Monday, 18 July 2011

A Whistle-Stop Catch-Up!!

Now that the excitement of the past week has died down & Mum-In-Law has returned home, I can update you with what else has been making me smile!!

Before Mum-In-Law arrived, I set about preparing her room, which is actually half of the room my scrap space is in!! I try to keep the two areas separate & it all as prettily coordinated as possible, in my favourite shade of blue…& of course there has to be polka dots!!

As my scrap space has grown & developed, I’m aware that the view from the bed is what you might call a bit busy, so I went into the loft to retrieve an MDF folding screen, bought years ago & never put to good use!!

screen 1

I started off by painting white emulsion on all of the edges & a good brush width in from those edges.

While that was drying & using a template I had cut earlier, I cut the six pieces of wallpaper I was going to use to cover the screen.

screen 2 



Then I pasted each piece in turn & applied them to the panels, trimming as I went!!

screen 3



What I ended up with was a room divider which screened off my scrap desk while not actually blocking out any light from the window…

screen 4




I am so pleased with the end result & to think that it’s been sitting in the loft for more than ten years!!!

08 July 2011 001BAnother thing that made me smile last week nearly saw me rear-ending a Sainsbury’s delivery van!! While negotiating the many roundabouts in Milton Keynes I spotted said van ahead of me…

…I didn't really pay much attention to it’s stickers at first, thinking them to be the usual hazard warning signs. Then, at a particularly congested roundabout the penny dropped & I scrambled in my bag on the passenger seat for my always-close-at-hand point & shoot camera!!!

08 July 2011 008 B

Believe me, it’s not advisable to try & take photo’s while also trying to keep up with moving traffic…albeit very slow moving….but these really brought a smile to my face…way to go Sainsbury’s!!!



bridesmaids After what has been far too long a time, I managed a cinema visit!! We saw ‘Bridesmaids’ & it made me laugh till I cried!!

Irreverent, totally non-PC & in places downright crude, it is still such a funny, heart-warming story of friendship & sisterhood.  If you’re easily offended, don’t go see it, but if you don’t mind bad language & cringe worthiness in equal measure I highly recommend it for it’s entertainment factor!!!


I received an email last week that had me laughing out loud too!!!

There seem to be plenty of emails doing the rounds at the moment that are nostalgic & celebrate those of us ‘of a certain age’…

… this one pondered what happened to all those hippy chicks of the 1960’s who embraced free love, smoked pot, got tattooed with emblems of peace & love & generally thumbed their noses at the establishment & the strictures of their parents upbringing?!!!

All will be revealed at the bottom of this post!!!!

One more thing to smile about….Shimelle has a new class that started today!

Called ‘Explore’ it promises to be a journey of self discovery!!! I must admit that I resisted this one at first because as you know I have the ‘When I Grow Up’ class to enjoy, courtesy of the lovely Mel, but I figured that ‘WIGU’ will still be there once ‘Explore’ is done & I do enjoy the forum while a class is in full swing!!!

I still have one more catch up post to bring me up to date, so I’ll be back before the week is out!

I hope you are all well & happy & finding lots to smile about!!

So…whatever happened to that 1960’s Hippy Chick I mentioned earlier?




Well…she still looks like a free spirit to me!!




Thanks for stopping by & come back soon!! :)


Lizzie said...

This post is really a laugh a minute!

Love the Sainsburys van stickers - very clever, but naughty you, trying to take photos while driving... good thing you didn't get caught by a policeman (points on your licence!!)

The screen turned out beautifully. Such a clever idea too. And you've reminded me that there is an old Victorian screen in our loft, which I re-covered years ago, with light green plain cotton chintz on one side and wine-coloured chintz on the other... It would probably stand being re-covered yet again, to match my studio ("match" is actually a rather optimistic word, considering the state of the place just now...still, I do hope to get organised and buy a nice sofa-bed from Ikea!). Then I could screen off the worst of the mess too!! I don't think that even a screen would produce such a pretty effect as your spare/scrap room though - it did look lovely!

Denise said...

Oh My Goodness !! Your post has really made me chuckle. Many congratulations to your husband on his graduation - proud wifey ! x

Sandra said...

Eeeeewwwwww not nice lol

Isn't it funny what we all store in our lofts - I'm sure I have one of those dividers, but no way near as lovely as you've made yours look.

Glad your taking the class, even more places to chat

Anonymous said...

Your post made me smile so much

Also reminded me of a lorry I saw - Branston Potatoes I think which was covered in signs like that including a very cute take on the Baby on Board logo with Baby new potatoes on board

Elizabeth said...

I suppose that's what we are all going to look like eventually--only not walking around flaunting it!

Wonderful idea to cover the screen like that.

Winnie said...

Hi, just dropping in from Explore. Love your post, it made me smile!

Sian said...

How funny - would you believe me if I told you that my scrap room is half and half? And that I decided before I went away that it would be a good idea to get my undecorated MDF screen out of the loft and use it to disguise one side??! J. gave me that screen as a Christmas present when the whole Jocasta Innes Paint Magic thing was in fashion, and I'm ashamed to say I never got round to doing anything with it until now...
Yours looks wonderful and works a treat

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh my goodness, that room divider was such an inspired idea!!! And it turned out just beautiful!
I've always wondered what tattoos would look like 4 or 5 decades later. Now I know...unfortunately!