Saturday, 6 August 2011

(I was) Loving The Sunshine!!!

This week has been what summer should be….hot, sunny & with a thunderstorm thrown in to dampen down the humidity! I have loved it…however, this morning is dull & decidedly cool!!  Still, it means I can be indoors, catching up here, & with other indoor pursuits, without feeling that I’m missing out on something that may be going on ‘out there’!!!

Last Monday, I set off aboard a National Express coach to meet my sister & her hubby for a day out in Birmingham. I had some gift vouchers that were burning a hole in my pocket & with the sales still on I felt sure I’d grab a bargain or two!! As it was, I ended up spending the whole lot on a pair of ‘new season’ black suede ankle boots in Dune…

06 August 2011 008

…I’m usually a ‘flats’ girl, but with a concealed platform, these boots look quite high, but actually, once they’re on, feel like a flat platform, if that makes sense?!!!

They have been liberally sprayed with suede protector & I shall look forward to wearing them once I have to put the sandals & flip flops away for Autumn!!


04 August 2011 016

Birmingham city centre looks nothing like I remember it from my teens! Growing up in Hereford, ‘Brum’ used to be a Saturday shopping haunt…& once I passed my driving test at 18, a regular Saturday night Clubbing trip too…those were the days!!!

My favourite place there now is Selfridges!! I love the architecture…just look at that exterior…so sleek & shiny!!!! Inside is just as appealing & I’d go as far as to say I prefer it to the London store, where I once worked!! 

The best bit of the store is the basement…a fantastic Cath Kidston department…a gift section with so many really unusual items…Confectionary, where I fell in love with this guy…

04 August 2011 015

…a larger than life size bull (in honour of the Bull-Ring shopping centre) covered entirely in ‘Jelly Belly’ jelly beans!!

If I had a small fortune, I could have spent it on this floor alone!!! But I had great fun just touching & feeling & making mental notes for Christmas! (Aaaaargh…I can’t believe I used the ‘C’ word & it’s only just August!!!)

04 August 2011 012

It was a gorgeous day & we wandered around the now pedestrian-ised city centre, which was bustling & felt more than a little continental!!

There were some amazing wicker sculptures on display, all planted up with flowers & greenery.


04 August 2011 014

I particularly like this hat & this handbag! They were getting a lot of attention from my fellow shoppers & tourists alike!

We ate lunch ‘Al Fresco’ & caught up on family news. The last port of call was the famous indoor ‘Meat Market’ where you can buy bits of animals I didn’t even know you could eat!!!!  I played it safe with Lee’s favourite…Pork Chops!!! Massive ones & as it was late in the day I secured 3 trays (18 chops) for just £10.00…bargain!!…& my freezer is now well & truly stocked!!!


HP...The final I have been to the cinema twice…both times to see the final Harry Potter movie…Brilliant!!! I had been a bit disappointed with ‘The Deathly Hallows’ part one…but seeing part two, I understood where it had all been leading!!

My first viewing was with Amanda & we saw it in 2D ( the 3D screen being completely sold out!!) so when Lee suggested we went to see it in 3D I agreed & have to say that there were one or two places where, although I knew what was coming, still made me jump!!  I shall miss waiting for ‘The next one’…!!


04 August 2011 022
Somewhere else we’ve been twice this week too….is the pub!!!

Our current favourite is adjacent to a local park that has a large adventure playground & a lake, so the boys can go & run themselves ragged, popping back for a swig of coke & a handful of crisps, & we can sit in the sunshine & put the world to rights!! We have some of our most productive conversations over a pint of ‘ale’ (Lee) & a diet coke (Me)!!  Cheers!!

Apart from all of the above, life goes on as normal…a bit of scrapping…a LOT of laundry!! I was rather hoping for a good weather week next week so that I could get some more much needed work in the garden done! But I guess I’ll have to wait & see!!

Before I go I’d like to share some information that came my way from the lovely Marie over at ‘Sky Blog Pink’ this week. She is hosting FREE Artists Playgroup evenings in the Cambridge area…the venue is The Missing Sock…so if you’re in that area & fancy an evening with like minded creative types, dabbling in a bit of mixed media art…for FREE…give it a go!!

Alternatively Marie also teaches a whole range of workshops incorporating mixed media & bookbinding techniques…full details here

I attended one of Marie's classes a little while ago & produced an amazingly professional looking bound book which I now cherish!!  It was a great opportunity to try out techniques I hadn’t even known about & certainly pushed my boundaries!! She is an awesome teacher & such a creative talent…check out the classes now! 

That’s it from me for today! I am still a week behind on Shimelle’s ‘Explore’ class, but I’ll be back to share my week two efforts soon!!  The sun has just broken through…so I may just have to adjourn to the garden in a moment!! Yay!!

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you’re enjoying an awesome weekend, whatever you might have on your agenda!!! :)


Sandra said...

Happy weekend Sandi, sounds like you've had a busy week and you've got some great shots of Birmingham to scrap. I also hope you scrap that lovely photo of you

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your sister and her hubby. That's great!!
And my daughter, Sara, said that as she was walking out of this last HP movie, she wanted to turn around and see it all over again. : )
Take care,
Mary Lou

Denise said...

Looks like you've had a fab week - isn't it nice in the summer to go to the pub - twice too!

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a great day in Birmingham....I always love visiting somewhere different for shopping.

Sian said...

Gosh, it's cool enough here for those boots right now!