Friday, 2 November 2012

Remember This?

A. Front CoverThis was the mini book I prepped all ready for Shimelles ‘Learn Something New Every Day’ in September 2010.





In my own true style I fell behind half way through & the project remained incomplete that year!

I did, however, continue to keep notes & take photo’s to illustrate the lessons learned for the remainder of September 2010, fully intending to complete the project asap!

Move forward to September 2011 & the class runs again….& my project is still only half done! Great, I thought, I can pick it up on the 16th & get it finished! Did I?…..NO!!

So, here we are in 2012…November 1st no less!..& I am finally able to say that the project is complete!! Using all of the stuff I squirrelled away in 2010 I have been true to those lessons learned & the book is now filled, to the point where the ribbon ties are straining to contain it all!! But it feels so good to have one less project still a work-in-progress!!

Here are the first batch of the recently completed pages for you to see…

LSNED Sept 16 2010

LSNED Sept 17 2010









LSNED Sept 19 2010

LSNED Sept 18 2010

It really doesn’t seem like two years + since I was jotting down notes to record these occasions…(re)joining Weight Watchers…passing on the first fabulous offering in Sians ‘Pass The Book’…learning that Practical Scrappers had published three of my submitted LO’s for their ‘multi photo’ call…& Alex successfully prepared his own evening meal of mini pizza & chips!!

LSNED Sept 21 2010 LSNED Sept 20 2010

LSNED Sept 23 2010

LSNED Sept 22 2010

It is still so vivid that I resorted to financial blackmail to get these two oiks out of the door on time, on schooldays…discovered a cheese in our local farm shop that could have been named after me!!…I’m not a drinker per se, but i do enjoy a cold beer on a summers evening!…After six months with my new Canon DSLR I was still getting as much pleasure using it as when it first arrived…& I still do!!!

So, better late than never, I hope you like my LSNED pages so far! I’ll be back with the remainder soon!

Meanwhile, may I say a big thank you for all the lovely comments left for my last post…I have the second part of my interview, in-store, tomorrow morning! Keep everything crossed!! I’ll report back with the outcome as soon as I know!

So, thanks for stopping by, I do hope everyone is enjoying a good half term break & my US friends have remained unscathed by the storm that shares my name!! Come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


scrappyjacky said...

Major kudos on finally getting it completed,Sandi....I know I never would have....and it looks great.

karen said...

I always loved that book you made. Great to see you finally finished it. Fingers crossed, for your Christmas album. This year could be the year!

humel said...

Yes, I remember - hooray that you didn't just give up on it! Love these pages :)

And the very best of luck for tomorrow! xx

Sian said...

It's beautiful - well worth coming back to, especially as you had the added pleasure of reliving all those lovely little moments from a couple of years ago. That's a result!

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a fun way to complete the project!