Monday, 6 September 2010

Craving your indulgence!…..

Today is our 24th wedding Anniversary….24 years ago, at this time I was in the car with my Dad on the way to church! My face was already aching…I had been grinning like a Cheshire cat since waking up…& our chauffeur was taking the scenic route because he believed all grooms should be kept waiting at least five minutes!!! I’m not sure that Lee or the vicar would have agreed, but I did arrive just a few minutes late in spite of having left the house in plenty of time!!!

Inspired by one of Shimelle’s recent posts, reminiscing on her wedding preparations, I have dug out some photo’s taken on the eve of our wedding, of my dress & my bridesmaids dresses & all the accessories & paraphernalia that went with them! The photo’s are a bit grainy, but this was 1986 & very probably, a very basic, Kodak Disc camera used!!wed2







I had made all of the dresses, petticoats & bridesmaids headbands over six months & the only thing I bought was my veil! I am so not a ‘frills’ person, but the pattern I chose from the ‘Vogue’ book couldn’t have been frillier!!! Well, it was only for one day!!

Looking at these photo’s, taken in my old room at home, I can’t help noticing that orange carpet & faux fur rug!!…& the spider plant that used to grace the top of my wardrobe…all SO 80’s!!!

If you will allow me, I’d like to share some photo’s of the day itself! It’s been a while since the wedding album actually came out, so I’m enjoying reliving the moment!!!


My bridesmaids & I…that’s my niece Lindsey (then aged 12) & Best Friend Valerie (who cried ALL day!!)

This was in my parents lounge & just look haw dark it looks outside for lunchtime!! There was a storm threatening, but luckily it never came…we just had howling winds!!!



The groom (doesn’t he look YOUNG…& just check out those glasses!!!) waiting patiently at the church!!!





Our rings…I designed these & a jeweller friend made them up. They are three rows of linked blocks, so that the ring is ‘floppy’…we had great fun getting these on during our vows!!!


The new Mr & Mrs Robinson!!





This is my favourite full length photo…purely for vanity…as my waist looks so small!!!! Those were the days!!! But we were gazing lovingly at each other too!!!


So thanks for indulging me in my trip down memory lane! I cannot believe it’s been 24 years! Next year will be our Silver Anniversary & we’ll have to plan something special to celebrate!

I do feel very smug about having made it this far…my eldest sister was horrified that I was making my own wedding dress, she is very superstitious & believes that it brings bad luck! She also commented that my Mum chose to wear green…another wedding no-no apparently!  But, here we are, still together & still happy, in spite of my flying in the face of Fate!! 

I’ll be back with a LSNED update as soon as I have managed to play catch-up from yesterday…what with work & the cinema, I got nothing done yesterday at all!!

Thanks for stopping by!..& thanks to all who left anniversary greetings…Happy Monday!!


ScrappingMomOf3 said...

Happy anniversary, Sandi. I loved reading all about your big day!

scrappyjacky said...

Happy Anniversary,Sandi...loved looking at your photos.

Deb said...

Aw, what a great post and such fun photos! Congratulations on your anniversary, Sandi, and here's to the next 24 years! xo

Sian said...

I loved this post! Those photos are so wonderful and I was poring over them trying to make out all the details of the dresses you made. MADE? how fantastic is that! Many good wishes for your anniversary the pair of you..I can't wait to see how you celebrate next year!

It all took me back too..ours was 1988 and my dress was very similar AND we had green bridesmaids dresses and people commented on how unlucky that was - I hadn't even heard of the superstition. We showed 'em though!

karen said...

Tasmin said you were way too pretty for Lee.He looks like Deidre Barlow in them glasses.What made him buy them,Urghhh.
Chris had a bum fluff moustache in our wedding photos as well.What were we thinking.It must have been all the rage 24 years ago.
What are you going to do for your 25th?I can't believe I remember my parents as if it was yesterday.I am now offically old.......

humel said...

Many congratulations - you look so lovely! And I'm very impressed by your seamstress skills xx

beverleyb said...

Mabrouk, Arabic for congratulations, 24 years what a wonderful achievement, wish you both many blessing for the years tocome.

Denise said...

Oh these are lovely, you MADE those - wow. I really really want to get my pics out of the loft now ! Many congratulations on your anniversary - and may you have many more xx