Monday, 9 January 2012

…& Normal Service Is Resumed!

Never has the ‘same-old same-old’ felt so good!

I cannot believe how good it felt to do the school run, come home to make beds & generally tidy up the place & do laundry, after a week of feeling like a limp lettuce!! How sad am I?!!

The weekend was good too…a leisurely day on Saturday, topped off with a visit to the pantomime at the ‘Gordon Craig’ theatre in Stevenage. This is such a lovely intimate theatre…wherever you sit you can see & feel part of everything. The ‘Dame’ is Paul Laidlaw & he has played that part for the past 25 years in this theatre! He is a true master of timing & the ‘ad-lib’, so had the whole place in total uproar!

beauty-a-beast-stevenage-2011-lrg This years story was ‘Beauty & The Beast’ & starred Bernie Nolan, but every member of the cast from the headliners down to the smallest chorus girl were on top form & I laughed till I cried, sang along to ‘Wiggly Worm’, shouted ‘Behind You’ & ‘Oh no it isn’t’ ( & Oh yes it is!!), booed & hissed & cheered along with the best of them!!  I even had a tear in my eye when Beauty & the Beast had their romantic dance scene & actually flew!!! (yes I know they were on wires…but it was impressive all the same!).

I returned to work yesterday, straight into the January Clearance Sale, & apart from sounding a little hoarse, it was business as usual!  So nice to catch up with all the Sunday girls & hear all their Christmas stories! Business was quite brisk too, so my sales target was easily achieved & then the lovely Karen called in for an impromptu visit!!  A good day all round!!

mission-impossible-ghost-protocol-movie-poster1Of course, after work it was off to the cinema…to see the new Mission Impossible film ‘Ghost Protocol’…a thoroughly enjoyable film from start to finish….Simon Pegg is totally awesome & I have to say that Tom Cruise is definitely improving with age! He was always too smooth for my liking in his ‘Top Gun’ days, but now he’s getting a bit craggy, I can see the attraction!!!

Fast moving & highly entertaining throughout I’d recommend you see this one…just leave logic & common sense at the door & you’ll really enjoy it!

My guys have all been enjoying their Christmas gadgetry this weekend too! The only sad thing is they all enjoy it in different rooms!

Alex tech 

Alex simultaneously playing on the X-Box & his laptop in the lounge…talk about multi-tasking!


Nat tech



Nathan, plugged in to X-Box Live & shouting strategic instructions to his on-line team mates…sometimes I think if he just opened the front door he wouldn’t need to be electronically connected…I’m sure he can be heard for miles!!


Lee tech


…& then there’s Lee at his desk in the study…surrounded by tech & gadgetry!  Funny how he goes in there to ‘do college work’ & yet when I pop in with a coffee the screen shows either Amazon or a game of some description!!!!


07 Jan 2012 011 And I had a new piece of gadgetry for Christmas too!  Lee bought me a Kindle & I’m absolutely thrilled with it!!

It’s already been loaded up with the next three books in the ‘Ice & Fire’ series by George R R Martin! Such a relief as they’re all such fat paperbacks with the most miniscule type ever! Now I can enjoy them all with the font as big as I need & turn over the page at the press of a button!! Perfect for my nightly bedtime reading!

To finish today, I will just mention that, although I am taking part in both the ‘365+1 in 2012’ and ‘Move More & Eat Well’ I won’t be posting too much about them here on the home page, instead my updates can be found HERE & HERE or by clicking the tabs at the top of this page!

Thanks for stopping by & I do hope you’ll pop back soon! :)


scrappyjacky said...

Both the panto and the film sound great,Sandi....the film is definately on our list of things to do.
And very good luck with the 'move more and eat well'.

debs14 said...

Even though we moan about 'normal' routines, it is quite nice to get back to them after a few weeks off isn't it?!

karen said...

Don't forget your trainers tomorrow or a hat if it's raining,no excuses.....Lets feel the burn....

Sian said...

I'm delighted to hear that things are on the up! Even the grocery shopping feels good after a long struggle, doesn't it?

So you wouldn't have liked him in Risky Business either. I must have seen that one 4 or 5 times..

Totty Teabag said...

I'm "reading" Ice and Fire as well, although in fact I am listening to the Audible books...I'm on Feast for Crows.

Totty Teabag said...

My daughter and a friend have just been visiting, and they are ahead of me on the books...I had to keep putting my fingers in my ears and saying "Don't talk about it!"