Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sometimes I even amaze myself!

I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent, quite capable & not easily thrown, but sometimes I do the stupidest things!! Take today for instance…Nathan has a friend home from school for tea. He asked if I would make a ‘white cake with white cream & white chocolate buttons’…to you & me that’s a normal Victoria Sponge sandwich filled & topped with vanilla butter-cream & jam!!

So I set about it this afternoon…I use a recipe that means you mix all the wet ingredients & then add them to the dry ingredients, rather than the creaming method! As I added the wet to the dry I thought it seemed a little ‘stiff’ but carried on & even got as far as dividing it between the tins, thinking it was taking more work to spread it evenly! It was only when I lifted the tins to take them to the oven that I saw the three eggs, sitting totally undisturbed on the worktop!!!! HOW did I forget to put the eggs in?!!!

All was not lost…I scraped the mixture back into the bowl, washed & relined the tins, added the eggs & mixed them well in before refilling the tins & popping them in the oven. You’d think that would be enough wouldn’t you?  Well I set the timer & went off to vacuum the stairs…after a little while I noticed the smell of cake baking & thought they must be nearly done. I carried on vacuuming & then thought that the timer should have started bleeping by now!!  Yes…you’ve guessed it…although I had set the time, I hadn’t pressed the start button, so the cake was a little overdone!!

Nothing that a good covering of butter-cream won’t hide & the boys won’t even notice…BUT …can this just be put down to a blonde moment?…or am I seriously starting to lose it?!!!

Unknown Movie Poster Anyway…onto more positive things!! This weeks cinema visit went without a hitch! We saw ‘Unknown’ starring Liam Neeson.

This was very good with plenty of twists & turns in the plot…sort of a cross between that film where Harrison Ford ‘loses’ his wife (can’t remember what that was called!!) & the Bourne Identity!

As you know I like a film that has a beginning, middle & end & this ticked all the boxes!!


Easter Cactus My Easter cactus is being a little premature & has budded & started to bloom over the past week! 

Probably because it lives on my kitchen windowsill & is just as pleased as I am to be seeing a bit of sunshine! More promised over the weekend too…YAY!!

Inspired by a visit to ‘The Inspired Room’ (…& I apologise to whoever it was that provided the link…that detail escapes me, but Thank You!!!) I have picked up a few bits & bobs this week!

Apple&Pear Firstly these metallic stylised fruit for the hall…they are larger than life, actually glazed ceramic & I love how they reflect light & pick up the gold accents in the wallpaper.

Secondly I found two items for the lounge, which you may remember I painted & papered last November & has had a couple of places  WoodenHeartthat  just  needed ‘something’!  I was so pleased with this heart made of curled wood! The curls just look like rosebuds & I love all the natural shades of cream & beige! It adds a nice bit of textured relief to a blank space of wall & makes me happy to look at it….isn’t that what home decoration is all about, making you feel happy to be there?!!!

LOVE blocks Then there’s this lovely blocked word ‘LOVE’ that now sits on the lounge windowsill. I’ve been looking at ‘words’ to display but with my two boys being so boisterous, anything fragile wouldn’t last long, so this wooden, gilded, all-in-one piece item fit the bill perfectly!!  Much easier to pick up & dust too!!

Finally…I have been creating this week, it’s been a bit of a Marathon actually!! Owing to some complications on the April Dixie Pieces kit, & then it taking two whole weeks to get to me, I only received my kit on the 26th March….when the deadline for DT submissions is the 25th!!! So, with an extension to the 30th I’ve been scrapping my heart out & will share the results with you next time around!! The kit is gorgeous & I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

CraftyCat1 To give you a little sneak peek…I’ll leave you with some pictures of the neighbours cat in his favourite spot…on my scrap desk watching me work! Occasionally putting a paw in to pat at some piece of ribbon or shiny thing that catches his attention! 


He inevitably ends up with something sticky getting stuck in his fur or on his paw & then we have the whole pantomime of him trying to get it off! Do I help him out? well…not until I’ve had my fun watching him struggle for a bit anyway!!

The only thing is he sometimes jumps up with wet paws, leaving prints that may just have to become a design feature on a LO someday!


So, for all Mums in the UK…have a great Mothering Sunday, I hope you are spoiled rotten!! I have to go into work but I’m coming straight home afterwards & I think I’m being taken out for dinner!!

Thanks for stopping by & I wish you all a very enjoyable weekend in the Spring sunshine!! :)


Beverly said...

I love how the neighbor's cat supervises your craftwork :) I did the same thing with eggs Sunday but I was making individual lime Cheesecakes and had poured the mixture on top of the crust which thankfully was just vanilla wafers. I, too wondered why it was so thick until I saw the eggs on the counter lol

Becky said...

Oh how funny! I am glad that you managed to rescue the cake though. Hope the boys enjoyed it.

My cats like to supervise too, although they normally sit on the settee and watch me so that they don't get stuff stuck to them!

I hope you enjoy Mothering Sunday and are spoilt! I am looking forward to it as my son returns from uni on Saturday so I will have my whole family together :)

karen said...

I put four sausage rolls in the Aga for my tea the other day.About an hour later, when I was watching TV, I was reminded by an advert.They were slightly charred to say the least.
Embarassing in that the neigbours can smell the burning outside,but we are blissfully unaware inside.

Jocelyn said...

Oh you make me giggle Sandi....that cake was really giving you a devil of a time...I must admit...I have done the very same thing with a cake....but yes icing and some fixing and the family ate it all up!!!

I adore the pics of the kitty....How adorable!!!! Miss Cosmo is not that nice...she gets up up on my desk and goes crazy....knocking everything to the floor and then scampering under the table with something stuck on her!!!

Wishing you a Happy Mothering Day....enjoy that time out with the family!!! I hope you are spoilt!!!!

humel said...

Oh, dear re the cake - I'm sure it still tasted good though! And I love all your little finds for your house :-)

scrappyjacky said...

I love all your new little pieces for lounge. And I've forgotten to add eggs before as well....and then wondered why the cake was so heavy....glad you managed to rescue yours.

Dawn said...

I think it goes down as clever that you managed to save the cake - me I would have given up!!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow xxx