Thursday, 29 November 2012

Oooops!…I nearly forgot!!

(LSNED September 2010…The Final!)

A little while ago, in THIS post I announced how, finally, I had completed my ‘Learn Something New Every Day’ project, started in September 2010!! I shared half of the recently completed pages & promised to return with the remainder very soon!

Well in true form I promptly forgot! But today, while having a tidy up, I suddenly realised my omission!! So here we go with the final seven lessons learned (over two years ago now!) as part of Shimelles wonderful class!

35 LSNED Sept 25 201034 LSNED Sept 24 2010 








36 LSNED Sept 26 2010

37 LSNED Sept 27 2010









Was it really so long ago that we made the relatively long trip to Shepreth for the ‘It’s Crafting Time’ Thursday evening crop? But a good night was had by all! Then I had a surprise package in the post, all the way from Texas! I had enquired, in the forum at Dixie Pieces, if salt water taffy actually tasted salty & Tammy Malone very generously sent me a box, so that I could find out for my self!…It isn’t salty, but totally delicious! An afternoon walk along Bedford’s Embankment started in glorious sunshine, but very quickly the storm clouds gathered & I was soaked before I could get back to the car!! I received my first ever Graze box…Yum!!

38 LSNED Sept 28 2010

39 LSNED Sept 29 2010









40 LSNED Sept 30 2010

     On the 28th I discovered a
     new way to enjoy chocolate
     that wouldn’t pile on the LB’s!
     A cocoa paraffin wax hand
     mask that smelt as good as
     it left my hands feeling!!

     On a trip to Ikea to pick up a
     new Expedit unit for my scrap
     room, I came away with a
     car boot full of stuff I hadn’t
     even realised I needed!! Am I
     the only one who does this?!

     ….& finally! I bought this pack
     of mushrooms in Tesco…chosen not because they were the best on display, but more for the way they’d been packed! It appealed to my definite O.C.D. tendency!!!

So that’s that! Done & Dusted!! Now I have to get my head around completing the ‘Journal Your Christmas’ Album I started in 2009! I think this might be the year to get it done!!!

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


Ifa said...

Yay, well done. You must be feeling mighty please with yourself. Hey, I know those ladies from Shepreth & I did wonder about the salted taffy. Now I know.

Sian said...

These are great pages - it's so cheering to see a completed project! I haven't started on my December album yet, mmm..

Denise said...

Looking good Sandi - and I do believe you are going to Scrapmates next week ? Look forward to seeing you there xx