Monday, 16 January 2012

Friday the 13th?…Who’d have thought!!

If I’m honest I am a tad on the superstitious side & given the option, don’t arrange to do stuff on Friday the 13th….well there’s no reason to tempt fate is there?!! But last Friday, I had been given an appointment with my Consultant, to discuss my frozen shoulder.

After the debacle of the cortisone injection pre Christmas, I was expecting to be told that it was just a matter of tweaking my pain relief….BUT…joy of joys, he sent me off for an X-ray & declared that he will be performing keyhole surgery to release the joint & ‘needle’ the calcification on February 3rd!!!  I am so pleased I cannot tell you…to think that I may be fully mobile & pain free in time for summer is just amazing!!  So not what I expected on Friday 13th….I left the hospital with a spring in my step & a smile on my face!!!

…& it doesn’t end there!!


When I got home, Lee showed me a text he had received, informing him that he had won a trip to China!! Ever the sceptic, I asked if it was one of those holiday Timeshare scams, but no! It is a bonafide prize
from a draw at University & he HAS won a place on an organised trip to China!! I am so thrilled for him! I’m beginning to like Friday 13th!!!

Me by Karen Jan 2012 Magic-ed The rest of the week was pretty good too! On Tuesday I set off to the hairdressers. Because my shoulder & arm has become so painful I’d been finding it impossible to blow-dry or style my hair properly, so off it came!!

I haven’t worn it this short since the boys were babies & I must say I’m loving the fact I can be showered & dried in less than half an hour (yes Karen, you read that right!!). A quick blast with the drier & a bit of spray wax & I’m done….anyone ‘blessed’ with thick hair will understand!!!

On Wednesday I had a lunch date with three lovely ladies…Hilary, Ann & the aforementioned Karen. In the spirit of ‘Move More Eat Well’ I had arranged to meet up with Karen at 11am & we set off on a pre-lunch walk. The weather was glorious & we followed a lovely route into almost open countryside. We walked briskly (to keep up with the energetic Teddy, mostly!) but still managed to chat the whole way, for about an hour! Then we set off to ‘Yuva’ to meet the others!

11 Jan 2012 012 While we waited we had an impromptu photo shoot & the photo above of my ‘new do’ is one of Karen's works of magic!!

Lunch was such a treat, we all laughed & caught up on each others news. The food was delicious, as always. I chose a sizzling Chicken Tikka with steamed basmati rice & salad…so tasty & quite innocent without the marsala sauce!! LOL!!

Xmas Gift from Karen 2011
As Alex had been in hospital, I had missed the pre-Christmas lunch we had arranged, so I took along the girls Christmas gifts & Karen gave me the most amazing personalised hardback notebook from ‘Paper Coterie’! I am thrilled with it & now have to decide exactly what I will use it for…maybe I’ll just sit & stroke it for a little while longer!!!


The cold snap we’re having at the moment has put a smile on my face too! Am I mad? I hear you ask!! No…I just love the combination of frost & sunshine…wrapping up warm to walk is the cold is such a pleasure & then coming back into the warm for tea & crumpets!! (BTW crumpets are very low fat if you skip the butter & just have a smidge of jam, so I’m not cheating!!) I took my camera out with me this morning…

14 Jan 2012 01914 Jan 2012 018




14 Jan 2012 021

The frost looked just like fur on the wooden surfaces & every blade of grass stood out! The ice in the water butt was at least 1/2” thick & hasn’t melted all day!! As long as I don’t have to drive far I’m happy…oh & as long as the sun keeps shining!!!

I’ll leave you with my latest movie experience! Last night we saw ‘Sherlock Holmes –A game of Shadows’…just fabulous!!  Anyone who follows me on Pinterest will know I have a soft spot for Robert Downey Junior & he did not disappoint!!!


As full of action as the first film & featuring some very clever special effects, I was immersed in the plot from start to finish. Of course RD Jr made it all the more enjoyable…gotta love a bit of ‘bad boy’ in my old age!!!

Thanks for stopping by, stay warm, & I do hope you’ll come back soon! :)


scrappyjacky said...

I think I'd just be 'looking at' and 'stroking' that notebook as well....what a wonderful present.
And great news about the shoulder.

Sandra said...

Yeeaahhh you've had a great week. Great news about the shoulder and a holiday. I saw the photo of you the other day, and I must say its lovely,I do love the new haircut.

Jocelyn said...

Well my sweet did have a Fabulous Friday the 13th!!!! I adore your hair...I keep mine short for the very same easy!!!!

Wow a trip to exciting for Lee!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day!!! I have missed you!!!

karen said...

Woh! that ops being done quick. I hope everything goes OK. I have still got my China scrapbook emebellishments that I never got to use. So it looks like you will be needing them before me.

Sian said...

That's wonderful news! Not too long to wait now..

and a trip to China? Wow! What a chance of a lifetime.

debs14 said...

Love the new 'do' - it really suits you.
I had calcification of the muscle in my shoulder a couple of years ago but fortunately managed to escape surgery. Our local chiropractor blasted it with some kind of ultrasound/laser over about 4 weeks and it freed itself. You must be in so much pain, so I hope that one way or the other you get it sorted very soon.

JulieJ said...

Like the new look blog too. My computer's playing up so I can't see all the pictures :-(
Hope the shoulder's not too bad until it's fixed properly. DD's Dad has that too.

Paul Browning said...

Hi Sandi - thank you for your comment today (& indeed all the lovely comments you leave on my blog. I am indeed a lucky chap to have such a wonderful blog reader). I left an answer fro you but in case you don't check back. I'm posting it here for you too...

I got my loom from a market stall in France. However I have also seen them all over the UK. Fred Aldous in Manchester sells them as does my local craft shop CJ Cardcraft. The link I gave on my blog is Amazon UK. So plenty of places. Try your local knitting/haberdashery shop. They're quite commonplace these days :) Good luck with your hunt. Px

Denise said...

Good news about the shoulder, looks like we have both had our fair share of hospitals lately.I've missed blogland so much!I love the new header on your blog too x