Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Call me Boring….

…but I do like a bit of routine!!! I’m not against spontaneity at all, but I do like the feeling of control a routine gives me!

My Mum used to do laundry on a Monday, Iron on a Tuesday & strip beds every Friday! Wednesday was market day & there’d be a trip into town for fresh produce from the farmers market, Thursday was bake day! The house was vacuumed, dusted & polished daily & there were always fresh flowers (from the garden) in lounge & hallway! Add to that her daily visit to the local Co-op for that evenings meat (we didn’t have a fridge or freezer till after I’d left school! We had a marble slab in an old style pantry!) & her job as a school dinner lady & her week was pretty much spoken for!

Weekends were a little more flexible, apart from the hours spent preparing the Sunday roast, which was always on the table at 1pm sharp!!

As a child this routine made me feel secure & safe, as I grew older it frustrated me sometimes! Now I appreciate fully where she was coming from!! I find myself feeling very unsettled if I’m not ‘on top’ of household chores & the school summer holidays always result in everything falling behind!

So, now the boys are back at school & I’ve had chance to restore order, I’m feeling much more in control!  I’m back in my safe zone!!  Gym/Swim Monday/Weds/Fri…Weight Watchers Wednesday morning…Work/Cinema Sunday….Scrap/on-line time after the school pick up!!! Funny? I don’t see many household chores in that list!!  But believe me, it’s all under control!!!

Back to Sunday…my cinema buddy Amanda has returned from her summer travels & we resumed our weekly film going with a Rom-Com…



This film is fantastic…a great cast & the little boy who plays Jennifer Aniston's son is just too sweet!

Funny, moving with bittersweet ‘cringe’ moments & situations you have to be a parent to fully appreciate!

I heartily recommend you go see it!

I will definitely be investing in this one on DVD!!!



And what else have I been catching up on?……‘Learn Something New Every Day’ of course!



September 4th taught me that my Hubby is a ‘Closet’ Feeder!!!!

Picture the scene, he had popped out to Tesco to fill the car with fuel. On returning he came up to my scrap room & placed on the desk a tin of Roses, a pack of 5 Curly-Wurly’s & a bag of sherbet lemons!!!!!!
All for me!!!!

He is fully aware that I am working hard to lose weight & improve my fitness…so what am I supposed to think?!!!!

For this page I picked out the ‘Try Something New’ prompt ‘Use Stripes: stripy PP, stripes to create lines for writing or stripes in a photo’

I am pleased to report that Lee & the boys are making headway into the tin of Roses & I am able to ‘point’ the Curly-Wurly’s & sherbet lemons & incorporate them into my eating plan as treats!!!!
For September 5th I went with the movie I mentioned earlier!

My ‘pick’ out of the basket this time was ‘Incorporate stars in your design today’ This was quite appropriate as I ha two movie stars lined up already! But then I remembered the star lace cardstock I bought at Ally Pally last year & started with that!

No prizes for guessing what theme my page for September 6th has taken!!

But I’m not going to share that with you until tomorrow!!

Thanks for dropping by & can you believe we’re half way through this week already?!!!


scrappyjacky said...

I quite like a bit of routine myself....and definately remember a very strict routine as a child.
Are you going to Ally Pally this time...I'm hoping to go on the Saturday.

Jocelyn said...

Oh the routine of your Mom made me smile...those were the days....I so wish for those kind of days for us!!! I adore routine....I have my days for laundry,heavy cleaning on Saturday, rugs, and of course changing the bed makes me feel in control too!!!

Love the closet adorable and what yummy treats...I have no idea what they are...but they sound delicious!!!

The movie LO is perfect with the star background...I so want to see that movie!!

Thanks for sharing with us!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

Sian said...

I'm right there with you on the routine - and it made me smile to see that I am still following your mum's rota pretty much today.

Your star background looks fabulous on your movie page. Love it. And I'm looking forward to your Pass the Book post. It is fun!

humel said...

I sort of like routines - but somehow I don't tend to fit much housework into them... ;-)

Love your gorgeous pages, you talented girl you! xx