Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A wet one for most!…

The bank holiday was a bit of a disappointment, weather wise…except for my good friend, Karen, who was more than happy to have rain to water in her newly laid turf…but for the rest of us it was just, well…wet! The sun did try it’s best to shine on Saturday & Monday, but Sunday it gave up the ghost altogether…I was quite happy to be going to work…although my journey in was slower than normal as there was just so much lying water on the roads! Of course, add to that rain the sunshine since, & a swear the weeds in my borders have grown at least 6” in the last 24hours!!!  Ah well, that’s a job for another day!

26Apr2010 002
Today was pleasantly sunny, but the wind was bitingly cold this morning & started to blow the ‘so pretty’ blossom off our neighbours tree, so I grabbed my camera while there was still some left!

July09 007When the boys went back to school after the Easter break, we discovered that  one of the fields on one side of the lane we use was being excavated! I have always loved using this route as it is a proper country lane & reminds me of home, so I am a bit put out by all this digging….This is the view along the lane as of last July

….& this is the field now…20Apr2010 023
…the earthworks are getting higher every day, while the pit behind gets deeper…no-one knows what it’s all about, but I’m just hoping that it’s nothing industrial & that it will all be restored to countryside eventually!!!  If I see anyone around to speak to I’ll stop & ask, but so far, all I’ve seen are monster trucks & diggers!!

Iron_Man_2_poster So…back to my wet weekend! After work on Sunday,  Amanda & I went to see ‘Iron Man 2’…I enjoyed the first movie & have to say this one did not disappoint…I think I have developed an even bigger crush on Robert Downey Junior, who I first fell in love with as Chaplin!

A great cast…& Mickey Rourke was fabulous…even if he has overdone the cosmetic surgery, he still has a great screen presence! Scarlett Johansson certainly gave Gwyneth Paltrow a run for her money in the glamour stakes & the special effects were awesome! My boys will love this one too!!

27Apr2010 001Alex had another Food Tech lesson last week & came home with a dozen mini quiche….four of which disappeared before I even had time to photograph them! Proper Quiche Lorraine with egg, cheese & bacon…yum!  On Saturday, bored, he baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies…he really does have a knack for baking!

I spent most of Saturday taking part in the Dixie Pieces NSD crop…I have nothing completed to share with you yet, but will be attempting to complete all 12 challenges between now & the deadline of May 10th, so watch this space! In between times, of course, I will be fitting in the gym & am in the process of rearranging Nathans room to fit in his new bed (Yes, I gave in eventually & am ruthlessly sorting as I go!!)…so hopefully enough distraction to take my mind off food, as we are now FIVE weeks away from our Chicago trip & I am still aiming to achieve my ‘1 stone lost’ award before we fly!!

I am hoping that tomorrow will be a dry bright day, as I am spending time with Karen, Hilary & Ann…we are visiting Moggerhanger Park, hoping to see a grand sweep of bluebells. Needless to say we will be armed with our trusty camera’s, so I hope to share some images with you soon.

Thanks for dropping by & Have a great week! :)


humel said...

I'm sorry to hear that xx We had a bit of rain but also some sun - pretty cold though. Hope you have a good trip tomorrow :-)

Jocelyn said...

So sorry about the weather...but that photo of the blooming tree is just beautiful!!

Hope you have Fabby weather tomorrow....how exciting blue bells!!!

Wishing you a great week and now I want some Quiche....YUM!!! Maybe I will have to go and gather the ingredients!!! YUM again!!!

Anna said...

Well the weather's not looking too bad at the moment, so I hope you all have a lovely time at Whateverit'scalled Park. I look forward to seeing the photos :)

Sian said...

Hope you get some good weather for pictures today :)

Did you see Robert Downey Jnr in Sherlock Holmes? Good fun!

Oh and those quiches look delicious.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see your bluebell pics we drove past harold wood on monday and it loked fab. are you still up for that coffee tommorow:)

Denise said...

It was a bit grim over the weekend wasn't it? Hope you had a nice day viewing bluebells and that the weather help out for you.Look forward to seeing the photos x

Anonymous said...

I'm easy as to time afternoon would be best but are you having an injection if so early after the school run is good too never been to coffee in mill yard is that off the high st5reet sounds nice to go somewhere different:)

Anonymous said...

that time is fine I'll see you there:)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Beautiful pics here. And I was happy to read someone's opinion of Iron Man II. It looked a little over done in the commercials.
I was reading your Post below and saw that you had a frozen shoulder a couple of years ago. ME TOO!!! Strangest thing I've ever experienced. You just wake up with it one day??? It took about two months of meds, physical therapy and a great Chiropractor to get over mine.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day.
Mary Lou

Lisa Howard said...

So sorry for the dreary, rainy weather...not fun. Ummm, wish I could get my hands on the quiche...looks delish! Can't wait to see all the LO's you are working on! I'm sure they will be awesome as always! Have a wonderful weekend, Dear Lady! xoxo -L

Lisa Howard said...

Hey there! Just popping in to give you some info since I can't figure out how to email you. If you are interested in the Fred Flintstone feet post, I linked it in my current post. Just click on the words Fred Flintstone. Loved your comments about the shoes...would love to see some of your lovelies from years past!