Sunday, 22 May 2011

Just popping in….

…to say that I haven’t dropped off the planet! But I have been managing my time a little more effectively, working my way through a checklist of ‘Things To Do’ before my holiday in two weeks time!  I think most of you would identify with the hours that can be ‘lost’ online, so I have been avoiding all but the essential online stuff & I have to say I am discovering that in fact, there are enough hours in the day if I don’t spend too many of them online!!


Yesterday I visited our newly refurbished M&S to shop for a new swimsuit  (I really should have one that covers from the chin to the knees at the moment as I fell UP the stairs at work last Sunday & both knees & my right thigh are sporting huge bruises that are still black a week later!!) They’ve been advertising a new ‘Tummy Control’ suit but our branch only had one with straps & I want a strapless one!! Looks like a trip to Milton Keynes is imminent!!

Last Sunday we went to see ‘Something Borrowed’ starring Kate Hudson…well worth a watch.

The plot is nothing new…boy meets girl, girl introduces best friend, boys proposes to best friend & just before the wedding realises he really loves girl instead…& the fun begins!

Ginnifer Goodwin is just too pretty…is she related to Victoria Principal? She looks so much like her!!

Lovely cinematography, great shots of New York & London…great film!!!

So, that’s it for today but I will be back soon!  I have a day off work today, as Lee is on a school ‘Adventure’ trip with the Year4’s, so I’ve had a scrappy morning (the June Dixie Pieces kit is the BEST yet!! But I can’t share those projects till June is here!!) & now I have the Singer all fired up & an afternoon of sewing awaits!!

Hope you’re having a great weekend & I’ll try & stop by at your place for a catch up (nothing changes!!) very soon!! :)


karen said...

Hilary was wondering what had happened to you today.I was like you,trying to avoid too much internet time.But I am multitaskg now.Watchg TV,textg and surfing.

Jocelyn said...

I love the comic at the top.....soooo funny!!!

I am glad you are taking time to get things done...I hate to go shopping for bathing suits!!

So sorry about the fall and the bruising...of course....just when you are needing to show off skin!!!!

Thank you for the wonderful support and love that you have sent my means more than you will ever know!!!

Wishing you a great week sweet friend!!!

scrappyjacky said...

I intend to spend half an hour on the net....and suddenly 3 hours have vanished....just how does that happen?????
I like the sound of the to note down, I think.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Good for you...getting things done!!! I know I've cut back on my computer time and have been much more productive. : )
I sure got a good laugh from that swimsuit comic. Anyone over 35 can relate!!!
Take care,