Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Is there such a thing as Cine-sickness?!!

“What…?” do I hear you ask “…is she talking about?”  Well, I do realise that I’m behind with my movie reviews, but I have still been going along for my Sunday night visits & have to say that it’s probably because the films we’ve chosen lately seem to be sub-standard (that’s only in my opinion of course!!) that I’ve not been in a hurry to talk about them!!

But!! This weekend I had a really weird experience!

FairGame PosterWe chose to see ‘Fair Game’…a fast paced political thriller whose trailer had promised ‘edge of your seat’ action!! 

From the start it was filmed in a style that made you think the camera man was using a hand held cam-corder.  I do appreciate that this gave it an edgy feel, as if we the viewers were actually there in the scene ourselves, but it meant that everything was totally in-your-face & in & out of focus as the camera swept back & forth!

About ten minutes in I started to feel really nauseous & had to leave the room to go & get some fresh air & splash my face with cold water!!!! I returned & we moved to the very back row of seats, but I lasted only another five minutes before feeling really dizzy & very sick!!! So I never got to see ‘Fair Game’…I’m sure it was a real thrill ride…I certainly felt as if I’d been on a roller-coaster!!

Have you ever experienced anything like this? It took a full 48 hours before I felt back to normal!!

Never Let Me Go Poster So, while I’m on the subject of Cinema…Our previous two films were at opposite ends of the spectrum…Firstly ‘Never Let Me Go’ which has a great cast & from the trailer, & not having read the book, we took to be a story about three friends who were at boarding school as children, following them into adulthood! WRONG!!! It is all about a world where children are ‘created’ (cloned?) & raised in homes solely for the purpose of being organ donors!! What an awful concept!!

No amount of brilliant acting could get me past the horror of the subject! If you are in any way feeling depressed, watching this film will completely finish you off!!

JGWI poster On a slightly happier note….the third film was ‘Just Go With It’ starring Jennifer Aniston & Ben Stiller. I am pleased to report that this one put us back on track as far as enjoyment is concerned! A lovely feel good storyline with a few very silly & to be honest, a bit predictable moments!

Nicole Kidman pops up in the middle which took me by surprise as I didn’t see her name on the poster!!

A nice ‘warm & fuzzy’ ending & I left the cinema feeling fine!!!

…& now a bit of scrappiness! I have been taking part in the ‘Glee Club’ contest  over at ‘Soul Scrappers’ & will admit to cheating (but it’s allowed!!) inasmuch as I have been using my LO’s from Dixie Pieces Glee Club contest back in 2010!! But the latest challenge was an added genre…Soul Music! No surprise there!!!

thumbnailCAPPJSR0 I chose the ‘Diana Ross & the Supremes’ song title ‘High Energy’ & did a bit of searching for inspiration to best interpret the ‘funk soul’ feel of the 1970’s & found this image…

I used that as my starting point (I remember decorating the covers of my school work books with these kind of designs back in the ‘70’s!!)

I chose photo’s of Nathan performing definitely ‘High Energy’ stunts on his scooter & came up with this….

High Energy 
This one was fun to do!! I found that perfect B&W word border on a sticker sheet that has been in my stash since 2008!!! It has words like ‘Funky, Energetic & Groovy!!! Absolutely right for the ‘Soul’ genre!!!

That’s it for this time!! Thanks for stopping by…can you believe it’s Wednesday already, we’re on the downhill run to the weekend…have a great rest of the week! :)


Jocelyn said...

Oh My....that sounds horrible about the movie...I know I would have never made it through..I would have been sick also!!!! That is a strange way to film a movie!!!

So glad to see that you got one decent movie out of three!!!!

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe that filled with the most wonderful colors and so pleasing to the eye!!! I LOVE IT and the pic is stunning!!!

Wishing you a great day sweet friend!!! MUWAHHHHHH

scrappyjacky said...

I must admit I watch far less films than you....1 hour TV shows like Silent Witness hold my attention far better....and I have been known to walk out of films that I hated....but don't think one has ever made me ill!!!
Love the LO....there really is a high energy feel to it....just great.

humel said...

What a lovely energetic layout! Such fun :-)

I've never experienced Cine-sickness, but the second film might induce it in me, even if the first didn't! The third sounds suitable for an evening happily crafting or blogging with a film in the background while The Doctor's away - will watch out for it on TV when the time comes. And get some ice cream in ready!!

karen said...

I can't watch the first ad part in a 3D film,because it makes me feel like i'm on a rollercoster.It reminds me of my nightmare on a rollercoaster at Euro Disney.I ended up in a hospial bed for the day waiting for the World to stop moving.

furrypig said...

funky LO love it!! Really reflects the liveliness and energy of the activity. Thanks for the film reviews, thinking of avoiding the first two but I do love a rom com especially if it has a happy ending!

Dawn said...

Wow how do you do it? another fabulous layout :-)
I ended up feeling rather strange at the start of Avitar but it did pass - I'm terrible with motion sickness - had to have a jab in the bum on our last cruise but I'm a glutten for punishment as going on another in August!!!

Tina said...

Sandy, I just wanted to stop by and say Hi. Thanks so much for stopping by Beetle Honey. Love your blog and your High Engery LO. Hope to see ya soon. Looking forward to getting to know ya. Hugs Tina

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I remember there was a time when many movies were shot like this. I guess they thought it was cool and edgy. But I NEVER cared for it...for the same reasons you mentioned. Sorry. : (
I'm totally in love with your layout. Everything about it!!! And the button...great touch!!!
Mary Lou

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

That was suppose to be "buttons". : )