsill & is just as pleased as I am to be seeing a bit of sunshine! More promised over the weekend too…YAY!!

Inspired by a visit to ‘The Inspired Room’ (…& I apologise to whoever it was that provided the link…that detail escapes me, but Thank You!!!) I have picked up a few bits & bobs this week!

Apple&Pear Firstly these metallic stylised fruit for the hall…they are larger than life, actually glazed ceramic & I love how they reflect light & pick up the gold accents in the wallpaper.

Secondly I found two items for the lounge, which you may remember I painted & papered last November & has had a couple of places  WoodenHeartthat  just  needed ‘something’!  I was so pleased with this heart made of curled wood! The curls just look like rosebuds & I love all the natural shades of cream & beige! It adds a nice bit of textured relief to a blank space of wall & makes me happy to look at it….isn’t that what home decoration is all about, making you feel happy to be there?!!!

LOVE blocks Then there’s this lovely blocked word ‘LOVE’ that now sits on the lounge windowsill. I’ve been looking at ‘words’ to display but with my two boys being so boisterous, anything fragile wouldn’t last long, so this wooden, gilded, all-in-one piece item fit the bill perfectly!!  Much easier to pick up & dust too!!

Finally…I have been creating this week, it’s been a bit of a Marathon actually!! Owing to some complications on the April Dixie Pieces kit, & then it taking two whole weeks to get to me, I only received my kit on the 26th March….when the deadline for DT submissions is the 25th!!! So, with an extension to the 30th I’ve been scrapping my heart out & will share the results with you next time around!! The kit is gorgeous & I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

CraftyCat1 To give you a little sneak peek…I’ll leave you with some pictures of the neighbours cat in his favourite spot…on my scrap desk watching me work! Occasionally putting a paw in to pat at some piece of ribbon or shiny thing that catches his attention! 


He inevitably ends up with something sticky getting stuck in his fur or on his paw & then we have the whole pantomime of him trying to get it off! Do I help him out? well…not until I’ve had my fun watching him struggle for a bit anyway!!

The only thing is he sometimes jumps up with wet paws, leaving prints that may just have to become a design feature on a LO someday!


So, for all Mums in the UK…have a great Mothering Sunday, I hope you are spoiled rotten!! I have to go into work but I’m coming straight home afterwards & I think I’m being taken out for dinner!!

Thanks for stopping by & I wish you all a very enjoyable weekend in the Spring sunshine!! :)

Friday, 25 March 2011

& They Just Keep Coming!!

The blessings that is!!!

On Monday morning, I was in the Gym changing room, getting dressed after my swim when my mobile rang. It was an old friend, Suzi, who I haven’t seen for just over 18 months! She had a free day & wanted to bring the new man in her life to meet me!!  Luckily she gave me a couple of hours to get home & make myself look a little less like a drowned rat, before they arrived!  We do keep in touch by text & email, but it was so good to see her in the flesh, & Michael is a real sweetie & they are so good together! A lovely few hours spent catching up & exchanging news….so much talking in fact that I forgot to take a photo!!!

Book via Sian Then, as they were leaving the Postman arrived with a package!! The lovely Sian from ‘High In The Sky’ had forwarded a book to me that the very considerate Deb of ‘Debs World’ had thought I might enjoy!! She was so right!!

Deb had posted recently HERE about her love for David Cassidy in the seventies & I identified with every word!!  So I’m looking forward to reading this one & being transported back to those fab times!!! So…HUGE thanks to both Deb & Sian for what I am sure will be a very pleasant trip down memory lane!!!

Sunny Day Desk Then of course there’s the weather! How fabulous has it been?!! I spent Tuesday morning here……

Our kitchen gets the sunlight all day so I fired up the old laptop & conducted all my on-line business at the kitchen table with the sunshine pouring in! …& just look at those daffodils!!


Lee brought home two tightly budded bunches for me on Monday & overnight every single one opened & they form a ball of blooms!!

Nothing screams “SPRING” quite like daffodils in bloom!!

This weeks Bakes! On Wednesday I had to wait in for the ‘Tyre’ man to come & fit two new tyres to my car! As usual these people say ‘anytime from 9am – 1pm’ so I wasn’t going anywhere! BUT I achieved so much…as well as the normal daily chores I got a full rotary line of washing pegged out & dried…kitchen & bathroom floors washed…windows washed inside & out…& I baked chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting & a whole army of gingerbread men!!!

Easter Bunnies In case you’re wondering what those are in the background…they’re chocolate Easter Bunnies for the teachers End of Term/Easter gifts from the boys!! They’ve been sitting there since Tuesday & I think I’ll miss them when they’re gone!!! Just need to make up the tags to go on them for the boys to write their ‘Thank You’ messages!!

Bargain Bag In my last post I told you about my latest bargain buy at the Cath Kidston Factory Shop & promised to share a photo with you & here it is!!

It’s large enough to take my laptop & the strap is the perfect length to wear ‘across the body’…I love it!!

Yesterday & today I have been IRONING!! Yes Karen you read that right!!!  I had the urge to Spring Clean my wardrobe (…must be something to do with the weather as Karen posted about doing just this today…her organisation has to be seen to be believed!!) & de-clutter!

I must hold the record for owning the highest number of plain black trousers…ranging across three dress sizes!! So now all that is hanging in my wardrobe is what fits me NOW…everything else has been stored away or removed for ‘ebay’ or a car-boot sale!!!  What better motivation for resisting those muffins & chocolate bunnies eh!!! AND…I have empty ironing baskets as a bonus…Yay!!

I’m surely not the only one for whom a bit of sunshine equals a desire to get things done?

I’ve heard that the weather is supposed to change over the weekend & I have to say that’s fine with me! My Dixie Pieces kit has just arrived (it’s taken two weeks to get here!!) with today's post & as today is also the official deadline for DT submissions (!!) I will be scrapping this evening & tomorrow to get them done & uploaded ASAP!!

CatFace I will leave you with a photo I’ve just taken of the neighbours cat!  He is laying fully stretched out across the table, watching every move I make while soaking up the sunshine!  His purr sounds like a jet engine & every now & then he head butts my arm for a bit of attention…I think once I’m done posting we’ll just have to have a proper ‘fuss & cuddle’!!

So that’s all from me today! Thanks for stopping by & I do hope that, wherever you are, you have a thoroughly enjoyable weekend! Come back soon! :)

Monday, 21 March 2011

A whole week of blessings!!

After my horrid experience at the cinema on Sunday & the recovery time needed I felt as if last week had a delayed start! But it surely made up for it as it seemed that each day brought a real blessing my way!!

30 NewDo First of all I had a very successful visit to the hairdressers! My appointment was for highlights & a ‘trim’…I really only intended to have the very ends cut off as a tidy up, but in a moment of inspiration I gave the OK for a much more dramatic restyle!! Elena cut a good 4” off at the back, kept the layers long & I came away with a graduated bob that can be worn both sleek or more ‘bed head’!! 31 NewDoBack


Now I just have to get the knack of creating that un-styled look!!!

Then I had a call from my sister Rosemary, inviting me to join she & a friend on a trip to Majorca in June!  A cheap & cheerful week in the sun at the Sa Coma resort & I used my Airmiles to pay for my flight so it’s cost me nothing, in hard cash, so far!!!! I’ve never been to Majorca, but as long as it’s clean & the sun shines I’ll be happy!!

Of course, my holidays with Rosemary do have a tendency to go ‘pear shaped’ but it’s been two years since the last one, so I’ll risk it!!! LOL!!  Twelve weeks & counting!!!

OK…so then on Wednesday I headed off to my Weight Watchers meeting…great news that I’m still on plan!!! ‘Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey’ & all that!! 

BUT…on the way back to the car park I cut through TK Maxx, as has become my habit!! I have a mental list of things to check for….12x12 deep frames for LO’s….scrap supplies (!)…& for months, since admiring the beautiful one Karen has in her kitchen, a  large glass cake stand/dome!!

32 Cakestands Well, I’d scanned the frame aisle, the scrappy section & was just circumventing the glassware section when I stopped in my tracks…OMG!! There waiting for me was the perfect glass cake stand & cover!!! I hesitantly lifted it to check that it was undamaged & of course to check the price!! I was thrilled to find it perfect & priced at ONLY £22.99!!! So, of course I headed straight off to the checkout!!!  I went home to bake a cake that very afternoon!It now sits very nicely next to my smaller cake stand in the kitchen & will be just the incentive for me to keep baking!!  Anyone know any good extremely-low-calorie cake recipes?!!!

34 Goodyear2 Not really a blessing but a bit of excitement next!!! I’ve mentioned before that in our village we have two HUGE airship sheds, one used for…well airships!…& the second as film/recording studios. Well this week they’re filming something & they’ve had a Goodyear airship circling the village & all lit up at night…we’ll have

35 Goodyear1

to keep an eye on the TV to see what 
it’s all about! ‘Top Gear’ sometimes film there so it may be them!!

We first spotted it on our way home from school so of course I pulled over & we jumped out to get some shots…Alex was so excited!

Then, on Thursday I headed off for a second visit to the Cath Kidston factory shop…I’d seen one or two things last time that I ran out of time to look more closely at!!!! I picked up another sewing tin…a wash-bag…a couple of birthday gifts & was perusing the fabrics when I spotted a saddle bag in one of the ‘Non-Returnable Goods’ baskets!! A current stock item, but with one faulty magnetic popper…reduced from £68.00 to….wait for it….£20.00!!!! SOLD!!! It must have been waiting for me!!! Sigh!! I will share a photo with you next time!!

Finally on Friday, in the post, a statement arrived from the bank…unusual as I do all my banking on-line!  Well, it was good news, as the bank loan I thought still had six months left to run will actually be completely paid on March 31st & this was the closing statement!!  How on earth did I miscalculate that one?!!!
But I tell you what….I’m awfully glad I did, it was such a nice surprise!!!

Hall Pass Poster To finish up…this Sunday we played safe & chose a movie that looked as if it held no threat of vertigo!! We saw ‘Hall Pass’…a tongue in cheek tale of the differences between male & female psyche!! Owen Wilson stars along with Jason Sudeikis as two husbands given a ‘week off’ from marriage!!  Some very funny moments as they realise that it’s maybe not what they really want after all!! Two of those moments that will stay in my mind are the ‘Jacuzzi scene’ & the ‘girl feeling sick in the hotel bathroom’ scene!! & that’s all I’m saying!

So, with nothing scrappy to share this week, that’s all from me on the official first day of Spring! I hope everyone is getting at least a little bit of sunshine!

I’m off to hopefully keep counting those blessings & will be back soon! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Is there such a thing as Cine-sickness?!!

“What…?” do I hear you ask “…is she talking about?”  Well, I do realise that I’m behind with my movie reviews, but I have still been going along for my Sunday night visits & have to say that it’s probably because the films we’ve chosen lately seem to be sub-standard (that’s only in my opinion of course!!) that I’ve not been in a hurry to talk about them!!

But!! This weekend I had a really weird experience!

FairGame PosterWe chose to see ‘Fair Game’…a fast paced political thriller whose trailer had promised ‘edge of your seat’ action!! 

From the start it was filmed in a style that made you think the camera man was using a hand held cam-corder.  I do appreciate that this gave it an edgy feel, as if we the viewers were actually there in the scene ourselves, but it meant that everything was totally in-your-face & in & out of focus as the camera swept back & forth!

About ten minutes in I started to feel really nauseous & had to leave the room to go & get some fresh air & splash my face with cold water!!!! I returned & we moved to the very back row of seats, but I lasted only another five minutes before feeling really dizzy & very sick!!! So I never got to see ‘Fair Game’…I’m sure it was a real thrill ride…I certainly felt as if I’d been on a roller-coaster!!

Have you ever experienced anything like this? It took a full 48 hours before I felt back to normal!!

Never Let Me Go Poster So, while I’m on the subject of Cinema…Our previous two films were at opposite ends of the spectrum…Firstly ‘Never Let Me Go’ which has a great cast & from the trailer, & not having read the book, we took to be a story about three friends who were at boarding school as children, following them into adulthood! WRONG!!! It is all about a world where children are ‘created’ (cloned?) & raised in homes solely for the purpose of being organ donors!! What an awful concept!!

No amount of brilliant acting could get me past the horror of the subject! If you are in any way feeling depressed, watching this film will completely finish you off!!

JGWI poster On a slightly happier note….the third film was ‘Just Go With It’ starring Jennifer Aniston & Ben Stiller. I am pleased to report that this one put us back on track as far as enjoyment is concerned! A lovely feel good storyline with a few very silly & to be honest, a bit predictable moments!

Nicole Kidman pops up in the middle which took me by surprise as I didn’t see her name on the poster!!

A nice ‘warm & fuzzy’ ending & I left the cinema feeling fine!!!

…& now a bit of scrappiness! I have been taking part in the ‘Glee Club’ contest  over at ‘Soul Scrappers’ & will admit to cheating (but it’s allowed!!) inasmuch as I have been using my LO’s from Dixie Pieces Glee Club contest back in 2010!! But the latest challenge was an added genre…Soul Music! No surprise there!!!

thumbnailCAPPJSR0 I chose the ‘Diana Ross & the Supremes’ song title ‘High Energy’ & did a bit of searching for inspiration to best interpret the ‘funk soul’ feel of the 1970’s & found this image…

I used that as my starting point (I remember decorating the covers of my school work books with these kind of designs back in the ‘70’s!!)

I chose photo’s of Nathan performing definitely ‘High Energy’ stunts on his scooter & came up with this….

High Energy 
This one was fun to do!! I found that perfect B&W word border on a sticker sheet that has been in my stash since 2008!!! It has words like ‘Funky, Energetic & Groovy!!! Absolutely right for the ‘Soul’ genre!!!

That’s it for this time!! Thanks for stopping by…can you believe it’s Wednesday already, we’re on the downhill run to the weekend…have a great rest of the week! :)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Favourite Feature…

The current challenge over at ‘These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things’ is ‘My Favourite Feature’….hmmm…challenging indeed!! Since all of my features that may have been considered my favourite over the years now need varifocals or are heading south at an alarming rate or even worse, are emulating a tampon & expanding widthways, I decided to take the cowards way out & use a favourite feature of my boys…their smiles!!

Favourite Feature  
It has to be said though, that with one already a teenager & the other on the brink, this is a feature that is fast becoming a rare commodity! Ah well, I’ll just hang in there until they come out at the other side…can anybody tell me how long that may take?!!!

This LO was my first attempt at a ’page burst’…I think I was a little too neat with it, but I’m quite happy with it for a first attempt!!

That’s all for today…I’m off to work shortly but wish you all a very happy Sunday…thanks for dropping by & I hope the sun is shining wherever you are! :)

Monday, 7 March 2011

All behind like a cows bottom….

A favourite saying of my Mums and so applicable to me this week! I had every good intention of blogging on Wednesday & then time & an intermittent internet connection got the better of me!! So here I am now with a round up of the week so far!!

The Postie was a good friend this week, bringing goodies to my door from far flung places!!

10 Salt Water Taffy The first was from the lovely Tammy, a fellow DT member over at Dixie Pieces & all the way from Texas!! In the forum she had mentioned Taffy & I’d asked was that the same as our toffee? So, very generously she sent a beautiful box of ‘Fralingers Salt Water Taffy’ for me to try! Well…it isn’t at all like toffee, but it is pretty delish!!

It compares more with our chewy candy…fruit salads, black-jacks & the like! I was interested to read the history of Taffy on the side of the box & how it became a famous seaside souvenir in an oyster box, back in the late 1800’s!

11 SWT History

Once the Taffy has been demolished…& believe me it has a pretty big dent in it already!…the box will be put to good use as decorative storage…it is so pretty!

12 Goo Goo Supreme She also included a bar something called ‘Goo Goo Supreme’ which was unbelievably good! Chocolate coated mallow, caramel & pecans!!  Mmmmm!! But waaay too many calories to be a regular treat!!! :(

13 Arcade To reciprocate I set off into town on a mission! We are lucky to have a Victorian Arcade in Bedford, which has a good mix of traditional & trendy shops. One of my favourites is ‘Arcadia’…a very traditional sweet shop!

14 Sweet shop B



It takes me back to my childhood with it’s rows of jars that hold sweets to be bought by the quarter (or the 100g for those younger shoppers!) 

15 sweet shop A I knew I wanted toffee, but I wanted something typically English to send to Tammy.  So the lady behind the counter suggested the Walkers Original tray, complete with hammer!!  My Dad always used to buy this & we had quite a collection of toffee hammers in our cutlery drawer at home, when I was growing up! I selected a twin pack with both plain cream & brazil nut toffee, which is winging it’s way to Texas even as I type!!!  “THANK YOU” Tammy for giving me a taste of ‘The South’ with the Taffy & I hope you enjoy the very English Toffee!!

16 FS2S RAK! Then, Postie arrived with another package, this time all the way from Australia & the lovely Shazza at ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’. It was a lovely surprise that my January challenge LO had been voted for by my fellow DT members, & my prize was a pack of American Craft ‘mini-marks’ rub on alpha’s & a pack of white paper blooms! “THANKS” Shazza!!

7 FS2S 2011 challenge #3 On the subject of ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’ I’m a bit late posting this but the March challenge comes in the shape of the poster for the Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo!

Shazza has set the added criteria for extra points as…

1. An orange background

2. A silhouette of a person

3. A Spirograph shape or swirl

So with that in mind I came up with this…

8 'Bounce' 
The orange just screamed ‘Tigger’ at me, so I dug out this old (1993) photo of me, taken at Disneyland Paris, just as Tigger sneaked up behind me on Main Street & pounced (or bounced, as that’s what Tiggers do!!) I had my eyes closed but I thought I’d use it anyway…it was a good memory to document after all these years!! I machine stitched a spiral from the photo outwards & incorporated a silhouette figure into the cluster of embellies around the journaling block! So all three criteria ticked off!

N.B. I’d like to dedicate this LO to Mel, who has earned herself the new nickname of ‘Tigger’ after being so energetically (& understandably) excited about her recent workshop with Tim Holtz!! 

Why not join in with this month’s challenge…you have until 29th March to upload & there are some fab prizes on offer too! I’ll look out for you!!

Speaking of challenges…my first challenge for Dixie Pieces ‘Green’ themed March challenges is up & is to ‘Sing Green’ using the title of one of three Al Green songs as your inspiration…either ‘Let’s Stay Together’…’You’ve Got A Friend’ or ‘Smile A Little Bit More’…I used the colour green in my example LO but you don’t have to…

9 Smile A Little Bit More 
All challenges need to be completed by 11:59pm on March 31st and uploaded to the gallery at Dixie Pieces & then linked to the forum. If you also post them to our facebook page, you will get 2 entries! The prize for the March Challenges is a class kit from Jenni Bowlin Studios!!! So why not play along here too?!!

Ann @ Shepreth Thursday evening was the ‘It’s Crafting Time’ crop at Shepreth & although neither Karen or Hilary were able to make it this time, Ann & I turned up like two bad pennies!

We missed you girls & I hope it’s not too long before we can all get together again soon!
Shepreth Crop ShopThe lovely Nina gave us a tour of all the gorgeous new arrivals in the shop & both Ann & I discovered that there were just so many things we hadn’t realised we needed!! We did pick up a few things, within budget of course!! Well, we do have the ‘3 Jolly Scrappers’ crop to think of this coming Friday!!

Saturday was Lee’s birthday & we had all sorts of plans for a full day out…but then he had a business call to make at 2pm, so that changed things a bit!!  He had coffee in bed with a pile of cards & gifts to open & the boys also received new games in the morning post…just released & hot off the press & they were keen to put them to use, so Lee & I decided we’d leave them behind & grab a little ‘us’ time!!

First stop was for Lee’s appointment in St Neots, so he dropped me off somewhere I’d been trying to locate for ages!!  We turned off the A1M & looked for a sign!! This sign…20 CK 3

Which led us through a small industrial park, we’d looked here before but missed a turning, so I was so pleased when we turned the corner & saw this…

21 CK 2




Yay!! The Cath Kidston factory!! I knew it was there somewhere, but it was the lovely Dawn who gave me more precise directions!

22 CK 1

So, I set off through these doors & thought I’d died & gone to heaven!! Where to start?!!  Well, I completely forgot to take any interior photographs, I’m sorry!  So caught up in bargain hunting was I…so many bargains, so little time, with Lee due back in half an hour!!!

I did manage to score three fabby items at equally fabby prices…

23 CK 4

The bag was one I umm’d & aaah’d about last summer & it’s now a design that’s discontinued, so I was very happy to get that! The little spotty purse is to store my laptop mouse in & matches my laptop cover. The sewing tin is so pretty & I have been looking for new sewing storage!

I suppose I should remember who’s birthday it was really!!  Back to the celebrations!

17 paul-movie-poster After we got back from St Neots we had a late lunch with the boys & then left them playing their games while we headed off to the afternoon showing of ‘Paul’ starring Simon Pegg & Nick Frost…Just brilliant!!!  If you are even the tiniest bit of a closet Sci-Fi geek I would recommend this…& if not at all then just go for the laughs anyway!  Some very clever homage's to Close Encounters & ET to name but two & it really is Simon & Nick at their best!! Oh & Paul the alien is just adorable…in a rough around the edges edges kind of way!! I am looking forward to it on DVD so that the boys can see it, it being a ‘15’ rating!!

18 beefeater After the cinema we headed off to a local Beefeater restaurant for an early evening special deal!!  You can’t deny a man steak & chips on his birthday!!

19 Lee 53! 



Then we returned home to the boys (who had managed to cook themselves pizza without burning the house down) for birthday cake & candles!!

So that’s it for today! If you’ve made it through this far you deserve a medal!!

I’m just glad to be up to date at last!  I’m hoping to keep it that way, internet service permitting & you shouldn’t have to plough through such a saga on your next visit!!

Thank you so much for stopping by & Have a great week y’all!!  See the Taffy is having an effect!!!  ; )

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Check This Out!…it’s ‘Dot-A-Licious’!!

Well, here we are…it’s the first of March! A very happy St David's day to any of you of Welsh origin! It was so nice to see all the daffodils starting to break bud in the village this morning & what perfect timing they have!!

Mar2011 So..first off I have to point you in the direction of the March kit over at Dixie Pieces.  Called ‘Dot-A-Licious’ it is just fabulous! It includes so many gorgeous items…lots of polka dots as the name suggests, but also buttons, ribbons, flowers, bingo cards…& more!  Pop on over to Dixie Pieces to check out the content details in full! 

I have so enjoyed working with it & I suggest that if you want to order, you do so pronto!  February’s kit sold out very quickly & I have a feeling that this one will fly too!!

So what did I do with it?

6 CircusSchool  
My boys in 2004…learning circus skills at a school workshop! I used all four of the green check vinyl flowers in this one, inking & curling the edges…I also loved the red check semi transparent sticky tape I used for the name banners!

5 SeaAndSand 
More ‘vintage’ photo’s!! "2004 again…on Marazion beach in Cornwall! The double sided paper with the retro beach figures was my inspiration for this one!

4 AllTheFunOfTheFair 
A little more up to date…Bedford River Festival Fun Fair in 2006!! The frayed denim fabric strip was fun to use…I chose to make rosette flowers.

7 Flower Basket Card
I also put together two cards.

For the first used the shrink plastic from the kit to make flowers by stamping & then colouring in with ‘Whispers’ pens, before cutting them out & popping them in the oven…great fun!!!

I drew & cut the basket from the gutted piece of Kraft CS & the word ‘basket’ was from one of the flash-cards in the kit. The organza ribbon lends itself to pleating & bow tying beautifully!


8 Congrats New Job Card

The second card involved a bit of fussy cutting & stitching from one of the papers.

I’ll be using this one as the example for one of my challenges!  The theme for March’s challenges is ‘Green’ & they will be posted daily from now until the 10th March & you will have until 31st March to complete as many as you’d like! Details of the prize to follow shortly!!

You can check out the Design Team Gallery for the ‘Dot-A-Licious’ kit HERE!  It amazes me that we were all working with the same items & yet there is such a variety of work on display!!

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon with details of another challenge & what the Postie brought me this morning!!  Thanks for dropping by & I’ll ‘see’ you then!!  : )