Friday, 22 April 2011

Come In Number Seven…..

…you’ve won a prize!!!

Firstly though….apologies for the delay in this announcement!  Everything was in place to make it on Wednesday evening, not long after the 6pm deadline, when we lost internet connection!! It seems that one of our neighbours has installed a new home hub with a different Broadband provider to us & it completely obliterated our signal!!!! Lee has since adjusted our wavelength (like I actually know what that means!!) & we’re up & running again!!

37 entries So without further ado…There were thirty-SEVEN (how apt!) comments left on my Alphanumeric Blog Hop post, so all of those names were written down & placed into a bowl!!

picking seven


Then, Nathan dutifully  shook the bowl well & carefully picked out SEVEN pieces of folded paper (taking his responsibility very seriously!!) & placed them next to their allotted number!

seven drawn

Can you make out who was the seventh name?

22 April 2011 015



It was you…CARRIE ROSALIND!!  I will be in touch to get your postal details & the pack of 7gypsies fabric label stickers will be winging their way to you asap!!

It’s been a very busy school holiday so far, so I’ll be back with much to share soon!!

Thanks for dropping by! I do hope everyone is having a good start to the Easter weekend & that the sun is shining for you, wherever you are! :)


Carrie Rosalind said...

Woo hoo! I am so excited!! I will send you my information right now! :) Thanks!

Melissa said...

Oh Wow - I believe Carrie has won three awards now. What a fun mail time this will be - congrats Carrie!!

Jocelyn said...

Congrats to the winner!!!!! I too am so far behind....the boys have been with me most of the week and taking care of Dad....means not much creating or housework completed!!!

Love ya girlie!!!

Sian said...

I'm so glad you got your signal sorted out - all that stuff is completely beyond me too. Only yesterday I went round the house shouting that the electricity was off. Turned out I had pulled out my computer lead!

scrappyjacky said...

The sun is definately shining here....I think we must have moved continents!!!
Happy Easter to you and yours.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

So happy the Mr. got you up and running again. Computer problems drive me nuts.
Happy Easter, Sandi.

Denise said...

Gload you are back in the land of blogs now- I missed it while I was waay!Congrats to Carrie too :-)