Sunday, 17 April 2011

Magic Mel’s Alphanumeric Blog Hop…

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WELCOME Fellow Blog Hoppers!!

7 Hand When Mel allocated me my ‘muse’ for this blog hop, I thought I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!  But as it turned out, it sort of took on a direction of it’s own!!

Do you have any idea how many times the number 7 shows up in a Google search? 

Like the Fibonacci Sequence, which is everywhere & without definite explanation…
…7 just is!!!

7 continents  
There are 7 Continents…

Original 7 Sins




…7 Original Deadly Sins…

New 7 Sins


…which have been updated to suit a more modern world!

7 virtues





…& by contrast, 7 Virtues for us all to aspire to!

If you are born the 7th son of a 7th son, you are said to have magical powers!

 7 Wonders

…& of course we have 7 Wonders Of The Ancient World…

The Colossus of Rhodes
The Great Pyramid of Giza
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The Lighthouse of Alexandria
The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus


These have been updated over the years & now there are lists for the 7 wonders of the Modern world….

windows 7
Channel Tunnel
CN Tower
Empire State Building
Golden Gate Bridge
Itaipu Dam
Netherlands North Sea Protection Works
Panama Canal

or…The 7 wonders of the Natural World…

7 sisters Grand Canyon
The Great Barrier Reef
The Harbour at Rio de Janeiro
Mt. Everest
Northern Lights
Paricutin Volcano
Victoria Falls


Dr SeussI even discovered a book by a favourite children’s author, Dr Seuss, which had eluded me until now…’The Seven Lady Godivas’!

That sounds a bit racier than ‘Green Eggs & Ham’ or ‘The Cat In The Hat’!!  I’m just going to have to find a copy of that one!!

7 dwarves




Then of course there are the 7 dwarves in ‘Snow White’…why seven?

film 7 year itch

And as we’re on the subject of entertainment media…what about the film industry? As a life long Marilyn Monroe fan, of course ‘The Seven Year Itch’ was the first I thought of…


film SEVEN 

…followed by the darkly disturbing ‘Seven’ (although Brad Pitt was still gorgeous for all his character was sinister!!)

 film 7 brides 7 brothers



Remember the jollity of ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’?

film magnificent 7

…or all that raging Testosterone & the battling ego’s in ‘The Magnificent Seven’…& yes… you’ll be humming that tune all day!!!

film 7 pounds



Then, more recently we’ve had ‘Seven Pounds’ starring Will Smith…an amazing film!

 film 7yearsintibet



…’Seven Years in Tibet’…the gorgeous Brad Pitt again!!




…& ‘The Last Seven’ a scary tale of post-apocalyptic London, starring that loveable rough diamond, Danny Dyer!!

So, the film industry obviously sets some store by the number 7, as these…well…seven (!) examples show!!

7pmThis is really just a small sample, but as you have so many blogs to get around I think I’ll call time here…which of course, has to be 7 o’clock…wherever you are in the world!!!

all the 7's

…& I feel a little bit of a ‘Sesame Street’ moment coming on when I say that “…today’s post has been brought to you by none other than the number 7…!!”


7gypsiesI think that after all that, you need the chance of a little reward!!!  What would be a suitable giveaway?  There was only one answer….something from ‘7gypsies’ of course!!  

So, up for grabs is a pack of ‘7gypsies ‘Firenze’ Fabric Label Stickers’ for your delectation! (Apologies for the very poor quality photo!!) 

Just leave a comment by 6pm (BST) on Wednesday 20th April, & no…it won’t be the seventh commenter that wins!  

All names will go into the pot & the seventh name drawn out will be the winner!! Be sure to leave a link to your blog or email details, so I can let you know if it’s you!!  Good Luck!! : )

Thanks so much for stopping by & your next stop on this epic Blog Hop is over to Mary….have fun!!

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Lisa Echerd said...

Wow you did lots of research! It was very interesting. Now, I'll think about this every time a new movie comes out with 7 in the title. I still have trouble with that 'patience' virtue as my husband will attest.

helena said...

I've never heard of that Dr Seuss book either. Great treasure trove of 7s

Anonymous said...

So much fun to read about all the sevens! I love the photo collage.

debs14 said...

So many wonderful things on this post (not least two photos of the wonderful Mr Pitt!)
I live at No 7, and I was born on the 14th which is of course two times seven so I feel sure I ought to be in with a chance of winning the prize!

K said...

Wow, what a lot of 7s - have to admit I much prefer the ancient 7 wonders of the world to the modern days ones. As for being the 7th son of 7 brothers, I think you'd have to have magical powers to cope, lol

humel said...

Sandi, this is brilliant! What a fab collection of '7' facts, and great illustrative pics :-) Thanks so much for taking part in my hop - oh, and for the kind giveaway, with such an appropriate prize xx

Mary B said...

Wow you have left me in 7th heaven with all those wonderful 7s and I especially like the collage at the bottom.

Jinnag said...

Super research into the magical number 7, thanks for sharing your findings - I never heard of that Dr Seuss book either - and I thought we had them all during my childrens growing up years. Jen x

Miriam said...

...and I got to the end to find you had 7 comments! Your post is fabulous and I prefer the 7 wonders of the ancient world, Oh and Brad Pitt...

furrypig said...

I was in 7th Heaven reading this great post! My fave musical film is 7 brides for 7 brothers! Thanks for the offer of some blog candy too xxx

Ginger said...

What an informative post! I loved reading about "7"

jillconyers said...

I enjoyed reading all of the 7 connections.

Rachel B said...

What a lot of sevens! Fab post :)

Angelfish said...

We love Dr Seuss in this house, but you managed to introduce me to a new one!
Fiona x

Sian said...

Well, who knew? A racy Dr Seuss? That one I need to find too! Such a lively and interesting way to look at 7's - I always find something new when I arrive here Sandi. Happy Hopping!

akilli melek said...

Did you know that Turkey has 2 of the 7 wonders of the ancient world? The library in Ephesus and the mausoleum at Halicarnassus.
loved your post. it was so interesting

Anonymous said...

Loved reading your "7" post. Hmmm, I'll have to check out that Dr. Seuss book too I've never heard of it.

Tracy said...

Wow, you did a lot of research. Really interesting post.

qwiksave said...

What a lot we've learned about 'lucky number 7', thanks so much. Here's hoping I'm lucky too! :-)

scrappyjacky said...

Totally fascinating,Sandi.

Cheri said...

Great job Sandi - I can't believe all the "Seven" movies! And a very obscure Dr. Seuss book - definitely never heard of that one!

Melissa said...

Wow - isn't it interesting how often the number 7 intersects our lives. Great job with the research and photos for your post. Thanks for the chance to win - pick me seventh! :>)

Beverly said...

Great showing for the number seven and when I saw your blog prize I just laughed!

Heather said...

you certainly did some excellent research Sandi! Thanks for reminding me of all the fab films I still haven't seen lol xx

Jo.C said...

Well researched - I am very impressed. Always did like the number 7 :0)

Becky said...

What a great post! I fancy reading that Dr Seuss book lol!

Peonies and Pennies said...

Well done, what a great post about number 7. ~c~

Jimjams said...

Great post - 7th heaven indeed!

Amy said...

My goodness, all those sevens never really occurred to me in that way!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great illustrations for the number seven!

Carrie Rosalind said...

Never realized that there were so many great things that come in 7's! Cute post and I would love to win some 7 Gypsies product - what a fun giveaway to go with your post! :)

Margie said...
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Margie said...

Great job with 7! I really enjoyed it. I am posting again because I wanted to leave my blog address: Blogger won't let me post with my typepad ID and my Google ID doesn't have any info that allows you to reach me easily. Not sure why blogger has been giving my typepad ID so much trouble these days! Sorry about the long comment. You have a very fun post.

Michelle said...

Wow! Love ur post! So much info!

Carrie said...

What a great post! Lots of 7s indeed and I may have to hunt down the Dr Seuss book :)

Alison said...

Loved this many 'seven' facts!

Rachel Holaday said...

Stupendous post about 7s! A Dr. Seuss book about naked ladies?? Wow, I had no idea! Need to look that one up myself!

jo said...

So much information in one blog post - thank your for sharing your 7's.

Denise said...

Great post Sandi, you must have taken hours over all this info.Am just catching up as I have been away since the hop xx

Clair said...

I'm catching up too - I only managed the first half of the hop last weekend. Great 'round up' style post. Can't believe the Channel Tunnel is classed as a wonder of the world!!! :)