Friday, 25 March 2011

& They Just Keep Coming!!

The blessings that is!!!

On Monday morning, I was in the Gym changing room, getting dressed after my swim when my mobile rang. It was an old friend, Suzi, who I haven’t seen for just over 18 months! She had a free day & wanted to bring the new man in her life to meet me!!  Luckily she gave me a couple of hours to get home & make myself look a little less like a drowned rat, before they arrived!  We do keep in touch by text & email, but it was so good to see her in the flesh, & Michael is a real sweetie & they are so good together! A lovely few hours spent catching up & exchanging news….so much talking in fact that I forgot to take a photo!!!

Book via Sian Then, as they were leaving the Postman arrived with a package!! The lovely Sian from ‘High In The Sky’ had forwarded a book to me that the very considerate Deb of ‘Debs World’ had thought I might enjoy!! She was so right!!

Deb had posted recently HERE about her love for David Cassidy in the seventies & I identified with every word!!  So I’m looking forward to reading this one & being transported back to those fab times!!! So…HUGE thanks to both Deb & Sian for what I am sure will be a very pleasant trip down memory lane!!!

Sunny Day Desk Then of course there’s the weather! How fabulous has it been?!! I spent Tuesday morning here……

Our kitchen gets the sunlight all day so I fired up the old laptop & conducted all my on-line business at the kitchen table with the sunshine pouring in! …& just look at those daffodils!!


Lee brought home two tightly budded bunches for me on Monday & overnight every single one opened & they form a ball of blooms!!

Nothing screams “SPRING” quite like daffodils in bloom!!

This weeks Bakes! On Wednesday I had to wait in for the ‘Tyre’ man to come & fit two new tyres to my car! As usual these people say ‘anytime from 9am – 1pm’ so I wasn’t going anywhere! BUT I achieved so much…as well as the normal daily chores I got a full rotary line of washing pegged out & dried…kitchen & bathroom floors washed…windows washed inside & out…& I baked chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting & a whole army of gingerbread men!!!

Easter Bunnies In case you’re wondering what those are in the background…they’re chocolate Easter Bunnies for the teachers End of Term/Easter gifts from the boys!! They’ve been sitting there since Tuesday & I think I’ll miss them when they’re gone!!! Just need to make up the tags to go on them for the boys to write their ‘Thank You’ messages!!

Bargain Bag In my last post I told you about my latest bargain buy at the Cath Kidston Factory Shop & promised to share a photo with you & here it is!!

It’s large enough to take my laptop & the strap is the perfect length to wear ‘across the body’…I love it!!

Yesterday & today I have been IRONING!! Yes Karen you read that right!!!  I had the urge to Spring Clean my wardrobe (…must be something to do with the weather as Karen posted about doing just this today…her organisation has to be seen to be believed!!) & de-clutter!

I must hold the record for owning the highest number of plain black trousers…ranging across three dress sizes!! So now all that is hanging in my wardrobe is what fits me NOW…everything else has been stored away or removed for ‘ebay’ or a car-boot sale!!!  What better motivation for resisting those muffins & chocolate bunnies eh!!! AND…I have empty ironing baskets as a bonus…Yay!!

I’m surely not the only one for whom a bit of sunshine equals a desire to get things done?

I’ve heard that the weather is supposed to change over the weekend & I have to say that’s fine with me! My Dixie Pieces kit has just arrived (it’s taken two weeks to get here!!) with today's post & as today is also the official deadline for DT submissions (!!) I will be scrapping this evening & tomorrow to get them done & uploaded ASAP!!

CatFace I will leave you with a photo I’ve just taken of the neighbours cat!  He is laying fully stretched out across the table, watching every move I make while soaking up the sunshine!  His purr sounds like a jet engine & every now & then he head butts my arm for a bit of attention…I think once I’m done posting we’ll just have to have a proper ‘fuss & cuddle’!!

So that’s all from me today! Thanks for stopping by & I do hope that, wherever you are, you have a thoroughly enjoyable weekend! Come back soon! :)


Sian said...

What a wonderful title for a post - I couldn't wait to scroll down and see what was coming! And what a lovely selection of treats - if you've got that scrapping to do don't on any account start into that book lol

furrypig said...

Great post really uplifting! Where are those bunnies from they are so cute! All your baking looks amazing xxx

Sandra said...

Fabulous post, what a lovely week you've had ..and what lovely photographs - I'm thinking that gorgeous cat has his eye on the cakes LOL.

scrappyjacky said...

You've certainly got luck on your side at the moment!!!
Loved looking at all your goodies....the bag looks so pretty....and those cakes look scrummy. I've been loving this sun....and busy gardening today.

karen said...

I need photographic evidence of the ironing.

Believe it or not. I don't own one pair of black trousers. Trousers and me just don't get on.
I look like a hefferlump in them.

humel said...

That sounds busy but so much fun! But I don't understand, what's 'ironing'...? ;-)

Jocelyn said...

Oh I just adore reading your did I miss this one!!!!

Those flowers are wonderful and look at you go...washing windows, cleaning and baking....Those goodies look so yummy...can I come live with you for a few months!!!

I love your table...what a happy place and the neighbors kitty is soooo cute!!!!

Wow...ironing....I agree...what is ironing...I must admit....I only pull out the ironing board when it is needed!!!! Look at you go!!!

Just love you sweet friend..wishing you a Fabulous week!!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Awww, daffodils!!! How romantic, really!!! And I loooove your new Cath Kidston bag. How awesome that it fits your laptop in it.
Also, your new haircut is adorable, Sandi.
Take care,
Mary Lou