Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Such A Proud Day!!

It’s amazing, but another full week has passed by!! Where does the time go?…& I’ve not even been on-line every day, so I can’t  blame the internet for once!!!

I have so much to share with you from the past week, but today I have to focus on the amazing day we had yesterday!! It was of course…Hubby’s Graduation Ceremony!!

11 July 2011 018BNow I know I’ve already said how proud of him we all are, but I have to say it again!! When he walked up to us in his cap & gown, it sort of polarised the appreciation of his hard work & dedication over the last three years…can’t you just see how he was enjoying his day…it’s written all over his face!!

11 July 2011 029


Before the ceremony, we all gathered in the square outside of the venue in Bedford…the sun was shining & everyone there was either sporting a cap & gown or in thier ‘Sunday Best’!! 

One elderly lady…a complete stranger…came up to Lee to tell him how wonderful it was to see a ‘Mature Graduate’ & heartily congratulated him…we guess she was probably a retired teacher…but how sweet to take the time to speak to him. He didn’t stop beaming all day!!!

11 July 2011 004


I felt he looked very smart in his cap & gown, but he now has a new nickname…Mr Chips!!!   Don’t you think he looks like Martin Clunes when he played the role in the 2002 remake of the classic 1939 movie ‘Goodbye Mr Chips’…..






Pat & Lee





Of course Mum-In-Law Pat enjoyed every moment too…

11 July 2011 009B





…& I did step out from behind my camera to get into the picture as well, for posterity…

…but under much protest, I hasten to add!!


11 July 2011 068



The ceremony itself was very grand…lots very theatrical robes in the procession & lots of ‘academic speak’…

I learned a new word…’Graduand’…it kept coming up in the speeches & I thought at first it was ‘Graduate’ being pronounced softly, but when all four speakers used the same pronunciation, I realised it was something I needed to look up….& here’s what I found…

“Graduand refers to the status of an undergraduate or graduate student in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the United States of America, or the West Indies who has finished his or her studies at university, but not yet graduated in a formal ceremony.

After the ceremony, the graduand becomes a graduate.”

…Can you tell I was a ‘Tech’ College girl?!!!!

cakeThen it was home for high tea with the obligatory celebration cake…& it had to be chocolate, of course!!!

Thanks for stopping by & allowing me to ‘show off’ off my Hubby’s big day!!

Fingers crossed that this time next year I’ll be doing the very same thing again for his ‘Masters'… ; )


scrappyjacky said...

Many congrats to him,Sandi....and some great photos....look forward to the LO.

debs14 said...

Fantastic achievement for him, you are rightly proud! We have our son's graduation next week and I'm so looking forward to it. I may even make a chocolate cake now I've seen yours!

karen said...

Get in front of that camera girl.I've warned you before.
Congratulations to Lee.That year will wizz by.

Beverly said...

Fabulous! He is indeed beaming and it is very obvious how proud you are of him as well you should be. I love that he went back to school to do what he is called to do. Never heard of graduand...what happens to the people that don't show up for their ceremony? ;) Happy to see you were dragged out from behind the camera, you look beautiful!

Hilary J said...

Well done Lee.

Jocelyn said...

Big Congrats to Lee!!!! How amazing!!!

I loved all the pics.....and that cake....YUMMY!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day sweet friend!!!

Lizzie said...

How wonderful! Well done to Lee - isn't it wonderful to have all the hard work pay off? He really looked very smart in his cap & gown too.
I recognise the backgrounds in those photos - I nearly came into town yesterday, but was prevented by mum's cat needing to see the vet. Perhaps it's just as well - I'd have looked very scruffy next to you smart people!
Congratulations to your husband and I really hope you do get to see him obtain his Masters' degree next year!

JulieJ said...

I guess I knew that about Graduands but I guess I forgot. That makes me a Graduand of Newcastle Uni then because I never went to the ceremony - once was enough - I got propositioned whilst waiting to receive my certificate first time round!!!
Glad your hubby had a good day.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Yes, he looks VERY distinguished in his cap and gown. Looks like it was a wonderful day. The cake was ADORABLE too!
Congrats again to the hubby. : )

Sian said...

Many congratulations - to the pair of you because an achievement like that takes a lot of support from behind the scenes too! What a day it must have been - that photo of the ceremony itself is fantastic