Thursday, 25 October 2012

Not Sure Which Way Is Up!!!

This past week has passed in a bit of a blur!! On Saturday 13th October a letter arrived from my Area Manager, inviting me to attend a team meeting in store on Thursday 18th October! Short, sweet & to the point…no explanation or attached agenda!

To fill in a bit of background, I have worked in the prestige cosmetics industry since leaving college & since 1984 I’ve worked for Elizabeth Arden. I’ve held varied roles…as a counter manager in JLP, Fenwicks Bond Street & Harrods, promotions consultant, business manager Selfridges, area manager & even a stint in Consumer Relations in Head Office. After a five year break when the boys arrived, I have for the past eleven years worked as a Sunday only consultant at a (fairly) local branch of John Lewis.

The account I work in has a team of three & we’ve achieved some great results over the years, currently ranking #1 on our area & #6 in JLP’s division league table.

So imagine how we felt when we arrived at the meeting to be told that John Lewis, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to close our account at the end of January…apparently a decision made to reflect current economic trends!!! To say we were shocked is an understatement! I still cannot see the logic & I have a reasonably good grasp on business!

Anyhow, after the initial urge to burst into tears at the injustice of it all & with redundancy looming, we had to accept that not being able to change anything means we have to be positive & forward looking!  Elizabeth Arden are an amazing company to work for & are doing everything they can to relocate us! It has been a week spent driving up & down the A1M to attend ‘Redundancy Procedure Meetings’ along with a couple of days pre-booked overtime…I really do not know which way IS up right now!!

Today I have been for an interview for another position within the company, this time a Debenhams store…& just for a change it’s a Saturday position! It’s a similar distance/cost to travel to & a slightly longer day. The only down side is that if I am offered the position there will be a cut in salary Sad smile….BUT…it also means I will still be eligible for all the lovely products that we receive twice a year Open-mouthed smile & I would so miss those!!!

So please keep everything crossed for me…I hope the Department Manager approves me & doesn’t think I’m too long in the tooth!! I may not be a spring chicken but I’m too young to be put out to grass just yet….& I need the cash for scrapbooking supplies!!! LOL!!!

Thanks for stopping by…come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


Ladkyis said...

You'll walk it! your picture shows me that you are a living breathing example of how good their products are, your skin is soooo beautiful. I have my fingers crossed

humel said...

Oh Sandi, what a shock! I am sorry! I do hope this new opportunity works out for you xx

karen said...

Just when I find a great bloody Saturday crop for you to attend ! They'll jump at your experience and knowledge. Fingers crossed.

Sian said...

Aw, Sandi! What a surprise. I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you and I really hope it turns out well in the end. I can only the comment that you are an advert for the products!

scrappyjacky said...

What a shame,Sandi....but I'm sure they'll love you for the new job.

debs14 said...

You are certainly a good advert for their products! Hope that they choose you for the new job. Which Debenhams is it?
PS Are you still planning to go to the Enfield crop in November?