Friday, 12 October 2012

Playing Catch Up….again!

I’m still playing along with Suzie & her daily prompts for ‘365+1 in 2012’ but I had allowed myself to fall behind so far that I’ve just uploaded TWELVE new collages to the flikr group & onto my ‘365+1 2012’ page right here & I still have two more collages to go to bring me up to date! I have every intention of keeping up between now & years end….I have a photo book planned to hold my years worth of photo’s!!

PA010055This week saw Lee & I heading off to register at Costco! As a teacher he received an invitation to join & who are we to refuse!

We grabbed a trolley & set off into the Aladdin's cave!
Just inside the door were these enormous plush dogs! So soft & snuggly but who has a house big enough to accommodate toys of this size?


   Lee once came back
   from a day out at Alton
   Towers with two huge
   dragons for the boys, not
   as big as these dogs but
   they were always in the
   way! They have resided
   in vacuum bags in the
   for the last year or so…I
   wasn’t allowed to  give them to the charity shop!!  So needless to say this cuddly canine went back on the pile!

We wandered along each aisle checking out the bargains, we dropped a few items into the trolley that were just too good a value to miss! Mostly foodstuffs, but I did buy a Brother label maker at £8.95 & a ‘super slim & reset-to zero-able’ electronic kitchen scale for £9.95!

IMG_8846Then we turned a corner & I could not believe my eyes! There in front of me were genuine Australian leather/sheepskin long boots (Ugg style) for £40!! AND they were wide enough in the leg to fit my more-than-ample calves! I had been planning on buying new Uggs with my store employee discount in the coming weeks, which would have still worked out at £120+ for the short version, so you can see why I was hyperventilating!!

So they were added to the trolley & have been worn daily since! Lee has suggested I go back for a second pair….who am I to argue?!! I will definitely be visiting Costco again to bulk buy those non-perishable items which we buy weekly anyway…& of course I’ll be there to stock up on Christmas goodies too! It’d be rude not to!!

bssbsmain2rightimageKETTI’m actually feeling pretty excited today! Tomorrow Karen & I are setting off to Kettering for the ‘Big Stamp & Scrapbook Show’ East Midlands! It’s organised by the same people who organise Ally Pally & a lot of the same exhibitors will be there. It’s on a slightly smaller scale, but it’s only half an hour up the road!! If any of you are going, keep an eye out for us!!

I’ll end on a slightly sad note…I have to report that our last remaining Guinea Pig, Jamie, is no longer with us!

RIP Jamie 
He went peacefully, overnight, after spending the last twelve months living indoors, being thoroughly spoiled! I have put my foot down & said ‘No’ to any more piggies…I do love them but it’s muggins here who ends up cleaning/feeding/grooming & paying vets bills, while the boys just get to cuddle & play with them!!

So that’s me for today, I do hope you all have a great weekend…it’s supposed to be cold & wet, so try to keep warm & dry if you can!

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


humel said...

We love Costco - it's great for stocking up on a few bulk purchases, we often find some good Christmas gift ideas there, and it's worth looking out for craft stuff - they change the range often but some *excellent* bargains can be had :) I got my big Fiskars paper cutter there (it's like the one Shimelle uses, that you can see in her videos!) and it was under £20 :)

I'm way behind on my Project 366 pics, I meant to catch up with them while I'm laid up but haven't managed it yet! I'm signed off work for another week though so I really must get that job done.

Oh, and sorry to hear the sad news about Jamie xx

Ladkyis said...

If you print your own pictures then their photographic paper is excellent - oh and the Christmas cakes they have are scrumdiddlyumptious! not the traditional cakes but the ones with the fruit piled up on the top and the pecan and something ones and the HUGE muffins and the.......... I love Costco Oh and the packet mashed potato is Deeevine! and their birthday cakes are so cheap and have you seen the size???
I'll stop now because I am drooling

karen said...

You may remember my visit to Costco with my sister once
They sell out of the " Uggs" very quickly. My sister returned the next day and they had all gone.
As the person above said their photo paper is very good. We used to always pop in when I went to hospital. See you tomorrow

Sian said...

RIP Jamie

Costco does sound very tempting..maybe it will reach us soon. I hope so because I like your bargain recommendations as much as I like your movie picks!

scrappyjacky said...

Sadly we have no Costco near us....maybe one day!