Wednesday, 10 August 2011

More Than A Little Behind!…

It won’t surprise any of you that I well over a week behind with Shimelle’s class ‘Explore’ right now!! What with birthday gift shopping, baking birthday cakes, having a day in bed yesterday feeling yuk!! (I’m OK today though!!) &  general day to day chores, the prompts have backlogged, as is usual for me!!! It also hasn’t helped that I’m finding this class a bit random! It isn’t really gelling for me, but I’m sure it will all come together in the end…when I get there!!!

So..this is what I have so far…following on from week one’s prompts & pages in my playbook HERE

10 Observations

This week was all about observing our daily routines,where we sit, stand & sleep….looking around at  familiar surroundings & trying to recall relating memories & jotting them down.




11 Fave Seat

Not surprisingly, my favourite place to sit is at my scrap desk…







12 Sit

But I am often to be found sitting at my computer desk….on ‘my’ sofa to watch TV (less often than elsewhere!!) & in the sunshine under a shady tree in the garden. usually with a cuppa in hand!!


13 Just A Note

That Acer tree I sit under triggered a memory….I bought it when we first moved in in 2004…in fact there are two of them & they were no more than twigs…dried out & in the sale at £7.50 each!! They are both now well over 9 feet tall, bushy & healthy, so a good investment for £15.00 I’d say!!


14 Stand

Two places I stand regularly are in the kitchen…usually preparing one meal or another, baking etc etc…

…& of course at the ironing board…too much time spent there!!


15 Sleep Where I sleep is probably my second favourite place in the house…in our King size bed!! 

I can often be found here curled up with my latest book, so not just the place I sleep!!


17 A memory

Still on the memory exercise… the basket in my scrap room that I use to collect the recyclable bits reminded me of the day I fell over on St Albans High Street!! The stall holders were so kind helping me up!!


16 R v S

Shimelle asked us if we are spontaneous Or more into routine? I have to say I like routine…I may have been a lot more spontaneous pre children, but having an autistic child does limit spontaneity!!


18 My Style  She also asked us to think about our scrapping style…





19 Scrap page


…I included a sample of my LO style! I must say…scrapping at 5”x3” is a challenge!!





A day in the life



Finally we documented ‘a day in the life’…I chose to use photo’s as well as my jottings!

I prepared the journaling pages & just jotted down, on the hour, what I was doing. This meant that the writing is all over he place!! But I think I can live with it!!!




And that was the end of week two!! I did play with some digital TTV photo effects, but then discovered the transparency film I had wasn’t meant for an inkjet printer, so I’ll have to add in those pages later when I get some proper film & can print off my overlays!!

00 2011SummerBadge 
Week three was all about colour & I WILL be catching up with those prompts soon, as well as opening up the week four prompts…

… but I’ve signed up for this free class over at BPC, which starts on Monday, so it may have to wait a little longer!!


Thank you so much for stopping by!! I hope your week is going well…it’s half way through already…& guess what? It’s my birthday tomorrow!!!…& of course my number one son’s…he’ll be 15…which coincidentally is what I will be…backwards!!  How cool is that?!! :)

P.S. I’ve had real problems with this post, so apologies if it looks a bit ‘gappy’ it was the best I could do!! Blogger it!!!


Sandra said...

Oh I laughed, you & I are so similar. Yes I'm behind too on my class, but if that wasn't enough, I too signed up for the big picture class. I think your book is just amazing, and I love all your journaling.

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds to me like you're doing really well with the class....I haven't even started yet!!!
I love my king size bed for reading on as well.

Beverly said...

You're ahead of me, I haven't evn starte a new classin months. It does look like it is coming together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your son! Hope you both have a glorious day :)

Sian said...

Happy Birthday Sandi!

This post is a lovely little peep into your world. My favourite place for reading is on the bed too, even in the middle of the day if I ever get the chance.

karen said...

Happy Birthday,old timer

debs14 said...

Happy Birthday! And if it makes you feel better, I'm two years older than you! Looks like a lovely Explore project, even though it seems a lot of us can associate with the ironing board picture!