Thursday, 28 July 2011

Exploration & Perspective!

50 Explore
Phew! School breaks up….a girl takes on a couple of days overtime…plans a day out with family…& before you know it she’s almost a whole week behind with the prompts in Shimelle’s latest class ‘Explore’!!!

But I’m not overly worried!! I’ve been reading the prompts through & jotting down my notes…I’ve even taken a few photo’s…so all that’s required is some time at my scrap desk to catch up & that should be a distinct possibility from Saturday onwards!!

So, to share what I have actually done with this class so far!! Week one was all about perspective…

51 Cover  For my class ‘Playbook’ I chose to use the same format as suggested by Shimelle, namely a 6”x4” flip over ring book, so that there was plenty of scope for ‘adding to’ as we went along!

I chose a pad of K&Co 6”x6” ‘Life's Journey’ PP that I’ve had sitting dormant for months & that dictated my choice of brown Bazzill CS as the basis for the book & my colour scheme!!

The first prompt dealt with taking a self portrait photograph which actually included whatever camera, phone or gadget you used to take the photograph…then write a note to self to comment on how taking that photo made me feel…do I include myself on my LO’s…& why I signed up for this class?!!

52 Self Portrait

53 Note to Self

It’s taken me years to be satisfied with seeing my own handwriting on a project…something my good friend Karen once said made me persevere. She pointed out that we scrap to preserve memories & maybe future generations would get more of a feeling for who we were & that we were really here if they see our handwriting & not just the printed words! Can’t argue with that!! I just hope my albums will be around that long!!!

Anyway…I digress!!! Back to prompt two..which asked the question ‘Am I Adventurous?’

54 Adventurous 
Then we had to write ourselves a postcard to record what we felt was the most adventurous moment of our life so far!!! I actually had two ‘Adventures’ during one holiday, so I made & wrote two cards, using photo’s from those moments, & mailed them back to myself!!!

55 Postcards 
The moments in question were on my first visit to Turkey in 2005…planned as just a beach holiday, we ended up submerging ourselves in the mud baths at Dalyan & jumping off the top of a VERY high mountain to parascend to the beach!!! I’m not usually a thrill seeker so that second one particularly was a BIG adventure!!

Prompt three involved a bit of blog hopping, looking at all sorts of creative ideas involving maps. We also got to work on cutting out circles of various sizes to make our own embellishments in readiness for prompt five!! This is still a work-in-progress, so I will share that one later!! However, I did complete prompt three’s page in my ‘Playbook’! Inspired by some map covered letters on one blog, I followed suit & used the word ‘Journey’ on a favourite photo, taken locally, along with an appropriate quote!!

57 Journey 
Prompt four was about the perception of perfection! There was some advice on taking the perfect photo…lighting & angle being two areas to experiment with. There were questions to ponder…Am I a perfectionist? What is perfect in my life right now? I didn’t take any new photo’s to illustrate the answer to Q2…I used a recent far-from-perfect one & added it to my Playbook!!

58 Perfection 1

59 Perfection 2 
Finally, Friday brought prompt five!! This involves working on a full size project incorporating this weeks themes & of course those map circle embellishments! There were sketches provided for inspiration…BUT…as I had two DT deadlines to meet by Sunday night, I put this one on the back burner, just for now!!!

Prompts six through nine are all digested & saved, to be caught up on in, hopefully, the very near future, & when that’s done I’ll be back to bring you up to date!!

Thanks for stopping by & if you’re a fellow Explore classmate, I look forward to seeing your work in the forum once time permits a good old browse!!! :)


Sian said...

Wow, I'm loving that flip book format and the way you have got seriously stuck into the journaling! I'm not taking this class, but I can see how effective it is being in prompting creativity around blog world. I'm looking forward to more..

scrappyjacky said...

Love how you're making the book,Sandi...and some great pages done...I'm afraid I haven't even got round to starting the class yet!!

karen said...

Albums looking good.I LOVE your handwriting,you should be very proud of it.
I remember that journey photo,was it when we went to the bluebells (or when you took the pictures of the rape fields?)
see you later

Beverly said...

Sandi, this is awesome and I'm so glad you got in front of the camera :)

Sandra said...

Oh you've made me want to tear up my book and copy yours ... Its fabulous!

Roxy said...

I haven't heard of this class until now, but I love what you've done with the prompts - your book is fabulous! And I think your handwriting is gorgeous!!!

aussiescrapper said...

Oh wow, what an amazing book this is, I love the idea of this course, love the way you wrote about how the photo made you feel taking it too. Gorgeous handwriting I say and I love the doodling around the photos. Melx