Monday, 30 May 2011


Here we are at the beginning of another school holiday week…is it me or do they really seem to come around very quickly these days?!!!

I’m also on the final countdown to this years beach holiday…this time next week I will be packing the boys off to school & Lee off to work & will be making tracks to meet my sister & Co before heading of to sunny (oh I do hope so!!) Majorca for 7 days of total chilling out!!  I will be extra vigilant, I promise & try my very best not to come home in a wheelchair or on crutches, & bring nothing home with me but a decent suntan!!

This week, I have mostly been getting things in order around the house, although however I leave it is not how it will be on my return, but it makes me feel better to leave an orderly house! I’ve been shopping for a new swimsuit, some new Fit-Flops & the most difficult thing of all….new bra’s!!

Can anyone explain to me the logic of M&S ‘Minimiser’ bra’s only going up to a 40” bust?!!  Surely I’m not the only 42C who would like to minimise my bust too…we don’t all want cleavages that enter the room before we do!!!! 

OK…moan over!! 

MK Stadium 280511 On Saturday I accompanied Lee & the boys to the MK Stadium for the ‘Collectamania’ collectors fayre.

Always good for a giggle as you see the most unlikely people dressed as characters they would secretly like to be.

Inside MKstadium280511It was such a cold day, especially after the gorgeous weather we’ve had lately…I can’t believe I got sunburned sitting outside for lunch on Wednesday & here I was on Saturday in a coat & Ugg boots!!

As the fayre was held on the level all around the stadium, it was only when we went into the function rooms to view all the stalls that we were out of the biting wind!! I tease Nathan about his ‘Dappy’ hat, but he had the right idea that day!!

R2D2 MK 290511

There were all sorts of collectables on offer but the main theme always seems to be Sci-Fi…especially Star Trek & Star Wars. It wasn’t long before this little fella trundled up for a photo opportunity!

Predator 280511





Then I turned around to find this guy standing over me…nearly jumped out of my skin!!

Troopers 280511



But I’m sure if he’d tried anything, these guys would have come to my rescue!!!


Stig 280511


I tried to get ‘The Stig’ to reveal his identity but he wasn’t having any of it….he was a lot shorter than I imagined him to be!!!!

Father & Daughter 280511





For some this really was a whole family affair & queuing at the coffee bar I spotted this father & daughter. 

Alex coped admirably well considering fancy dress isn’t one of his strong points, but when he reached saturation point we headed off to KFC to warm up with a coffee & wait for Lee & Nathan to finish shopping & join us.


Ghostbusters 280511As we left the stadium, we discovered these guys…

Their costumes were perfect…right down to flashing lights & sound effects!…they could have been the original Ghost Busters! They were only too happy to pose for me, much to Alex’s embarrassment & he went on ahead to KFC without me!!!

I’m up to date with all my DT projects which I will share with you in a couple of days.  I still have some sewing to do before I can pack my new dresses, but my case is on the bed & my passport & tickets are all set to go!!

I’ll leave you with this image, which I received in an email recently. I did forward it on to most of those on my contact list, but in case you missed it…

Coincidence?  Just too funny…

Thanks for stopping by & I do hope you are all enjoying this Bank Holiday weekend.  :)


Sandra said...

so so funny - I had to drag hubby over to look at the images :)

Have a super holiday, here's to it being hot and yummy.

I'll have to take hubby to that fair, he'd love it.

scrappyjacky said...

Hope you have a wonderful,relaxing holiday,Sandi....and love those fun images.

karen said...

Don't worry about the minimiser bras.I used to wear them.They just tuck your boobs under your armpits and you wouldn't have been able to put your arms down.

Sian said...

We are in the middle of GCSE's right now - so the thought of heading off to the sun is very very appealing!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Have a wonderful Holiday, Sandi.
That last picture cracks me up!!! I Love it! : )
Mary Lou