Monday, 21 March 2011

A whole week of blessings!!

After my horrid experience at the cinema on Sunday & the recovery time needed I felt as if last week had a delayed start! But it surely made up for it as it seemed that each day brought a real blessing my way!!

30 NewDo First of all I had a very successful visit to the hairdressers! My appointment was for highlights & a ‘trim’…I really only intended to have the very ends cut off as a tidy up, but in a moment of inspiration I gave the OK for a much more dramatic restyle!! Elena cut a good 4” off at the back, kept the layers long & I came away with a graduated bob that can be worn both sleek or more ‘bed head’!! 31 NewDoBack


Now I just have to get the knack of creating that un-styled look!!!

Then I had a call from my sister Rosemary, inviting me to join she & a friend on a trip to Majorca in June!  A cheap & cheerful week in the sun at the Sa Coma resort & I used my Airmiles to pay for my flight so it’s cost me nothing, in hard cash, so far!!!! I’ve never been to Majorca, but as long as it’s clean & the sun shines I’ll be happy!!

Of course, my holidays with Rosemary do have a tendency to go ‘pear shaped’ but it’s been two years since the last one, so I’ll risk it!!! LOL!!  Twelve weeks & counting!!!

OK…so then on Wednesday I headed off to my Weight Watchers meeting…great news that I’m still on plan!!! ‘Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey’ & all that!! 

BUT…on the way back to the car park I cut through TK Maxx, as has become my habit!! I have a mental list of things to check for….12x12 deep frames for LO’s….scrap supplies (!)…& for months, since admiring the beautiful one Karen has in her kitchen, a  large glass cake stand/dome!!

32 Cakestands Well, I’d scanned the frame aisle, the scrappy section & was just circumventing the glassware section when I stopped in my tracks…OMG!! There waiting for me was the perfect glass cake stand & cover!!! I hesitantly lifted it to check that it was undamaged & of course to check the price!! I was thrilled to find it perfect & priced at ONLY £22.99!!! So, of course I headed straight off to the checkout!!!  I went home to bake a cake that very afternoon!It now sits very nicely next to my smaller cake stand in the kitchen & will be just the incentive for me to keep baking!!  Anyone know any good extremely-low-calorie cake recipes?!!!

34 Goodyear2 Not really a blessing but a bit of excitement next!!! I’ve mentioned before that in our village we have two HUGE airship sheds, one used for…well airships!…& the second as film/recording studios. Well this week they’re filming something & they’ve had a Goodyear airship circling the village & all lit up at night…we’ll have

35 Goodyear1

to keep an eye on the TV to see what 
it’s all about! ‘Top Gear’ sometimes film there so it may be them!!

We first spotted it on our way home from school so of course I pulled over & we jumped out to get some shots…Alex was so excited!

Then, on Thursday I headed off for a second visit to the Cath Kidston factory shop…I’d seen one or two things last time that I ran out of time to look more closely at!!!! I picked up another sewing tin…a wash-bag…a couple of birthday gifts & was perusing the fabrics when I spotted a saddle bag in one of the ‘Non-Returnable Goods’ baskets!! A current stock item, but with one faulty magnetic popper…reduced from £68.00 to….wait for it….£20.00!!!! SOLD!!! It must have been waiting for me!!! Sigh!! I will share a photo with you next time!!

Finally on Friday, in the post, a statement arrived from the bank…unusual as I do all my banking on-line!  Well, it was good news, as the bank loan I thought still had six months left to run will actually be completely paid on March 31st & this was the closing statement!!  How on earth did I miscalculate that one?!!!
But I tell you what….I’m awfully glad I did, it was such a nice surprise!!!

Hall Pass Poster To finish up…this Sunday we played safe & chose a movie that looked as if it held no threat of vertigo!! We saw ‘Hall Pass’…a tongue in cheek tale of the differences between male & female psyche!! Owen Wilson stars along with Jason Sudeikis as two husbands given a ‘week off’ from marriage!!  Some very funny moments as they realise that it’s maybe not what they really want after all!! Two of those moments that will stay in my mind are the ‘Jacuzzi scene’ & the ‘girl feeling sick in the hotel bathroom’ scene!! & that’s all I’m saying!

So, with nothing scrappy to share this week, that’s all from me on the official first day of Spring! I hope everyone is getting at least a little bit of sunshine!

I’m off to hopefully keep counting those blessings & will be back soon! Thanks for stopping by! :)


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a real 'bargain basement' week,Sandi....particularly love that cake stand....I have an uncovered one....but that is much nicer...may have to pay our TK Maxx a visit!!
And a holiday as well.....have visited Majorca a few times....and always loved it.
Your bank loan surprise sounds a bit like our British Gas surprise...or maybe miracle I should say!!!

Beverly said...

What wonderful blessings and I love your new "do" :) Very chic!

Sian said...

Oh, I do love a good poke around TK Maxx - very jealous that you have a Cath factory shop within reach. Tho' I guess MY bank balance looks better for me not being anywhere near it!

Your new 'do is gorgeous!

Jocelyn said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH Sandi....I love,love,love your hair...It is Fabulous and you look so HOT!!!!!! Perfect Cut!!!

Loving the cake stand and cover...I so want to get one of these!!!!!! Now I will be on the Hunt!!!

Glad to hear that the movie was tolerable!!!

Love ya girlie and it sounds like a great week...Love the pics of the Blimp!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day!!!! Don't forget to put a comment on my Blog for a chance to win that awesome prize..I would love to send it off to you!!!

Dawn said...

Reading your blog makes me look at everything in a much better light and I am truly blessed. Loving the haircut but then you always look fabulous :-)

Sandra said...

Loving the hair cut ... looks fabulous. oohhhh did I read that .. a Cath Kidston outlet shop!!!!!! oh my, oh my!!!

karen said...

New hair do looks fab.But it looks like at least a three hour job to me.I think you should have a crew cut and have a lie in!!!!

Denise said...

Goodness gracious me you have been busy. Love love the hair,it really suits you.It's fab that it can be sleek or 'messy'.Look forward to seeing what the filming turns out to be and lucky you going to Cath Kidston again - jealous! x

humel said...

Hooray for your happy week - and wow, you look stunning, babe! Great new 'do! xx

Angelfish said...

Love the new haircut and you can't beat a good rummage in TK Maxx!
Fiona xx