Monday, 23 January 2012

A Daily Round-Up!

This week was one of those that had something on the calendar every day! The only clear day was Monday until my good friend Amanda asked if I could lend a hand die-cutting some shapes for her sons Art homework! So my housework was put on hold while we searched for the right kind of images & Amanda had a ‘quick’ tutorial on how to reassemble the cut pieces!!

Cat in a basket On Tuesday I worked all day reorganising my scrap space…Lee had moved my tall bookshelf into Alex’s bedroom in preparation for the arrival of an additional ‘Expedit’ bookcase from Ikea  (they really must have been designed by a scrapper, they’re so perfect for a scrap room!) & moved an unused computer desk from his study into my scrap room too.  The cat supervised as I rearranged books, boxes, gadgets, tools & stash!  But he waited until my waste baskets were back in place before claiming the ‘Rubbish’ one as his chosen place to settle!

18 Jan 2012 001 Wednesday was a bit of a worry! Alex had a dental appointment & was to have ‘Happy Gas’ (basically good old gas & air) for the first time. Because of his Diabetes & ADHD he’s always had work done with a General Anaesthetic, but his excellent dentist suggested we try this method to administer a local anaesthetic, as the work needed was just a couple of fillings!

He always gets so anxious about anything new, but settled quite happily once he was in the chair & although he was fully awake & kept saying he still felt the same, it was easy to see that his body was getting more & more relaxed!  Before long Helen was able to administer the local anaesthetic & Alex was totally oblivious that any needle had been near him!!!

18 Jan 2012 003

She managed to get most of the drilling done, but once she started using the vibrating drill…I’m sure you know the one I mean!…Alex began to protest! So the job was completed as best she could & it was decided that he will be needing a ‘G.A.’ for the rest of the work after all! :(

21 Jan 2012 002 On Thursday I set off to meet a friend for coffee. We have been texting one another for almost twelve months saying ‘let’s get together soon!’ & at last we did!Robynne looked so well & it was so lovely to hear how well her kids are getting on & just to generally catch up on each others news!

21 Jan 2012 001 I’d even done my homework so that I wouldn’t be tempted ‘off track’ by all the goodies Starbucks have to offer! I chose the ‘Light’ Lemon & poppy seed muffin with my black Americano!!!  Delicious & very ‘affordable’ in Weight Watchers Pro-Points value!!!

On Friday my car had to be left at the garage for a new hose to be fitted to the radiator, so I dropped it off after the school run  & walked home! It took me half an hour & it’s mostly up hill, so I was glowing nicely when I got through the front door!!  One thing I’m enjoying on my daily 30 minute walks is seeing more closely those things seen fleetingly while driving!

21 Jan 2012 005 Late last summer, a cottage in the village was re-thatched & the Thatcher left his trademark pheasants on the roof.

I’ve admired them ever since, but as it’s a busy stretch of road, never stopped to photograph them. Well, I snapped one on Friday! 

21 Jan 2012 011 Saturday was blissful!  Off I went to the ‘Merly Impressions’ crop at Renhold from 10am –5pm!

This was my first real crafty day this year & it felt so good! I caught up with the lovely Dawn & Sharon, & although I declined the kit, I managed to complete my LO for the Soul Scrappers ‘Sound of Summer’ challenge!  I went armed with a sketch from ‘Creative Scrappers’ & a pile of stash & just went with the flow!  The criteria to include were… 1. paint… 2. sewing… 3. distressing…4. fussy cutting… 5. tree(s)…6. cloud(s)… 7. strip journaling & 8. Rub-ons! 

I managed to tick all the boxes & here’s my end result…

Busy Buzzy Bee

I went with that lovely sound of honey bee’s buzzing on a lazy, hazy, sunny summer afternoon!! Strange to think that the sound of those little guys working so hard to collect nectar can be so relaxing!!!

we-movie-poster-01-550x814 Finally I’ll leave you with this weeks cinema visit! We chose to see ‘W.E.’ which is the film co-written & directed by Madonna, about Edward Vii & Wallis Simpson. I had my reservations about it, not sure how Madonna’s style would come through, but all I can say is ‘Way to go Madge!!’

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the story unfold alongside a modern day relationship drama! It cut easily back & forth between the 1930’s & the present day, wasn’t sugar coated in any way & really gave a different perspective on what is often thought of as a fairytale romance. Think again!!

Thanks for stopping by, do check out my ‘365+1in 2012’ collage for the week via the tab at the top, or go to Suzie’s blog via the link above to see everyone’s!  I’m really enjoying my daily prompts & checking out how everyone interprets them so variedly!

Hope you can pop back again soon! :)


Sandra said...

I so enjoyed reading your post today, to get a glimpse of your week in words as well as photos was such a joy. Id be interested in seeing the film, I've heard really good reviews

scrappyjacky said...

What a busy week, the LO....though I much prefer not to hear bees myself.....I know they do an important job....but I just wish they wouldn't do it near me!!

Beverly said...

My goodness, you had a very full and fulfilling week :) I think planning for those outings like Starbuck's is key and so often I arrive at a shop or restaurant and haven't, so proceed to order something terribly bad for me :( Yay for you!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Sandi!!
Sounds like you had a VERY busy week, indeed. Poor Alex. I'm glad he got through it eventually though, bless his heart.
I saw a documentary about Edward and Wallis recently on PBS. Very fascinating!
Speaking of PBS...I watched the next installment of 'Downton Abbey' last night and thought of you. We're on Season 2 over here. It was the one where Matthew finds out about his paralysis. So sad. But I'm completely addicted!!!
Take care,
Mary Lou