Friday, 16 November 2012

Still Star Struck!

Well, it’s almost a week & I’m still humming ‘Could it be forever’ to myself 24/7!! All the months of anticipation were not in vain…it was a fabulous night!

20 Arriving

We arrived at the LG Arena nice & early to avoid any risk of motorway traffic hold-ups & settled down to a pre-show drink & bar meal!

21 Pre show drinks


   As predicted, the majority of
   those arriving for the show were
   ‘women of a certain age’ & a few
   coerced partners & offspring!! 
   Rosemary & I felt quite at home
   & as time went on the sense of
   excitement was as intense as at
   any current ‘teen band’ concert!

Once in our seats we were pleased to find that we had a great view of the stage as there were no curtains & having chosen an elevated side position, even if everyone got up to dance, our view would not be blocked!
  22 Waiting
We got chatting to our fellow audience members & soon discovered that we were all there to enjoy the music, but that we also favoured different acts! The ladies in front had come from Northampton to scream at ‘Hot Chocolate’!! The rather elderly lady behind us was all for ‘Leo Sayer’ & Rosemary is definitely a ‘Smokie’ fan…but myself & it seemed, the majority of the crowd, were there for David!!  ‘Smokie’ had the opening set & we were soon on our feet, singing along to ‘Living next door to Alice’….then came ‘Leo Sayer’, what an amazing voice & we all sang along to more well known songs! Errol Brown wowed all the ‘Hot Chocolate’ fans & even though he’s a bit thicker round the middle than he was (aren’t we all?!) he can still move!!

By now we were all warmed up & ready for the headliner!! He did not disappoint!! As soon as his set was due to begin there was a flurry of activity & a throng of women on the ground floor all rushed to the stage barriers!!…& then, there he was!! In black skinny jeans & a white shirt…I have to admit that my whoop turned into a scream…I was so caught up in the moment!

23 The man himself

   Then I was singing along
   to all those hits whose
   lyrics I had committed to
   memory 40 years ago!!
   David's voice is still clear
   & true…& of course he
   was only singing for me!
   I took some photo’s with
   my phone, which was a
   challenge as we were all on our feet & David himself didn’t stand still at all!! So forgive the blur, but I think you’ll agree that, for 62 years of age, he’s still looking good!!

So that’s it! Another item on my ‘To Do’ list checked off!! Now my attention is turning to the countdown to Christmas!
How are you getting along with your preparations?

Do you know what I'm looking forward to on Christmas day? No, not turkey or any particular gift….but the ‘Downton Abbey’ Christmas Special! I’m having severe withdrawal symptoms since series three ended two weeks ago!! So, if you’re like me, here’s something to help bridge the gap!!

Thanks so much for stopping by & do come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


humel said...

I'm so glad it was all you hoped it would be :) And I love the Downton montage, thanks for sharing!

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like you and everyone else at the concert had a brilliant time.

debs14 said...

You lucky, lucky girl! Fancy having David singing, just to you ;-) I too remember every word to every song. In those days he was singing just to me though ;-)

KathiJo said...

Ahh I am so glad it went brilliantly! Good memories x

Sian said...

I'm delighted that it lived up to expectations - and more, by the sound of things :)

Denise said...

Lovely photos of you Sandi - am so gld you enjoyed it and look out for the next one!