Friday, 30 April 2010

Are they talking about ME?!!!….

Since my last post I have had a couple of reminders of the progress of time…not a subject that worries me unduly…I am not one of those in constant search of the fountain of youth!! My philosophy has always been to try & make the best of what I’ve been given, & that a persons worth is not in how smooth their skin is or how small a dress size they wear, but more about their attitude to life & their generosity of spirit.

But…like most people I have grown used to the idea that ‘getting old’ is still some way off for me…in my head I’m still ‘twenty something’..just with a bit more life experience under my belt!! Even as I approached the big Four-0, I felt no panic…maybe because I was busy being Mum to a four year old & an eighteen month old at the time & didn’t have the luxury of time to think too deeply about it! But…as the even bigger Five-0 looms, things are happening to remind me that time will take it’s toll, whether I like it or not!!

I picked up my newly glazed frames from the opticians on Wednesday…Oh boy! It is so great to see the world clearly again!! I commented to the dispenser that in five years I’ve gone from not needing glasses at all, to having to wear varifocal lenses all the time, & do you know what she told me? “That’s how it goes with Age Related Macular Degeneration”…was she talking about me? I guess she was!!

Earlier this week my leg flared up…the old Cellulitis from my fall in Turkey almost a year ago! So off I went to the GP, who prescribed some different ointment & powerful antibiotics, which seem to have kicked in almost straight away, but…while I was there, she commented on my little finger…or to be precise, the knuckle. Now, when I had my frozen shoulder in ‘08, I was told that there was Arthritis present & it would seem that I can expect it to make itself known in my hands as well now…OMG…is it really all downhill from here on in?!

So maybe I need to adjust my perspective to feeling more ‘Thirty something’ in my head & get used to the idea that the future is closer than I thought!!! But I’m not down…I have my boys to keep me young…God Bless ‘em & life is good!

On a more upbeat note…my weigh in on Tuesday went well…2lb off & I’ve been on track this week too, so as long as the Bank Holiday weekend doesn’t scupper me, I’ll be OK for next Tuesday as well!!

27Apr2010 011

I must end on a THANK YOU to my good friend Anna…a package arrived this week, containing some Chinese Lantern roots, which she had dug up & sent for my garden. They have been planted in a terracotta trough & I will update you with their progress…when I lived at home, my Mum always had these in the garden & used to cut & dry the papery lanterns for her flower arrangements…so they will bring back very happy times!…Thanks again Anna for the time & trouble!! It’s very much appreciated! 


Don’t forget, if you’re at a loose end tomorrow, that Dixie Pieces have an all day crop for National Scrapbooking Day…it’s going to be great fun!

Have a great weekend, for those of you in the UK a slightly extended one!..& as usual Thanks for dropping by! xx


debs14 said...

Speaking as a rather elderly 52 year old I have to say that passing the five-oh birthday really isn't so bad. In fact I now blatently use my age as an excuse for things I don't want to do. I have to have a sit down and a cup of tea when I get home from work, because 'I'm not as young as I used to be' I'd love to be able to manhandle the hoover up the stairs but 'my poor old shoulder won't let me do it anymore'
Just remember, growing older is inevitable, growing up is optional! ;-)

karen said...

George Burns said""You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old."My philosophy exactly.
Anyway its nice having "old" friends.keeps me feeling young.
I lost a pound and a half this week.Amazing after two meals out and 4 Selfridges cupcakes!!!I'm a bitch I know.

Anna said...

You're more than welcome Sandi and it was no trouble at all, honestly! :)
I've decided that I'm going to go the way of the woman who plans to wear purple with a red hat that doesn't match. Did I tell you that I had an emergency sit down on a pavement in Oxford a while ago (bad backache) and some tourist mistook me for a beggar ... !!

Jocelyn said...

Oh sweet make me giggle...Age is not a number...but how you feel and sometimes I am that young women in her 20's and other days...oh well we won't even mention that number!!! So hope the leg is feeling better and I too am due for the eye check up and I know I need some new lenses!!

Congrats on the 2 pounds...that is just wonderful!!!

Wishing you a Happy weekend and NSD!!! I will be taking care of 2 little no time to play for me this weekend!!! ;-(

humel said...

Congrats on the weight loss :-) And unless you're cheating by using a photo from 20 years ago on your profile, you're clearly not old at all xx

Sian said...

Oer! What's a few creaks between friends?! Tho I have to say I'm with don't look anywhere near what you're claiming for yourself!! Have a good Bank holiday weekend Sandi

Denise said...

I agree with Karen's philosophy AND I agree with Humel- clearly not old at all ! x