Monday, 15 October 2012

I Did Not See That Coming…

Downton-Abbey-cast-photo-611x489My Monday morning routine see’s me doing the school/college run, coming back home to make beds & clear away the boys breakfast dishes before getting myself some breakfast & settling down to watch the Sky+’d Sunday episode of Downton Abbey. I absolutely love it! I shed a tear in every episode…& Maggie Smith usually has the best lines which illicit a true laugh out loud moment…it is pure joy to watch!

BABY-BRANSON-downton-abbey-32163406-500-667This morning was no different, only I was left a total wreck by the end!

It was an emotional rollercoaster!

The sub-plots soon had me engrossed & Maggie’s usual caustic comments had me grinning…then we had the labour scene which was fraught but we were rewarded with the arrival of  baby girl Branson…tears of joy!!

Then….disaster…Lady Sybil DIED!!!…of Eclampsia…I was sobbing my eyes out by now…if anyone had called they’d have wondered what on earth was going on!! Well…I did NOT see that coming at all!!


So, we’re one sister down & there’s discord between Lord & Lady Grantham, not to mention tension between Lady Mary & the gorgeous Matthew!


Will Anna be able to free Mr Bates….will all be well ‘downstairs’ between Thomas & the hunky new footman?…will Branson want to take the baby away from Downton?…Where will it all go next I wonder?

KetteringSo, back to the real world!… I can report that we had a good trip out to Kettering for the ‘Big Stamp & Scrapbook Show East Midlands’ on Saturday. As expected, the venue was much smaller than Ally Pally, but there were quite a few exhibitors there…enough to fill the whole morning anyway!


I managed to pick up a few bargains, two items out of the four that were on my shopping list, so a good day in all!  I have to say that the main focus seemed to be on stamping & card making…& of course Christmas too! I’m not sure I’ll go along to the Kettering BSSS again…I think Ally Pally has much more to offer, even if does mean planning a whole day out!

So that’s me for today! Thank you for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


scrappyjacky said...

Seeing your haul reminds me that I've somehow misplaced my Union Jack buttons....must find them!!
The Ally Pally show is a whole day out for me as well....but I do love it.

Ladkyis said...

I love Downton too. The writing is so clean and crisp and Dame Maggie Smith is just pure joy to watch. I loved how she managed to look so much older as she walked into the house after Sybills death - just by walking! As I am halfway in love with Bates myself I am rooting for Anna!

humel said...

I know, it was amazing - I recorded it last night and watched it this morning, but unfortunately I'd very stupidly checked Twitter and saw a hint of what was coming!

Great haul - I'm hoping for another delivery of online shopping tomorrow, and this time NONE of it is Christmas gifts, it's all for me.... ;)

debs14 said...

I'm in the minority - have never watched Downton! So when I discovered that the guy who apparently played some villainous valet in it was staying at the same hotel as us in Bakewell recently, I was amongst the few who wanted his autograph!
Looks like you have had a lovely spend up on 'essentials' ;-)

Ifa said...

I was thinking about you and wondering about the Kettering show. Thank you for the review. I hear so much about Ally Pally, I must make the trip one day. But then, do I need more stash ? Probably not.

Denise said...

I was choked by this episode too - like you I didn't see that coming!- Not long till David Cassidy now methinks ? x

Lisa said...

Hmmm...I've never watched Downtown Abbey. From your post it sounds as if I should???

Looks like you acquired some fun crafty goodness. I haven't bought supplies in FOREVER. I have always said I am more of a collector than a creator. LOL!

Hope you are doing well, sweet lady!