Monday, 7 February 2011

A Quick Round Up!!

Having Mum-In-Law to stay has always been enjoyable…I am really lucky to have a great relationship with mine!  This visit was actually a lot less active than her visits have been in the past!  She has been diagnosed with leaky heart valve, which is operable, but she needs to regain some lost weight before they will put her through surgery.

So I’ve been feeding her up & have sent her home with lots of ideas for quick & easy high carb’ meals…like a lot of older people on their own, she often feels she can’t be bothered to cook just for herself!

IKEABefore she headed home on Saturday morning, we had a ‘girls’ day out on Friday!  We headed off along the new by-pass to Milton Keynes…first stop?


IKEA BPat had a great time picking up all sorts of bits & bobs! It’s amazing at IKEA how you can find so many ‘essentials’ that you didn’t even know you needed!!

I had gone with a list…mainly for storage bags & boxes…but even I ended up with extra bits in the trolley that I just couldn’t leave behind!!!

Coffee at IKEA

I took my lead from Pat & as soon as she felt the need to sit & rest, we headed off to the restaurant!  Resisting the meatballs & Dime Bar Cake (!!) we settled down with our ‘bottomless’ cups off coffee & proceeded to chat as if we hadn’t actually been sharing the same house for a week!! & there was me thinking she needed to get her breath back!!!

Hobbycraft From there we headed off to ‘Hobbycraft’…Yay!!   Pat decided to sit in the car while I popped in to pick up some gold card to die-cut some votive wrappers for a friends wedding!   Any chance to browse & spend was checked!!  Maybe just as well!!

Time for lunch & we headed back towards home & stopped off at a local garden centre.  Fortified after a toasted sandwich, Pat felt up to a bit of browsing in the shop. 

I think she held up pretty well! Then it was time to collect the boys from school!

SchoolCouncil On the subject of my boys…I have two pieces of good news to share!! Firstly Nathan has been elected to the School Council & is taking his responsibilities very seriously! He’s already involved in the campaign for a change of uniform being put forward by the ‘Student Voice’ & coming up with some very reasonable arguments as to why change is needed!!  We are very proud of him!

Secondly…roll on the drums!…Alex has finally, after ten years since he was diagnosed with Diabetes, taken ownership of his insulin injections!!  We have been encouraging him for what seems like forever & most children are doing their own injections by age eight. But this week, something clicked & he just went with it…& like most things with Alex, once he does it once, there’s no looking back!  I am so thrilled that it’s another step achieved in his becoming more independent, & it also gives us a little more freedom into the bargain!

I’ve been working with my Dixie Pieces March Kit over the last 48 hours! It is fabulous, but you’ll have to wait till March 1st before I can share anything with you!!  Meanwhile, there is a chance to win some fantastic CHA goodies over on the ‘Dixie Pieces Facebook’ page…just for leaving a comment!!  A different prize on offer each day for the next seven days!! Go check it out & Good Luck!!

black-swan-movie-poster Finally, after missing out on the cinema last week, this Sunday we saw ‘The Black Swan’. What can I say?!! That it has been given a 15 rating is astounding! I’m no prude, but I think it definitely should be an 18!!

It’s a very ‘dark’ tale, with violence, drugs, lesbian sex scenes & also a not-too-easy-to-follow plot line!! If this is a true reflection on the world of pro ballet, I’m glad I never did it!!!

Natalie Portman is so beautiful & played her part well, but did I enjoy it? Not really!!!

So that’s it from me for today! Thanks for stopping by & have a great week! :)


Sandra said...

Looks like you've had a lovely time .. and sounds too like your MIL, really enjoyed herself, and it shows :) Glad to hear your son is taking control too, should make your life a little easier now.

karen said...

Even I have no restraint in IKEA.That trolley seems to fill itself.Sounds like a lokely day out.
Oh to have to gain some weight.Its like living with Tasmin.
I'm up as usual at 5.30am,topping up tablets,back to bed in a mo.
Fingers crossed I may make it Thursday night.

Sian said...

Well, congrats to both your boys! Definitely something to be proud of there :)

It sounds as if you have a wonderful relationship with your MIL - mind you any woman who appears to enjoy Ikea as much as I do is alright by me lol

Denise said...

Well done to both your boys,good things for both of them.It looks like you've been having a fun time too lately x

mel askew said...

I know what its like to be the mum of a diabetic my daughter is 15 and has a pump but even tho she is independent needs a nudge on a regular basis to do everything CORRECTLY!!

scrappyjacky said...

I think I'm probably relieved that I don't live near an IKEA....I just wouldn't be able to resist being constantly in there.
So glad you had an enjoyable time with MIL.

humel said...

I'm glad to hear all these pieces of happy news - congrats to your boys on their different achievements, and hooray for shopping trips!

I'm thinking I might just give that film a miss lol....