Monday, 10 May 2010

If you go down to the woods today…

5May2010 002

Well, if you’d been in the woods on Wednesday you would have come across four amateur photographers snapping away for all they were worth! The Bluebells were truly beautiful & the slightly grey day did nothing to diminish the scene.

We met up at Moggerhanger Park, which is just a fifteen minute drive from home for me, & then set off to walk through the woods, camera’s primed & at the ready!

Karen, ever the consummate professional, came equipped with her tripod & by using the timer, managed to capture some shots of all four of us together, which I’m hoping she’ll be posting on her blog soon!!

5May2010 012

5May2010 014





We were able to wander at leisure & just enjoy the peace of our surroundings….apart from our chatter & laughter!! I was surprised at how many other visitors we encountered, all passing the time of day & commenting on how beautiful it all was to see.

5May2010 020  5May2010 013

I loved the carvings in this one tree trunk…Initials dating from the 1960’s…I wonder who BL & JD were?

5May2010 024

5May2010 033





The woods are maintained, but have that wonderful tangled appearance, with everywhere off the footpath being a tangle of ground cover plants, fallen timber, roots & throughout all that, the carpet of bluebells. Still newly blossoming & droopy headed…Hilary told us that as they mature their heads become more upright…you learn something new every day!!5May2010 024
5May2010 030





The trees formed a natural arch at this opening that lead out of the woods & into an adjacent field, in the distance you can see a horizon of yellow…a Rape Seed crop in full flower…just stunning!

5May2010 045







Karen…sharing some photographic tips while setting us up for a group shot….never one to do anything by halves!!!

5May2010 047



My three fellow ‘ramblers’!!! L-R Hilary, Karen & Ann…


Afterwards we headed off to Moggerhanger House itself. a Georgian Grade 1 listed building, built for Godfrey Thornton, Governor of the Bank of England, in the 18th Century…

…used at one time as a hospital, it was derelict from 1987 – 1995  & is an ongoing restoration & renovation project, now open to the public & used for weddings & as a conference centre.

The approach to the Tea Rooms, housed in the old kitchen & dairy block was  pretty with pots & tubs of herbs & flowers lining the walkway.  




There is the most gorgeous tree on the lawn at the back of the house that we learned from Hilary was actually on it’s last legs…so sad…if only it could talk, I wonder what stories it could tell?!!

So after refreshments, in the form of tea & scones all round, we made our farewells & went back to our daily routines!!  But, on my way home I had to stop & capture the Rape Seed crop close up & stretching away as far as I could see! 075





If you’ve got this far…Thanks for hanging in there!! A bit photo heavy I know…& this was the edited version!!!

The deadline for the Dixie Pieces NSD Crop Challenges is tomorrow night, so I hope to be able to share my entries with you in a couple of days…I hoped to get all twelve done, but life threw  us a bit of a curve ball this week, so my plans were scuppered, but I’ve redrawn my plans & should manage to get six completed in time!!!

Thanks for dropping by…for all my US friends with offspring ‘Happy Mothers Day’…& I hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend, whatever you’ve been up to!


Anna said...

(Burning the midnight oil again I notice! :) )
Lovely photos! Looks beautiful. I was just thinking yesterday that it's about time for my annual pilgrimage to our local bluebell woods ...

dottydotty said...

stunning photos sandi I agree about the one with tne oil seed rape in the distance love the one of Karen getting you into position for your shot. is it open on Saturday must try and get there before they all go

Sian said...

It looks absolutely beautiful. I love blubells but I'm glad i missed out on the rapeseed..that stuff is hayfever central!

Denise said...

Lovely photos,it looks very calming and tranquil,and you're right, that tree is beautiful.Glad you had a good day xx

humel said...

Gorgeous bluebells! So pleased you had a good time xx

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, how beautiful! I wish that I could visit! Simply lovely!