Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Bit Of A Catch-up…

Before November ends I must bring you up to date on a few things that have gone on in between those things I have shared with you already!

During the half term holiday Nathan & I set off to London to visit the Tower of London…something I’ve always wanted to do! History fascinates me & I find the prospect of touching walls & walking on cobbles & stairways formerly touched by Tudors thrilling!

The weather wasn’t brilliant but stayed dry for the most part…it was very busy, as you’d expect for a school holiday week! We joined a Beefeater guided tour, which was so informative & Robin, our guide, had such a dry sense of humour! We walked the walls, visited the torture chamber, Traitors Gate, checked out all the different towers, the chapel & The Green, where Royalty & nobles were executed.

The Tower pt 1 
We learned about the Tower Menagerie, the armoury & marvelled at Henry VIII’s HUGE armour (not to mention his codpiece! Whereupon Robin commented that before we gasped in awe, we should note that his head did not go to the top of his hat! Tee Hee!!) We watched open air costume drama, met Oliver Cromwell, got up close & personal with the Ravens & admired the various sculptures, mainly made out of chicken wire & so impressive!

The tower pt 2

The only thing we didn’t do was see the Crown Jewels…the queue for that was a mile long from the time we arrived till the time we left!! While I might have been happy to stand in it on my own, it was a bit much to expect Nathan to do!! I’ll just have to go back another day!!


The tower cookie!Travelling home, we stopped at Costa in St Pancras station & rounded off the day nicely with a hot drink & the largest Bourbon Cream biscuit I have ever seen…it was big enough for two of us to share!!

It’s a great day out I’d recommend but take a picnic…the restaurant is extortionately expensive & avoid the Gift Shop too…Robbery!!!

HCTB Movie poster  
   I’ve had two cinema visits…The first
   to see ‘Here Comes The Boom!’…
   I had not heard anything about
   this one so had no idea what to
   expect! But it was so enjoyable!
   Funny & with a total ‘Feel Good’
   factor!  I like Kevin James…he’s so
   normal…& with Henry Winkler &
   Penelope Cruse the rest of the
   cast was great too!

Then, on Sunday, we saw the final episode of the Twilight saga! ‘Breaking Dawn Part Two’…it did not disappoint! To think that I only went to see these films because Amanda wanted to! I have enjoyed them all, but this final one, in spite of the rather creepy CGI effects on the baby, is the best of them all! That may have something to do with seeing ‘Jacob’ strip off in one scene….or not!! Go see it!!

Finally, Lee & I had one of our rare nights out together, when we met up at a local restaurant with people we had not seen for around 15 years! We had a marvellous time & after a great meal there was much fun had on the dance floor…

Reunion Mid evening

   Here’s Lee leading a team in the
   ‘rowing dance’ to ‘Oops! Up Side
   Your Head’!!
   The evening was in full swing with
   drink flowing & a good time had
   by all…until it was time to leave &
   they went out into the fresh air!!
   As the only one sober in our
   group of seven, I found it so
   comical to watch all the wobbly
   hugs & hear all the “I love you Mate” declarations…& then see them struggle with the steps onto the mini bus!! Then it was my turn to struggle…with getting Lee into our car…he was asleep before we were 100 yards along the road…& it took me two hours to extricate him once we reached home!

Reunion End of night!

He’s just too big for me to have tried to manhandle, so I left him where he was at first! I kept popping out to check on him, between removing my makeup, getting into my PJ’s & resettling the boys who, having never seen Dad like this, found the whole thing hilarious!! Realising I’d never get him up the stairs, I prepped the sofa with pillows & a duvet….& a large plastic bowl, just in case!!  When finally I got him out of the car & onto the sofa (via the downstairs loo, which is a tale too gruesome to tell here!!) he promptly threw up… Thankfully, into the bowl I’d prepared earlier….& then crashed!! I’ve known Lee for thirty five years & I’ve only ever seen him in such a state once before, so I think I can let him off!!

32 Last Tango in Halifax  Almost finally! Did anyone
  else watch this amazing
  new BBC1 drama series
  last night? It is fabulous!

  If you missed it, you can
  still catch the first episode
  on BBC i-player & I’d
  recommend it! I am so
  looking forward to the
  rest of the series!

…& finally! If like us you’ve been experiencing extreme weather this week (Alex declared it must be the end of the world yesterday afternoon when the sky took on that eerie shade of luminous graphite!!) I guess every cloud has a silver lining…look at the sunset we had last night!

33 Sunset

Taken from my Scrap-room window…it was breath-taking!

Thanks for stopping by…& stay safe, dry & warm everyone…wherever you are! Open-mouthed smile


scrappyjacky said...

Looks like you've had a busy and fun November [ignoring the toilet episode!!].
It's years since I've been to the Tower of now inspired to go again.
I think your weather conditions must have bye-passed us....though the wind hasn't impressed me much!
And pleased to hear your Last Tango recommendation....I've got it recorded and ready to watch.

debs14 said...

I'm so pleased you have photographic evidence of Lee worse for wear at the end of the evening, as he'll be denying it ever happened in the future!