Saturday, 12 February 2011

Check Ups, Errands & time spent with Friends!

25 EyetestA What a week it’s been…as well as three trips to the gym, returning to Weight-Watchers after four weeks absence (!!) & the usual grocery shopping errands, there have also been dental check-ups for all of us & Alex’s annual Sight test!

26 EyetestB

Because of his Diabetes he also has annual retinopathy photography so it’s quite a long appointment but he coped admirably & the good news is, he still doesn’t need any specs!! Not long ago he used to be totally freaked out by this whole process, but he now takes it in is stride…no small thanks to the patience & persistence of the team at our local branch of Specsavers!!

I also got to spend some time with Karen this week! We keep tabs on each other via our Blogs & the odd email, but we haven’t actually seen each other since waaay before Christmas!  I drove over to hers & we accompanied her daughter to a nearby town, where she had a job interview.  While that was underway we had a wander around the town centre, ending up in ‘Poundland’…as you do!!

19 valentines Like most shops, they were geared up for Valentines day & we could not avoid the vast array of naughty & nice novelty items on display. Karen picked up a pair of red furry handcuffs & proceeded to try them on…it was then that I asked her if they came with a key!!!


20 cuffs

Luckily she managed to remove them without having to ask an assistant for help!!

Then I spotted some sequinned nipple tassels & that was it! Karen was sold!! She bought a pair & I am now waiting for them to be featured on her blog!!

21 tassles




It was about now we got the call to say that the interview was over, so we picked up said daughter & headed back to the house for lunch.


22 pepper1 Now, Karen is an amazing cook & she set about preparing Quesadilla's from scratch! She had just asked me if I liked peppercorns, when the air became ‘blue’!!! The lid had come off the jar of black peppercorns & the entire contents were spread over the pan, Aga & surrounding worktop!!

24 pepper3
23 pepper2

A quick clean up followed & lunch was thankfully rescued…it smelled so good…



…& tasted every bit as good as it smelled!  After lunch I got to check out Karen’s completed scrap room, which is to die for, & her Project Life album & an amazing photo book she had put together. 

Time certainly flies when you’re enjoying yourself & soon it was time to go & pick up my boys from school, so I left Karen & daughter waiting to hear the outcome of the mornings interview…I received a text later that afternoon & you can read all about it HERE.  Thanks Karen for thoroughly enjoyable visit, lunch & gorgeous, guilt free slice of Chocolate Birthday Cake!!

Last night I set off to the ‘3 Jolly Scrappers’ crop at Brampton…the first of this years Friday crops. This is such an enjoyable crop, lovely venue, great people, oh-so tempting goodies in the shop & last but not least…home-made cake!!!

12 Feb 2011 005
We spent the evening catching up, scrapping (of course) & laughing…real belly laughs, tears & all!!  So good for the soul!!

Ann spent time in what is becoming her natural habitat…rummaging through the bargain baskets in the ‘shop’….with PP’s at 20p who could blame her!!!  She was working on a gorgeous mini book in between…!

12 Feb 2011 003


Dawn was also there…another of life’s natural gigglers!!  She completed an awesome LO featuring her daughter on a trampoline & introduced me to some fabulous kits from ‘Sarah's Cards’ which I will be checking out further!!

Unfortunately, I can’t share anything I created last night, as it is all for the March programme of challenges over at Dixie Pieces…but as soon as it’s ‘up’ I will!!

I’m off now to make myself a cup of green tea & settle down to a bit of TV & knitting!!

Thanks for dropping by & I hope you’re enjoying a good weekend, whatever the weather may be throwing at you!!  : )


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a busy week,Sandi....with a bit of fun thrown envy you being near a crop group.....sounds great.

Sian said...

LOL! TSO's favourite shop is Poundland - here's hoping she doesn't arrive home with any of the aforementioned items!

Jocelyn said...

I so enjoyed your post!!!! So glad that Alex did so well on his eye exam...great pics!!!

Oh I love the shopping pics...I want to come hang out with you girls....TOO FUNNY about the handcuffs!!!! Now if that was me...I would have had to ask for assistance!!!

Looks like the crop was fun!!! I so enjoy spending time with the girls and having good ole belly laughs!!!

Enjoy that tea and knitting!!!

Love you sweet friend!!!

Denise said...

Sounds like you have had a good week, love the photos of Karen with the goodies ! Hope you enjoy yuor knitting time x

karen said...

Tassels went down a treat,but I over did the double sided tape.OUCH.If you ever need to borrow them they have only been worn once.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh...I was sad to read that your Alex has to deal with Diabetes. What a brave soul he has become. So glad for the good report from the eye Dr.
Looks like you had a great time with friends last week. What would life be like without friends? I intend to never find out. : )
The pics of your MIL below were absolutely precious. What a cutie-pie.
Happy V-Day, Sandi