Wednesday, 27 April 2011

….& BREATHE!!!

The boys went back to school today…as it is, only for two days before yet another loooooong weekend is upon us!! But it has given me a welcome bit of breathing space! The house needs a good clean but I’m not going to waste my time with a fine tooth comb as it’ll all be turned upside down again in 48hours time!

So, what’s been going on since I last posted…which, apart from Mel’s Alphanumeric Blog Hop on the 17th & my giveaway winner notification on the 22nd, has been a whole TWO WEEKS!!!

Well the weather has been glorious, so we’ve been out & about in various combinations of family!! My boys are of an age now where they can opt out of certain activities & be safely left for a couple of hours (Alex’s taking ownership of his insulin injections has helped enormously!) so Lee & I have even had a couple of wonderful, hassle free, lunch dates!

15 April 2011 013 But on Thursday 14th we set off ‘en famille’ to the NEC in Birmingham for the ‘Gadget Show Live’. This is a TV programme that we can all sit down to watch together & enjoy equally!!

Lee managed to secure premier tickets for the live stage show, meaning our seats were central & just seven rows from the stage!

15 April 2011 021 We arrived at the NEC as the doors opened, hoping that Alex would cope better if it started quiet & the hubbub built up around him! We had a contingency plan that if it all got too much for him, that he & I would head off to the relative quiet of the food court & leave Lee & Nathan to carry on!!

We were soon doing the rounds of the hundreds of stands & displays! Alex’s favourite was the ‘Hex Bug’ stand, being a fan of all things robotic!!

15 April 2011 025

While he was at this stand I turned around to see all four presenters coming in through a side door, on their way to an autograph session!

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!! I got to shake hands with Jon Bentley…he is such a perfect gent!!!

15 April 2011 027Then it was time for the live show…

The ‘Super Theatre’ was enormous & every seat was filled. While we waited for the show to start we were entertained by seven foot tall Titan Robots who mingled with the audience (as much as a robot can mingle!!) & then it was time…

15 April 2011 044

…there they were! Jon Bently, Suzi Perry, Jason Bradbury & Ortis Deley arriving on stage by overhead zip wire & on various motorised gadgets including Jon on a supercharged mobility scooter, which raised a chuckle!  Pollyanna Woodward was brought on as the newest member of the team & the fun & games began!!

15 April 2011 062 There was much audience participation with interactive text voting & on stage games to win fabulous prizes, we were treated to two musical performances by Polly & Ortis using state of the art tech (there are those robots again as Polly’s backing singers!!) & even an amazing magician who’s name escapes me!!

15 April 2011 074Much too soon, & in a blaze of pyrotechnics which almost removed my eyebrows, it was all over! Phew!!

Then we were back into the throng to make some purchases!! I bought a ‘Mojo’ wristband, which was featured on the show a few months back. Featuring  two holographic discs, these bands ‘marry together traditional Chinese Acupuncture with a holographic communication system. The discs communicate through your body’s meridian for a more harmonic, healthy & balanced body’…I have been experiencing pain in my left shoulder, & after the pain, drugs & surgery I went though with my right shoulder I felt anything is worth a try. I’ll keep you posted!!

15 April 2011 081 Alex returned to the ‘Hex Bug’ stand & chose what to spend his hard earned (!) pocket money on!!

We stopped to watch a couple of demo’s & then as it was really busy, Alex & I headed off to a quiet corner for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (him) & coffee (me), while Lee & Nathan settled into the gaming zone for what turned out to be quite a lengthy session!!  All in all a successful day out!!!

The following weekend was filled with gardening, work, oh & of course the cinema!!

source_code_ver2_xlg We saw ‘Source Code’ starring Jake Gyllenhaal…Wow!!

Even if your not a Sci-Fi fan (& I am) this is an amazing film! The special effects are fantastic…the whole concept is amazing & the slow reveal of the plot & its conclusion is masterful!

Add to that that Jake Gyllenhaal is just gorgeous & it’s definitely worth a see!!

So, those are the highlights of the first week of the school holidays! There has been some crafting in there, but nothing I can share with you just yet!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I’ll be back soon to bring things up to date & share some of that creativity with you!  I’m off now to collect my brood from school & pick up some fresh berries for a Pavlova I will be preparing tomorrow for a very special event on Friday…no, not THAT special event, but something related…more on that next time!!! :)


Jocelyn said...

So glad to hear that you had such a grand time!!! Oh that looks like sooooooooooooooooooo much fun!!!! Wow.....some awesome shots!!!!

Yummy Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream!!!!

I will have to check out that movie!!!! :-)

Wishing you a wonderful week sweet friend!!!

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like an amazing day at the show....and pavlova is my all time favourite dessert.

Sian said...

And Breathe is the perfect title for a post - just when I needed the reminder too! I know a couple of kids who would have just loved that gadget Show Live

Beverly said...

Wow! sounds like a wonderful but exhausting outing! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

karen said...

A Gadget show would be hell on Earth for me!!!! I think you must have too much testosterone in your blood stream.